Pen Slot Card

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For those who love their minimal wallets, and never leave home without their EDC pens, this mod is for you. The Dango Pen Slot Card allows you to keep your pen intact to your wallet to save pocket space! It is a polymer card that is about the same thickness as a credit card, with a robust elastic pen slot sewn onto it to carry any pen that measures up to 16mm in diameter.

Slightly larger than a standard credit card, it fits snugly into any wallet with a horizontal oriented pocket that is at least 90,5mm wide. The Dango Pen Slot Card is an ideal fit for D-series wallets, T-series wallets, S1 Stealth Wallet and various A10 adapters with horizontal pockets.

Pen Slot Card

  • Pete
  • Verified customer
  • Kemi, Finland
  • 05.09.2022

If your wallet is missing a pen
This handy credit card size thing allows you to keep the pen with the wallet. It fits in any wallet that has card slots oriented in a way that leaves the pen loop outside. May need cutting for some wallets.

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Pen Slot Card

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