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Conditions of Use


These condition applies to Mukama.com (also referred as "service provider" of "Mukama") online store. The owner of the service is Mukama Oy.

By accepting these conditions, you can use our website. If you don't accept these conditions, please stop using our website.

The Content of Mukama.com

Mukama-webstore is registered by Mukama. The service is focused on customers who are interested in high quality personal accessories. Each items is described by images and descriptions.

User Liability

  • User must fulfill the requirements in the conditions of usage and.
  • User is liable to use Mukama online store in the boundaries of our rules.
  • Users are liable to give truthful information about themselves, and update the incorrect data immediately.
  • User accepts the payment- and delivery terms.
  • User accepts the changes we make to the customership.
  • User is responsible of illegal usage of copyrighted material of our site.

Our Responsibility

  • Mukama is responsible of all content in Mukama.fi (images, text, prices).
  • Mukama is responsible of all content being within the boundaries of Finnish law.
  • Mukama has the right to change/update/fix the content without notice.
  • Mukama is not responsible of third party information.
  • Mukama is responsible of all customer data and secure storage of data.
  • Mukama does not give collected data used to maintain the shop to third party.
  • Mukama has the right to terminate customership or cancel the order.

Intangible Rights

All the content in Mukama.fi is copyrighted to Mukama or its partners. All illegal usage of copyrighted material is prohibited. Finnish law is applied to all copyright infrigments.

Secure Payments

Buying from Mukama online store is secure. All sensitive data is transferred by SSL-connection (Secure Socket Layer).


Mukama takes care of proper storage and handling of personal data.