EDC means Everyday Carry. It's everything you carry on the daily and it's up to you what that is. We think EDC needs to be purposeful and top quality - and most of all, to bring joy for the day.

Key Holders Bottles & Cups Organisation Tools Flashlights Knives Lanyards & Beads Combs & Care Hanks Games & Fidget Toys Other Gear

Key Holders

Key Holders 192

Keys are a necessary daily carry but often a random bunch. Make it organized and more useful with a proper keyholder, carabiner, or quick-release keychain.

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Bottles & Cups

Bottles & Cups 84

Instead of single-use plastic bottles, we recommend a high-quality re-usable water bottle for daily hydration. For enjoyment, one of the flasks here can become handy.

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Organisation 245

Carrying, protecting, and organizing your EDC gear is essential for a smooth day. Organizers for pocket tools, kits for tech, and pouches & capsules for bits and pieces.

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Tools 237

As the saying goes, the best tool is what you have on. These EDC pocket tools let you tackle the expected and unexpected on the daily, always ready when it's time for business.

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Flashlights 66

Whether it's the power going out, looking for stuff under the bed, or navigating the unknown, having a small flashlight as a part of your EDC makes all the difference.

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Knives 273

A high-quality pocket knife is an EDC staple. There is something reassuring to have a well-made tool for opening boxes and outdoor adventures. Beautiful design and addictive action are always a good bonus.

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Lanyards & Beads

Lanyards & Beads 63

Lanyards and beads are great for customizing and improving the usability of your EDC gear.

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Combs & Care

Combs & Care 53

Pocket-sized and portable items for personal care, helping you to look sharp in all situations.

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Hanks 22

A handkerchief is a fantastic detail in a gentleman's EDC setup. It can be used for cleaning the screen, shining up your gear, or providing a safe surface for them.

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Games & Fidget Toys

Games & Fidget Toys 82

You never know when boredom hits or when you need to focus extra hard. Playing cards, fidget toys and worry stones and coins are easy to carry around and use whenever.

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