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Secrid Indigo Wallets

Gorgeous, denim-inspired shade of blue is achieved by dipping full-grain leather into indigo bath multiple times.

Indigo dyeing has been around for thousands of years, but applying this intense and beautiful color to leather is not very simple. The powder doesn't dissolve in water and doesn't naturally stick to leather. It took two years to re-develope this age-old craft.

Indigo Collection


Miniwallet Indigo

74,90 €


Slimwallet Indigo

74,90 €


Twinwallet Indigo

99,90 €

How it's Made

The leather is submerged into the specially designed indigo bath. With each dip, the color intensifies with the help of oxygen. The Secrid Indigo wallets get their name by the amount of dips necessary to create that particular shade. Once the right shade is achieved, the excess dye is washed away.

Indigo Leather

  • Full-grain leather
  • Naturally dyed
  • Distinctive colour depth
  • European cowhide
  • Made in Holland