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Our return policy

In short, it goes as following:

All products in new condition can be returned for free from anywhere in the world within 60 days for 100% refund.
  • New condition: The returned product has to be in original condition and not used.
  • Free from anywhere: Returning is free of charge from anywhere in the world.
    • The courier will come and pick up the return without charge, or
    • You'll send it back yourself and we'll refund the return shipping costs afterwards
  • 60 days: You can return within 60 days from receiving the order.
  • 100% refunds: If the whole order is returned, we'll refund the shipping costs of the original order as well. The refund is issued within one week from receiving the return.

Return process:

  1. Please notify us about the return by contact form or email at support@mukama.com. Add the order reference into the message.
  2. Please pack the items in the original packaging, or similar to how it was when you received the order. Include the original receipt or other note containing the order reference.
  3. Return shipment:
    • DHL: If you ordered by DHL, we will arrange the return with DHL free of charge. DHL will send you the instructions by email and they will come and pick up the return.
    • GLS: If you ordered by GLS, we will arrange the return with GLS free of charge. GLS will provide you the instructions for the return.
    • Postal Parcel: If you ordered by Postal Parcel, we'll send you return instructions by email.
    • Posti (Finland): If your ordered by Posti, you can find all return options here.
      Our return contract number and address:
      Mukama / Customer Return
      Return ID 638549
      Malminkatu 22 B 33
      00100 HELSINKI
  4. We will issue the refund within one week from receiving the return. The refund is issued to the same payment method and currency that was used in the order. We will notify you by email as soon as the refund is handled.