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About Us

Providing essentials that will become an important part of your daily round.

Few Words About Us

Think about a product that you use and carry every day. One which has become an essential part of your daily life. The product is likely well designed and crafted responsibly with care. It fills and handles the intended purpose and does it for time and time again for many years to come, probably even getting better as time passes by. Our job is to carefully curate and bring these kind of products available to you, while offering reliable support.

Our company was founded in early 2013 and Mukama online store was opened later that year as a result of diligent coding, designing, late nights and countless cups of coffee. Our team consists of two founders, Karlo Koskitanner and Mikko Ikonen. We enjoy our work and we are doing our best to keep you satisfied with our products and service.

We are located in the beautiful city of Helsinki, Finland. No, we do not have polar bears roaming on the streets, that is just a legend.

The People

Karlo Koskitanner

Karlo Koskitanner

Tel: +358 44 556 6777

Mikko Ikonen

Mikko Ikonen

Tel: +358 40 614 7111