Solid Cologne

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The Solid Cologne is the perfect way to take your favourite smell with you. Made from the best essential and fragrant oils in the world, produced from natural ingredients, they are unique in both smell and design. 

Each cologne fragrance is melted together with beeswax and jojoba oil, then hand poured into replaceable metal inserts, protected by our custom hardwood case. Each case is inlaid with brass and clasped together by earth magnets. They can be carried easily in your pocket, bag and they are airplane friendly.

Two complex, earthy and unique scents that capture the simple complexity of smells from nature. Underhill, a rustic smell of journeying deep into the woods and Valley of Gold, a stroll through the overgrown space between mountains in spring.

  • Walnut wood case
  • Brass inlay
  • Bees wax and Jojoboa oIl
  • Underhill: Earthy, wood, leather, rosemary
  • Valley of Gold: Fresh, garden, balanced, rose

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  • Size76 × 58 mm
  • Made inU.S.A
Solid Cologne
Solid Cologne
Solid Cologne
Solid Cologne

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