Titanium Damascus Bolt

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Upgrading to the Titanium Damascus Bolt gives a really nice touch to your Tactile Turn Pen. The bolt is made from different alloys of titanium that are forged together and twisted to create a cool pattern. Then they are machined and heated to bring out the pattern. These are unique pieces and every one has variation from the next, so every bolt looks a bit different. The images are examples and show only the overall look and feel of the bolt, to give you and idea.

  • Slim is compatible with Slim Bolt Action Pen and 2021 version of the Pencil
  • Regular is compatible with the normal Bolt Action Pen

Installing the bolt

The bolt is threaded, so you need to unscrew the old one and screw the new one in tightly. The original bolt of the pen is installed with Knipex smooth jaw pliers, so they won't come out very easily. Use pliers but be careful when removing the original bolt, since the pliers can scratch the pen. For installing the new Titanium Damascus Pen, it is recommended to use Knipex smooth jaw pliers - but if that is not available, you can use any regular pliers with electrical tape or peace of leather between the jaws, to prevent scratching the bolt itself.

Please note that this product is only the bolt that you push on to advance and retract the mechanism for the pens. It is not the internal part nor the pen itself.

Titanium Damascus Bolt

Titanium Damascus Bolt

  • Artur
  • Verified customer
  • 19.04.2022

Very simple!
Changing the screw takes 2 minutes, I recommend a piece of leather or rubber to unscrew the original sample. the pen takes on a completely new look, I recommend it. Thank you Mukama shop staff

Very simple!

  • Richard
  • Verified customer
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • 19.04.2021

A bit of a letdown
I got this to "pimp" my pen but sadly it's not as great as the photos would imply.

I understand it's not impossible to guarantee a good, even pattern because of the nature of Damascus steel but my little bolt is basically just one even colour. You need to look at it very closely under strong light to see any signs of a pattern at all, which defeats the purpose of having it made from Damascus.

Also, just a warning for anyone buying this: the installation guide does mention that the bolt won't come off easily.
This is not an overstatement, take it seriously, you will need pliers to unscrew the factory bolt. I think they even used some sort of threadlocker as well.

Don't get me wrong, this is great if you don't plan to change the bolt but it's pretty difficult to deal with when you want to install this Damascus Bolt. Be very careful, in my experience it is very easy to scratch titanium with steel tools.

MukamaResponse from Mukama:

The bolts are unique and there is variation between each of them. The patterns should be visible but that also varies between bolts - some have more visible pattenrs, some less visible.

It indeed requires some work to change the bolt. We can ship pens with damascus bolts pre-installed on request, but delivery time will be 1-2 months because installation work will be done in the USA by Tactile Turn.

Titanium Damascus Bolt

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