Slim Bolt Action Bronze Pen

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Slim form, new one-screw clip

One of the most common request Tactile Turn has gotten over the years is to make some slimmer pens. So here they are, Slim Bolt Action pens. The same unique bolt action shape and ink refill compatibility as the normal Bolt Action Pen, but in a slimmer form. This is the latest version with a new deeper carry one-screw clip.

The unique bolt action mechanism sets this pen apart from the rest. One fluid motion advances and retracts the refill. Both the interior part and the inside surface have been carefully machined to be extra smooth, so the action feels amazingly satisfying.


Bronze contains mostly copper, tin, and other metals like aluminium, manganese, nickel, or zinc. It machines beautifully and looks great when polished and even better when it has developed some patina on it. All parts of these pens are made from bronze except the clip and bolt which are stainless steel.

Quality you can feel

Tactile Turn pens are known for their CNC precision machined texture - it's where the name comes from. The sutble grooves create tactile feeling which allows you to control the pen exactly the way you want. It won’t bite into your skin but provides just the right amount of grip. The textured surface also disguises and protects the pens from light scratches much better than a smooth surface.

Data sheetProduct codes

  • SizeMini 112 mm - Short 130 mm - Standard 142 mm, Ø 9,3 mm
  • MaterialBronze
  • WeightMini 32 g - Short 39 g - Standard 40 g
  • Made inUnited States
  • Ink refill (included)Mini: Pilot G2 Mini 0,7 mm Black, Short: Schmidt easyFLOW 9000, Standard: Pilot G2 0,7 mm

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Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pens

The smooth bolt action mechanism sets these pens apart from the rest. One fluid motion advances and retracts the refill.

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Slim Bolt Action Bronze Pen

  • David
  • Verified customer
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • 28.12.2023

I expected more from a pen at this price
The pen came out of its packaging with dark stains. I understand that bronze creates patina, but I expected the pen to arrive clean.

The action was hard, unpleasant at the highest level. I had to clean the mechanism with WD40 to get it to work properly.

And finally, the spring was rusty. So I had to change it for another pen that used the same spring length.

I haven't returned it because it was a gift and I didn't want the person who gave it to me to feel bad, so I fixed everything as I discovered it.

But I have to admit that the Tactile Turn pen has been a huge disappointment.

  • Patrik
  • Verified customer
  • 25.04.2022

Next level of awesome
The slim version is even better then the original one (for my hand)
And the machining is crisp and a pleasure to touch, as usual

Next level of awesome

Slim Bolt Action Bronze Pen

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