Tactile Turn
Side Click Pens

The Side Click pen is designed, manufactured and tested entirely in-house, down to the machined T8 Torx screws that hold the clip. The all-metal click mechanism feels and sounds reassuring and firm.

Tactile Turn

Side Click Titanium Pen

119,00 €

Tactile Turn

Slim Side Click Titanium Pen

119,00 €

Tactile Turn

Slim Side Click 8-Bit Pen

169,00 €

All-metal Click Mechanism

The mechanism is made from metal fully in-house, which ensures satisfying click actions for the rest of your life.

Multiple Size Options

Side Click comes in 3 sizes: Mini, Short and Standard, which ensures you'll find the perfect size for your needs.

Add a Titanium Damascus Clip

Add-on for taking your Side Click to the next level. Titanium Damascus looks gorgeous and stands out from the crowd.

Located in Texas, the Tactile Turn is a machinery and design studio which has some of the most outstanding expertise on how to get the most out of those machines. The design philosophy is to make simple things, but make them exceptionally well.

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