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Excellent Service

I ordered rare Japanese pocket knives from this site as a birthday gift for my son. The products arrived promptly and in good order.

  • Jan
  • Verified customer
  • Pershore, United Kingdom
  • 22.05.2023

Evergoods delivery + service

I bought some Evergoods stuff from Mukama, the Civic Panel Loader 24v3, a CAP2L and some patches. Mukama has handed the order really fast and the service was outstanding. I will definitely order here again.

  • Niklas
  • Verified customer
  • Neuss, Germany
  • 19.05.2023

Reylight pineapple in brass

The flashlight came in good time and packaged very nicely Reylight could well be one of my favourite flashlights for now I have to collect the various different metals and finishes Thanks for the great service and communication via WhatsApp BR Chris Finland

  • Forsh
  • Verified customer
  • Espoo, Finland
  • 09.05.2023

Great service and products, super fast delivery!

I was looking for a specific product and I came across the Mukama site by chance. I found what I was looking for at attractive price and I placed an order, which was processed almost immediately and was delivered to Bulgaria in less than 1 day! The customer service was great and responded quickly and properly to a query I had. I am very satisfied with the purchase and the overall experience!

  • Vladimir
  • Verified customer
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 05.05.2023


I bought Backpack N°0.0 from Heize Project. There was problem with strops on the backpack, not with backpack it self. When I contact Mukama about it, over WhatsApp I got answer and solution inside 15 min. That is really special. Now only I can do is :) to support Mukama and recommend them. This is our niche market where standards are so high that many will have to wait for decade as customers to experience same. 5 stars.

  • Vladimir Petrovic
  • Verified customer
  • Sofiemir, Norway
  • 04.05.2023

can recommend

The oder and delivery process was very fast. I did not have to be in touch with the customer service so I cannot judge this. Overall, my experience was very positive.

  • Blazej
  • Verified customer
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • 25.04.2023

One of my favourite shops ever!

The staff are absolutely great - fast shipping, fast response to questions. I'm very happy to order from Mukama whenever I can.

  • Andrei
  • Verified customer
  • La Salvetat Saint Gilles, France
  • 23.04.2023

Glad I found this shop!

I was looking for a specific bag and Mukama was one of the few sellers with stock relatively nearby. I never heard about this shop before but reviews looked promising. I can confirm the experience has been great. I really appreciate the excellent (automated) communication regarding orders. I ordered a product that was out of stock. Aside from the order confirmation I received a specific ‘out of stock’ email clearly describing the following steps. I made a change to my order which was confirmed by a brief email from the team which was awesome. And when I asked a question via the contact form the response was really rapid! Your mileage may vary but I’m very happy with the service. Can recommend this store!

  • GW Mensink
  • Verified customer
  • Epe, Netherlands
  • 06.04.2023

Runoff waterproof phone case

Delivered on time with parcel tracking ..the product was one hundred percent and I would use the company again

  • Jonathan
  • Verified customer
  • Dublin 12, Ireland
  • 05.04.2023

Five stars to Mukama.

Five stars for Mukama. Great selection of products, design and information on the website, professionalism in the process, and friendly attention. An online business model to others.

  • Adolfo
  • Verified customer
  • MADRID, Spain
  • 03.04.2023

Great shop in Europe

The great and often the only store where you can buy things from overseas in Europe. I would order again anytime.

  • Valdo
  • Verified customer
  • Slovensky Grob, Slovakia
  • 03.04.2023

The best EDC store

Very nice store with lots of nice stuff to dream about.

  • Mikkel Holmgren
  • Verified customer
  • Birkerød, Denmark
  • 30.03.2023

MUKAMA - The Best Online Store Ever

Up until now, I have placed two orders and both came very fast. I am pleased with their speedy shipping, product packaging and service. MUKAMA and DHL delivers at its best! Products are of great quality as well. I will be ordering more items in the future for sure. Thank you MUKAMA.

  • Nisar Rana
  • 28.03.2023

Nomad Apple Watch Sport Band Ultra Orange

Mukama was the only place in Europe where you could buy this watch strap. I really wanted it for my Apple Watch Ultra because it looks absolutely fabulous with it. Unfortunately, the only option was to order from the US with expensive shipping. I was very happy that I finally discovered this Mukama store and was able to order the item. The order went smoothly and the goods were delivered in a few days.

  • Petr Němeček
  • Verified customer
  • Zakolany, Czech Republic
  • 28.03.2023

Reylight Pineapple Mini Brass torch

Really Great service and very quick dispatch. Very happy with service and product. Love my Reylight.

  • Matt H
  • Verified customer
  • BRIGHTON, EAST SUSSEX, United Kingdom
  • 13.03.2023

mukama is my go-to

such a huge selection of everything you could want. i do recommend going for the express dhl delivery it arrives really quickly

  • Tom Daly
  • Verified customer
  • London , United Kingdom
  • 03.03.2023

A company that we need!

Seriousness, promptness, professionalism. Here are some words that can describe your company. I always open the Mukama website with a lot of curiosity for what's new or for products that are back in stock. Congratulations, you know how to create addiction!

  • Liviu Mirea
  • Verified customer
  • București, Romania
  • 28.02.2023

Mukama Number 1

Placed two separate orders with Mukama and their service was outstanding. Regardless of the short delivery option selected, Mukama's service is super fast. Subject to the time I placed the orders, the packages were handed to the courier company for shipment the same day. Major pro when it comes to online purchases.

  • Carlo
  • Verified customer
  • Muscat, Oman
  • 27.02.2023

Lochby Pocket Journal

Very satisfied with this notebook cover: waterproof, robust. Thanks to its hard (but not heavy) structure, you can jot notes even on your knees if needed. I use it with 2 William Hannah pocket notebooks which are 90mm (3.5") x 140mm (5.5") and 3 fountain pens stuck outside on the front cover.

  • Gerard
  • Verified customer
  • Verrières en Anjou , France
  • 27.02.2023

UX is simply top-notch

Ordered a knife maintenance kit (mostly because I wanted a KPL) and the price was highly competitive within the European zone. Although it took me two weeks to get a hold of the parcel, it's understandable as Finland is a long way from the Iberian Peninsula. Fantastic store, a really well-designed website and an amazing purchasing experience.

  • Luis
  • Verified customer
  • Porto, Portugal
  • 23.02.2023

Mukama? Yes, please!

Placed my first order with Mukama on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and two days later I was holding the package in my hands. The equation is simple: Light speed customer service + fast shipping x excellent products = Great customer experience

  • Andy, MUC
  • Verified customer
  • Garching bei München, Germany
  • 21.02.2023

Very professional

My recent experience with Mukama is very positive. I had to claim the product unfortunately but customer support was absolutely amazing with prompt response and reactions. Also delivery was super fast. I can only recommend this e-shop. You are doing very good job and thank you for that.

  • Radim
  • Verified customer
  • Petrovice U Karviné, Czech Republic
  • 17.02.2023

Only good experiences

Placed a few orders with this store and everything went smooth every time. Fast shipping, decent packaging, good products (some of which are very hard to get from anywhere else in EU), polite conversations and a good experience over all every time. Thank you, Mukama! P.S. If you can get some Sebenza's in stock, I think I'll have one!

  • Remus L.
  • Verified customer
  • Slatioara, Romania
  • 14.02.2023


I don't know what else to say than as a customer of Mukama I've never had a bad experience. It's become one of the more trusted sites for me to order from. Shipping is fast and reliable. Products arrive in perfect condition and I do appriciate the fact that you can choose to have the smaller packages fit your mailbox if wanted (perhaps without original packaging etc to save space).

  • Oliver
  • Verified customer
  • Espoo, Finland
  • 14.02.2023

My first buy at Mukama

An excellent service, easy to contact and quick reply. Very nice selection of premium products.

  • Pieter Boucquet
  • Verified customer
  • Izegem, Belgium
  • 08.02.2023

Fantastic site and service

I have shopped a few times on Mukama - each time has been a great experience. Very nice products and super fast shipping with great updates. Will come back for sure!!!

  • Thomas (Denmark)
  • Verified customer
  • København Ø, Denmark
  • 01.02.2023

Super Fast Shipping

Ordered a Alpaka Bravo Sling Max X-Pac VX 42 on xmas day and arrived on the 28th, Super fast shipping to the UK especially over the xmas season,Thank You.

  • Patrick O'Donnell
  • Verified customer
  • Wakefield, United Kingdom
  • 23.01.2023

Poor poor product

Purchased the Alpaka Zip Pro Pouch and after only 4 hours the stitching has completely come away from the rear pockets. Such poor quality for a small pouch that cost £41.00 before shipping.

  • Callum Morris
  • Verified customer
  • Harlaston, United Kingdom
  • 20.01.2023
MukamaResponse from Mukama:

Sorry for the trouble! Let's sort it out, our customer service will be in touch.

Goot product. good service. Good customer support.

I bought an Alpha Sling v2. and magnetic stabilizer strap. I ordered them seperately. Because of I ordered seperately I there were 2 different shipment cost. I requested to combine shipment together and refund for shipment cost of one of them. The customer service very interested and they managed my request very well. I received my bag in 3 days. This is excellent time because I odered bag from Turkey. Also the bag is absolutely great. Quality,shape, and functionality is as described in product page. So, great product and great service. Thank's Mukama.

  • Yalcin Senkir
  • Verified customer
  • ISTANBUL, Turkey
  • 18.01.2023

Excellent Service

This is my first time shopping from Mukama. It was an excellent experience for me. They shipped the item I bought quickly and delivered it to me. I also enjoy using the Bolt ction pen. Thanks a lot for this experience.

  • Hakan Gökbayrak
  • Verified customer
  • Kadıköy, Turkey
  • 16.01.2023

Outstanding service and products

Diverse selection of quality products! I created an account, contacted customer support with a question and got it resolved in a matter of minutes. Overseas products on great prices.

  • Dimitar
  • Verified customer
  • Ruse, Bulgaria
  • 16.01.2023

Great way to access US products from Europe

I'm a big fan of some of the EDC products coming out of the USA, but the import tax and shipping some charge makes it tricky to order... Mukama is great for this! I'm now able to order products from my favourite US brands (like Evergoods) from a company based in Europe and save a fortune on import costs. Really a no brainer

  • James
  • Verified customer
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • 09.01.2023

Love Mukama

I’m glad you exist an deliver these great products with an excellent service across Europe. I bought various product, never had any issue, delivery always on time.

  • Davide
  • Verified customer
  • Pietrasanta (LU), Italy
  • 07.01.2023

Fast Service

I ordered some products lately and to be honest it has been an excellent experience, the service has been very fast and secure and as customer there is nothing I want more.

  • Erlind
  • Verified customer
  • Tirana, Albania
  • 04.01.2023

On point

I bought a code of bell sling from the store, and nothing could have been more on point: the product, the package, the delivery, everything. They also answered me a few questions before the purchase on their Instagram page, so be able to have a proper answer from a human being on some concerns you could have is a huge plus. Absolutely nothing to complain.

  • Joseph
  • Verified customer
  • Ascoli Piceno, Italy
  • 29.12.2022

Very nice Christmas surprise

Very good selection of quality items. There are brands which are very hard to find out of their sites. Overall service at the shop and delivery is perfect. Happy to have found Mukama. Will come back for shure.

  • Mladen
  • Verified customer
  • Zagreb, Croatia
  • 29.12.2022

Fast service

Very fast delivery. Low price postage. You can get stuff from owerseas at a reasonable price. I will certainy buy here again.

  • Miran Paradiž
  • Verified customer
  • Portorož, Slovenia
  • 26.12.2022

Fast Service

Couldn't be happier, the selection and order process was fast and easy. My purchase was processed and shipped the same day, delivered the day after (using the DHL option). Will surely buy here again.

  • Victor S.
  • Verified customer
  • Vigo, Spain
  • 23.12.2022

incredibly happy with my first order

I was looking for a good EDC web shop inside EU, and I am very happy that I found Mukama. If you are ordering from a country other than Finland, or Germany, I believe you must use express DHL shipping. Not much difference in price, and you probably won't get trouble with delivery. I love Mukama, I will come back, and shop from here regularly! Thanks so much guys, you made me very happy before Christmas!

  • Baris Sehri
  • 22.12.2022

A disaster

a disaster the whole process. I have not received the package yet and the customer service does not even answer me after 4 emails, 3 WhatsApp, I still have no answers

  • Isidro carlos
  • Verified customer
  • Madrid, Spain
  • 22.12.2022


The best online store. Fast shipping,great customer service. And all of the best items for edc.

  • Josef e
  • Verified customer
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 19.12.2022

Excellent shop and service

Awesome shop! Delivery incredibly fast, package arrived the next day by DHL Express. Faster than most national shipments. Good products!

  • Simon
  • Verified customer
  • Kenn, Germany
  • 14.12.2022

Work Sharp Precision Adjust Upgrade Kit

Product came with no delays and arrived in perfect condition. The additional tribrasive rods and strop rod took my blades to the next level sharpness, resulting in polished edges and hair shaving sharpness. Overall I’m a happy customer and I’ll certainly be coming back to look for kits to dress up my blades from Mukama!!

  • Azlan Malek
  • Verified customer
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • 12.12.2022

Great Product and good costumer service

I bought a few weeks ago and this backpack is amazing. Also I have a great customer service experience from mukama team. They quickly answered my questions and solved problems. Thanks a lot!

  • Enes Ertas
  • Verified customer
  • ISTANBUL, Turkey
  • 30.11.2022

Great products and even better costumer service

Everything i ordered came same as advertised, which is something i can't say was the case with 99% of other places i used to buy online before, and as good as that might sound the custimer service was even better than that, any complications that happened so far i could see through the conversation with the customer service that they were really trying everything to fix it, definitely will be buying from MUKAMA in the future.

  • Ardit Qoqaj
  • Verified customer
  • Zagreb, Croatia
  • 22.11.2022


Very good products spotvon

  • Stephen sorrell
  • Verified customer
  • Southampton, United Kingdom
  • 04.11.2022

Good customer service

I bought few weeks ago Rovyvon Aurora A28. But my country post office lost the package. So i wrote to customer service. Took few days and Mukama sent me new one. Im so happy about that, everything went well and i will buy here again :)

  • Janx
  • Verified customer
  • Tartu, Estonia
  • 03.11.2022

Great support

Very friendly, quick and adequate support! Great products too.

  • Ward
  • Verified customer
  • Utrecht, Netherlands
  • 10.10.2022

Reliable fast service

The website is very well designed and accessible. Not a huge selection, but all products listed are very finely curated and of the highest quality. Fast shipping and delivery. Very responsive customer service.

  • Yaron
  • Verified customer
  • Ramat Gan, Israel
  • 24.09.2022


Worldstore for the storeworld

  • EdSol
  • Verified customer
  • Capelle aan den ijssel, Netherlands
  • 19.09.2022

Fast and Precious

Great precious product available nowhere else, fast shipping to France ! Perfect !

  • Stephane A
  • Verified customer
  • Marseille, France
  • 19.09.2022

fast shipping, great prices, cool unique products

All kinds of cool gear in one shop that are not available (for a decent price) anywhere else in the EU. The website contains plenty of information, ordering is fast and easy, shipping prices are very reasonable, and items ship fast too. And the customer service seems very pro active and friendly. Highly recommended shop, love shopping here.

  • avs
  • Verified customer
  • Elst, Netherlands
  • 14.09.2022

perfect service

What a nice, interesting shop. Original, appealing products. I ordered notebooks, they arrived packaged very well. The service is of the pro-active kind, wonderful. They respond very fast.

  • RMJT
  • Verified customer
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 14.09.2022

Unique shop in EU

Its on of a kind, that you can buy exclusive and limited products that are available only overseas. The shopping - ordering - handling - deliver - customers services are great and fast. Most important, you have the opportunity to make changes on your order before it is send. Lastly the products are handled and packed with care . Friendly and kind experience.

  • George F
  • Verified customer
  • Ouranoupoli, Greece
  • 13.09.2022

Best shop in Europe

The best and often only shop where you can buy bags from overseas in Europe. I would order again at any time.

  • Michael Stiedl
  • Verified customer
  • Vienna, Austria
  • 12.09.2022

The right place where to buy

Has a few years since I follow Black Ember, and suddenly I find it is possible to buy in Europe. What to say, easy, quickly and very happy! Mukama highly recommended

  • Filipe Holstein
  • Verified customer
  • Quinta do Anjo, Portugal
  • 06.09.2022

EDC Heaven

I was searching for EDC stuff on a European store for a long time. I found Mukama by luck and felt really nice that I could get EVERYTHING I needed in a nice easy to navigate store. It has a good variety of the EDC stuff we see on YOUTUBE and are usually from US companies , thus hard to get in Europe.

  • Christos D.
  • Verified customer
  • PAGKRATI, Greece
  • 05.09.2022

Awesome Store for high quality products

Awesome selection of high quality products from all over the world, fast shipping to germany and great customer service. Mukama is my go-to online shop for all things edc. Will definitely recommend this shop!

  • Timon H.
  • Verified customer
  • Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • 25.08.2022

Like that style

Great webshop, nice design and cool stuff. They selling quality and stylish items which I like. Prices are ok, maybe slightly higher then average, relatively cheap delivery to Sweden. In general I'm very happy and honestly recommend.

  • Lukasz
  • Verified customer
  • Höganäs , Sweden
  • 25.08.2022

Great store

First time purchase and I declare myself satisfied (fast dispatching, good packaging, fast and tracked delivery). The bad thing is that Mukama carries so many items I need/want, that I find myself in a little bit of trouble now. Just kidding, obviously, but I really want a few other items I can only find here (wallet, backpack, pen, few EDC items etc.). I love the fact that you can see live the number of pieces an item has left in stock. I will definitely come back. Thank you!

  • Remus L.
  • Verified customer
  • Slatioara, Romania
  • 24.08.2022

Highly recommended the products from Mukama!

I purchased the wallet from the store and shipped it to Thailand. The staff did provide a good customer service, fast and professional. This is beyond the expectation of service level.

  • Lee
  • Verified customer
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • 20.08.2022

Great service

Everything went exactly as you would expect. The information provided on the website about shipping was accurate. The shipped my order the same day and it arrived the next in the Netherlands, fantastic! Great selection of bags and on of the very few to offer Black Ember in Europe. Very happy to have found them so I didn't have to bother with transatlantic shipping, import tarifs and taxes. Nice and comfortable from with the European Union.

  • Dick Jansen
  • Verified customer
  • Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • 17.08.2022

Trustworthy eShop

Great and fast customer service! Even I was a bit suspitious due to new eShop which I did not know, I must admit that this eShop is trustworthy and you get what you order, fast.

  • Petr
  • 13.08.2022


Delighted with Makuma’s high-quality products and great customer service!

  • Hanna
  • Verified customer
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 08.08.2022


Great experience dealing with Mukama. Beautiful products and top service!

  • Guus Broekhof
  • Verified customer
  • Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands
  • 03.08.2022

Classic Pen 3-Pack - Colour : Blakk

Great little tool.

  • Frederic
  • Verified customer
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • 03.08.2022

Civic Access Pouch 2 L - Colour : Black

Great material, perfect size.

  • Frederic
  • Verified customer
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • 03.08.2022

Able Carry Max 30L

Everything went smooth and my bag come in a rapid time! I Love the bag which come in protective packaging

  • Farai Osbourne
  • Verified customer
  • Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • 26.07.2022

The store is great

Good store. There's everything I need. Fast delivery.

  • Viktor
  • Verified customer
  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • 26.07.2022

Mukama is great

I’ve ordered quite a few things from Mukama, and everything has always gone really smoothly. Delivery on time, and great customer service. A truly reliable online shop for EDC gear to keep me poor!!!

  • Chris
  • Verified customer
  • Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom
  • 25.07.2022

secrid twin wallet

Puchased some of these wallets when on holiday in Sweden in 2017 so pleased to see the twinwallets still available. only singles available in NZ . Service absolutly 100% ordered secrid wallet on 10/7/2022 and it arrived today 25/7/2022 wonderful service thank you.

  • Trish
  • Verified customer
  • Blenheim, New Zealand
  • 25.07.2022

Nice shopping experience, good service

Discovered Mukama while looking for my items on Google. Shopping on the site was quite easy, and ordering and payments were clear and simple tasks. I placed my order with Mukama on a Sunday afternoon and I received my items on Thursday morning. I'm glad to have found Mukama and look forward to shopping again in the future.

  • CDF
  • Verified customer
  • Muntinlupa City, Philippines
  • 22.07.2022

Sweet as candy

Mukama proved themselves to be trusted. They delivered what I ordered, they took care of the VAT, not charging it twice as they do if you buy from Wanrd. So this was quick and pro, just like you expect!

  • Islandwind
  • Verified customer
  • OSLO, Norway
  • 12.07.2022

great service good product - Bolt Action Titanium Pen Short

Tactile turn is a very good product. Cons: Fisher refill doesn't fit this pen :-( (Parker is ok). Mukama service is great.

  • Luca
  • Verified customer
  • Milan, Italy
  • 11.07.2022

Nice service.

First time trying out Mukama (found it by pure luck online) and no regrets! Clear purchase/delivery options and got the products on time. No hassle.

  • David
  • Verified customer
  • Veldhoven, Netherlands
  • 06.07.2022

The perfect shopping experience

Subject says it all

  • OL
  • Verified customer
  • Berlin, Germany
  • 20.06.2022

grata sorpresa con mukama

Excelente tienda donde se puede encontrar una gran seleccion de articulos de alta gama mayormente para caballero. El tiempo de envio no supera las 24H, y la entrega en España se situa en torno a los 7-8 dias.

  • Manuel
  • Verified customer
  • Palencia, Spain
  • 15.06.2022

Very good service, easy exchange

My first order with mukama was handled perfectly fast and accurate. The product was flawed and after a mail with descriptions they made it really easy to have it replaced. The replaced product still isn't perfect but this is about their service: TOP! I will come back.

  • JS
  • Verified customer
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • 18.05.2022

Adapt A10 wallet

Horrible product, lost a screw within a week, other screws are almost stripped. Glad I did not go for the titanium version right away. Would not buy again.

  • Maik
  • Verified customer
  • Oldenzaal, Netherlands
  • 16.05.2022


Fast and accurate service with beautiful inventory. This site is a disaster for your saved money! So much nice stuff its crazy..

  • Marcus
  • Verified customer
  • Söderbärke, Sweden
  • 09.05.2022

Another happy customer

Recently order the CPL24 from evergoods on Mukama website. Was a bit sceptical about it as I never heard of this shop before. They dispatched the package very quickly and it was delivered 2 days before the estimated delivery date. Buy with confidence

  • Aurel
  • Verified customer
  • Oxford, United Kingdom
  • 04.05.2022

happy customer =)

++perfect++ =) Awesome, that i was able to find and buy stuff in the mukama shop, that was basically unavailable in other stores. This, combined with fast shipping and superb price tags, made a great buying experience. Will buy again for sure. Thanks and greetings from germany from a happy customer =)

  • Stefan
  • 02.05.2022

100% satisfaction

My favourite store, even though it is located in Finland and I am from the Czech Republic :) Perfect prices, light speed shipping, great variety of products.

  • Tscholek
  • Verified customer
  • Praha 5, Czech Republic
  • 25.04.2022

Great store

Great store, many products from US are available here for European customers. Site is clean and easy to use, great selection of EDC products, fast shipping as well. Will use again if I need something EDC related.

  • Lukas
  • Verified customer
  • Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 21.04.2022

Amazing Store!!!!!

Amazing Store! Very nice and clear site. Not your every day product’s what everyone have! That make’s it special. Good service and promised delivery!!!

  • John van der Zeijde
  • Verified customer
  • The Haque, Netherlands
  • 20.04.2022

Amazing service

Mukama was the only company in Europe that had stock of the Topo Designs bag I wanted. Their price was very good for this almost impossible to find item and shipping was very quick, fully trackable and with regular updates. The bag was well packed and arrived well within the estimated delivery time. All round excellent service with amazing products. I highly recommend Mukama give them a try you won't be disappointed.

  • Chris L
  • Verified customer
  • Sandhurst, United Kingdom
  • 18.04.2022

Fast delivery

Everything was super. Items arrived quickly and everything was as expected. Will order again for sure.

  • Yvonne
  • Verified customer
  • Athens, Greece
  • 18.04.2022

Mukama does it again

Top service, top site.

  • Alan J
  • Verified customer
  • Ellesmere port, United Kingdom
  • 15.04.2022

Fast-Blitz delivery,fantastic products

Fast-Blitz delivery,fantastic products

  • C.Srisawasdi
  • Verified customer
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • 12.04.2022

Excellent products and service

Fast delivery, great products and all around great service.

  • Johan Botha
  • Verified customer
  • Uitenhage, South Africa
  • 11.04.2022

Great Customer Service, Fast Delivery

When I had a question I was very impressed by how quickly I got a reply with all the relevant information. First Class Service, with DHL Express I received the bag in the UK within just a day and a half. Great experience, thank you!

  • David
  • Verified customer
  • Hampton, United Kingdom
  • 31.03.2022

Excellent Service

I live in the UK and could not get the particular Dango Wallet here. When I searched for it on line Mukama came up with one. I have got to say I was unsure and a bit sceptical of ordering something from Finland as I’ve never done such a thing before. I needn’t have worried I had my Wallet within 3 days delivered by DHL. Absolute First Class Service. To all please do not be deterred from ordering one from Mukama it’s so easy to do.

  • Keith Hardy
  • Verified customer
  • Hull, United Kingdom
  • 28.03.2022

Lightning fast shipping

I was hoping to get the product fast and Mukama did not disappoint: the product arrived in just two business days. The product was well wrapped and looks fantastic!

  • Hidde
  • Verified customer
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • 14.03.2022


E' andato tutto benissimo. Gli articoli arrivati sono esattamente quelli ordinati e sono di qualità eccellente. La consegna è stata molto veloce. L'azienda è seria e affidabile, da consigliare ad altri clienti.

  • Michele
  • Verified customer
  • San Marzano di San Giuseppe, Italy
  • 14.03.2022

1070CC HardBack™ Laptop Case

Product as described, Peli cases are well designed and fabricated without compromises. I’m sure this will protect my laptop during motorcycle trips. Delivery was fast. I would purchase stuff from Mukama again.

  • Juha Vane
  • Verified customer
  • Sumiainen, Finland
  • 09.03.2022

Superb service

Haven't use the product yet. I can testify about the quick respond of the store to my complete sutisfaction

  • Orit
  • Verified customer
  • Ramat Hasharon, Israel
  • 28.02.2022

Excellent service

I have bought several items from Mukama over the years. The design and quality are outstanding. Two of the items needed repair and the customer treatment I received was excellent. That is why I recommend Mukama to friends interested in design and unique products.

  • Ulf Lindqvist
  • Verified customer
  • Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 25.02.2022

For all my EDC

Great products excellent service and delivery. Have used Mukama many times and been satisfied every time.

  • Matt
  • Verified customer
  • Täby, Sweden
  • 25.02.2022

Top experience

Mukama is great to order from. Many, and beautiful products and quick service. Would and will definitely order from them again.

  • Guus
  • Verified customer
  • Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands
  • 24.02.2022

Great Service

Ordered Black Ember bag Shipped super quick Arrived in very good time and very well boxed up Would recommend Mukama to anyone looking to order Top flight bags Will use them again without hesitation

  • Laith Bilbeisi
  • Verified customer
  • Colchester, United Kingdom
  • 08.02.2022
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