ROGUE Slings

The ROGUE Slings are beautiful and innovative camera/EDC bags built for everything you need for a full day of shooting, working, snacking, and all-around butt-kicking. Two larger slings integrates with the laptop case as well.


ROGUE Sling 3 L

109,00 €


ROGUE Sling 6 L

139,00 €


ROGUE Sling 9 L

159,00 €


Laptop Case

64,90 € - 69,90 €

6 & 9 L slings Integrate with Wandrd Laptop Case

The problem with most slings is that you have to leave your laptop at home. Well, not anymore! The ROGUE Slings integrate with the new Laptop Cases so your laptop can come along too.

Lightning Quick Access

With your camera or nachos only few seconds away, you'll never miss a shot or snack again.

5 Point Adjustment System

The 5 Point Adjustment System means the bag comfortably and securely fits to your body. One size truly fits all.

WANDRD don't just want to make and sell bags. They want to inspire other to see more of the world, living the WANDRD brand themselves. The first Kickstarter campaign with PRVKE was a success, and today they are family owned, crowdfunded, and proud of it.

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