Slim Side Click Nitro Pen

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Let's face it, most of us are hooked on coffee. Whether you enjoy brewing it at home or making the pilgrimage to a favorite café, there's no denying that a cup of coffee (or tea) is the best way to start the day or take an afternoon break.

Inspired by this ritual, Nitro has a rich, golden brown Cerakote body paired with bronze accents, and a milky, cream-colored clip. A laser-engraved, anodized lightning bolt mug icon represents the glorious caffeine kick. As the weather begins to cool and the days get shorter, take time to sit down with a hot beverage, your journal, and a quality pen to gather your thoughts.

  • Base material: Titanium
  • Golden brown Cerakote body finish with undertones
  • Bronze top button, annodized side release and screw
  • Lightning Bolt Mug icon engraving on the clip
  • Custom coaster and sticker included with all orders





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Data sheetProduct codes

  • SizeDiameter 9,3 mm
  • MaterialTitanium
  • WeightMini 19 g - Short 23 g - Standard 24 g
  • Made inUnited States
  • Ink refill (included)Mini: Pilot G2 Mini 0,7 mm Black, Short: Schmidt easyFLOW 9000, Standard: Pilot G2 0,7 mm
Slim Side Click Nitro Pen
Slim Side Click Nitro Pen
Slim Side Click Nitro Pen

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The Side Click pen is designed, manufactured and tested entirely in-house, down to the machined T8 Torx screws that hold the clip. The all-metal click mechanism feels and sounds reassuring and firm.

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Slim Side Click Nitro Pen

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