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Carry Awards IX Nominee
Carry Awards IX Nominee
In its category, this product was in the final round of the Carry Awards IX by Carryology.
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The everyday backpack for work, play and travel.

The Max is a 30L backpack with dual compartment storage, engineered carry comfort, and handy travel features. It is purpose-built to carry more than just the essentials, moving seamlessly from everyday carry, to a weekend on the road, and beyond.

The Max isn't a black-hole stuff sack; it's designed for everyday use, and that means proper organisation – work compartments, padded laptop sleeve, protective pockets – that lets you arrange your gear just how you like it. The laptop sleeve is raised off the bag floor for drop protection and the dividers make it easy to sort your work stuff. See the details in the below images and video.

The Max is engineered for comfort on the go – optimised cushioning, breathable mesh and air channel, and the A-frame combine to give the Max the comfort of a hiking pack while keeping the versatile looks that your day to day demands. 

It is built to support whatever you carry, for years to comes. Each material is carefully chosen for their reliable strength that stays durable over time; from body fabric, to lining, and down to stitches.

  • Two compartment design
  • A-frame support straps
  • Padded carry handle
  • Secure top pocket
  • Luggage pass-through
  • Suspended laptop sleeve
  • 90% clamshell opening
  • Stealthy bottle pocket
  • Divider and organiser pockets
  • Lockable zips
  • Toilet door hook

Data sheetProduct codes

  • Size52 × 32 × 20 cm
  • MaterialX-Pac VX21 (Navy, Black) X42 (Olive) X50 (Multicam), 1000D Cordura nylon high impact areas, 420D Ripstop lining
  • ZipperYKK Coated in work compartment, YKK Racquet Coil in main compartment
  • Weight1,72 kg
  • WarrantyLifetime warranty
  • Volume30 L
  • Laptop slotUp to 15/16"
Max Backpack
Max Backpack
Max Backpack

Max Backpack


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  • W. S.
  • Verified customer
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 14.01.2024

It is basically a perfect backpack for work, daily carry and light travel.
many bags have too much of organization inside the bag, as it take away so much useful space. therefore the clamshell design with minimum internal organization gives me the flexibility to put in whatever I like, work related, go for shopping, gym, daily carry and travel. 30L is perfect size, not too big or too small. it is the right size and look (design) for work, daily carry and light travel. materials are extremely high quality, therefore you feel the weight of the bag when it is empty. but as it is ergonomic design and super cushion of should padding, you do not feel the weight on your shoulder. it is very high quality and multi-functional/scenarios backpack. well worth the price tag, because it can do the tricks as one backpack. this is the review from the owner from Forge Max Black Ember. I like Max more. Forge has too much internal organization, then you can use it for daily carry like shopping, gym bags. Forge is an office bag only in my view. Max can do it all.

  • Daniel
  • Verified customer
  • Stargard, Poland
  • 25.12.2023

My first expensive backpack
I had $20-$50 dollar backpack my whole life. This time I bought something more expensive, and wow. The quality is out of this world.
I am using it usually with a laptop, headphones, charger and some edc stuff. Nothing heavy and I love it! I used it for a 2-night trip and it worked perfectly! The weight is distributed quite well. And I love the internal bottle holder. I highly recommend. I'm 1.9m and I was condisdering the Daily Plus, but that would be too small. This is just a bit too bit for EDC but I can totally live with that knowing that if I need to spend a night or two somewhere, it will do the job great.

  • CR
  • Verified customer
  • Konstanz, Germany
  • 27.11.2023

Best travel backpack
I was looking for a bag that could work as a personal item to for one bag travel for shorter trips or to accompany checked luggage for longer ones. I decided on the Able Carry Max after doing a massive amount of research. I was specifically looking for high quality materials, construction, and design as well as a fairly minimal amount of organisation. I also wanted the bag to be comfortable to carry. The Able Carry Max checks all those boxes, when other manufacturers only check a few. The X-Pac outside material, YKK zippers and lining material are a dream, there's a perfect amount of pockets/organization, and it's the most comfortable backpack I've ever carried. I also really appreciate that the bag maintains its center balance when held by any of the handles. I don't mind that the water bottle pocket can eat a little interior space, but other users might want to keep that in mind. Still, when the bag arrived, my husband (who owns an AER travel backpack), was actually jealous. He said the Able bag looked better, seemed constructed better and was more comfortable to carry than his. Can't wait to use it on its first trip with me this week.

  • Jurica Grosinger
  • Verified customer
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • 17.10.2023

I love my Max!
I am completely blown away by this backpack. I've been eyeing it for quite awhile andd finally have decided to buy it. I chose earth green as its material is a bit thicker, i.e. slightly more resistant than in the other color options and less shiny in daylight. The built and the design, the x-pac material, the zippers and overall appearance and functionality are impressive. The key holder is a great feature, as well as the inner bottle holder in which I had easily fitted my 500 ml bottle and a small umbrella. That pocket does eat up some space of the main compartment, but too much. The so-called work compartment for the laptop is well secured and my oldd 17 inch mbp fits perfectly, I can also fit my kindle, a notepad and some shorter cables.
I was worried about the front pocket as that one doesn't have aquaguard zippers, but the first morning/day of my premiere use, it was pouring outside like crazy and all my gear had stayed dry, which was a relief.
Yes, the Max backpack really does stand on its own, empty or packed.
When fully loaded, and I mean 98 percent loaded on my first use and trip with it, it was heavy and I was afraid it might be too much, but the A-frame carry system did its magic the moment I had it on my shoulders and poof, the weight was unnoticeable. Seriously, it does work.
The only tiny negative was on the sternum strap. I do love the magnetic clip and the ease of using it, however, one of the straps had a loose thread which was coming apart. I did cut it with sharp scissors and it's barely noticeable where it was.
I have to mention impeccable Mukama service. I had ordered my Max on Friday afternoon, past their working hours and got an email update from them on Monday early afternoon that it was sent to me. Tuesday morning, it had arrived and by the end of the day it was already packed for its premiere use and trip on Wed morning. I id pay for the quicker delivery option, but man, that was warp speed 9!
Thank you Able Carry, thank you Mukama!

I love my Max!

  • Elliot
  • Verified customer
  • London, United Kingdom
  • 27.09.2023

Built like a tank
I bought this for one bag travel because it looks more like a standard backpack than a cuboid travel bag. It is smaller than other travel bags for the weight, but I have tested it out with packing cubes and can can fit 7 underpants 7 t-shits, shirt folder with 2 shirts an trousers - 4 pairs of socks, shorts, a spare pair of shoes, wash bag, stuff-able down coat, and a rain mac and a small pouch for chargers. Oh and a sling.

I also took a whole bin bag of books to the charity shop in it taking it to over 10kg and it holds the weight comfortably even without a hip belt.

People complain about the bag being 1.7kg empty but when you wear it empty it doesn't feel heavy. I would rather shave 0.5kg off the items I bring with for a more structured and comfortable bag.

  • Michael
  • Verified customer
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • 07.08.2023

Well made and comfortable!
The bag is well made with ingenious places to put things. I really like the softness of the harness and stability of the waist belt. X-Pac fabric makes things nice and light plus gives protection from the elements.

  • Arian
  • Verified customer
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • 22.06.2023

Bought the bag for minimalist travel. I didnt see a single bad review online or on youtube about this bag. Only positive and good things.
No one was lying. Bag is amazing. Heavy on paper but lighter than most bags when carrying. Its weird.

  • Ilia
  • Verified customer
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • 19.06.2023

Very good backpack
Very good backpack. Conveniently located pockets. Useful for travel. Good materials. Mukama service was good

  • Virgile
  • Verified customer
  • Zoufftgen, France
  • 06.06.2023

Very well thinking backpack
Best waterproof and looking X-pac fabrics, very sturdy and well made.
The clever hiding water bottle pocket is very roomy and keep the slick look of the bag. Can be used as well as a large EDC or for short trips. Very happy with it and by the Mukama customer services.

  • Anna
  • Verified customer
  • ,
  • 27.12.2022

Best Backpack on the market !
Excellent quality, very well designed, so many useful pockets, perfect backpack for short trip.

  • Ville Seppänen
  • Verified customer
  • Jyväskylä, Finland
  • 26.05.2022

Ticks all the boxes
I use Able Carry Max mostly for daily carry and short (2-3 days) trips. This bag pretty much offers everything I could ask for. Excellent materials and build quality. Lots of carrying space. Great organization for smaller items, as well. Secure laptop compartment that also fits a tablet. Internal water bottle pocket, which is yet accessible from the outside. The bag stands on its own even empty. No useless compression straps etc. flapping around. Also, it is easy to keep clean and looks pretty decent. Great back, one of the best I've found!

  • Ella
  • Verified customer
  • Nordrhein-Westfalen - Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany
  • 30.04.2022

I love it!
This backpack is able to carry a lot of stuff! I took a walk with it to another city and the backpack feels amazing. I love the color earth-green! I didn't put a lot of stuff in the main compartment but I can tell it can fit a lot for a 30L backpack.

Tech-Laptop compartment is great and feels sturdy. I am female, 165 cm high and I bought this backpack for a travel/every day carry combo. If you plan to carry a ton of stuff with you on every day basis then I highly recommend this backpack. For a minimalist travel also.

I love it!

  • H-etta
  • Verified customer
  • 06.04.2022

Good backpack
Stays on the back in proper position, takes in a lot of stuff!

Hyvä reppu!
Pysyy selässä ryhdikkäässä asennossa, mahtuu paljon tavaraa!

  • Shlomi
  • Verified customer
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 17.01.2022

This bag is a beast
This bag is perfect for talk dudes.
Every other bag I had felt like a baby bag before this one. Materials are super high quality and the user experience is awesome. The bag stand on its own which is huge.

This bag is a beast

  • Mikhail
  • Verified customer
  • Berlin, Germany
  • 27.09.2021

A great bag for larger EDC
This bag is just superb. Highly recommended. There are some very minor gripes, but overall it's a great bag if you carry your laptop and a lot of other stuff with you. Very well built and just a pleasure to handle. One thing to keep in mind though is that the overall size and weight are rather big for the usable volume the bag provides. But it's always a compromise and in the case of this bag the additional weight went into the right things: good padding of the laptop area, thick and comfy straps, a frame sheet, sturdy materials etc., so IMO it's well justified.

  • Simon
  • Verified customer
  • Stuttgart, Germany
  • 28.08.2021

Extremely solid and well-made
Once again - extremely solid and well-made. Also, quite good-looking. Not without compromises.

Being 174cm tall and not that heavy, I'm probably not the target audience of this backpack. It seems like you need to be higher and square-built to feel comfortable with this backpack in all scenarios.


Very durable.
Useful and easily accessible outer and inner pockets.
Both handles and the hook loop are also convenient.
A lot of space in the main compartment. I also like the document compartment. Especially the suspended laptop sleeve.


A bit rigid and heavier than I'd like.
The straps are attached to the bottom quite wide, so sometimes they rub the inner part of my shoulders.

  • Felix Gyll
  • Verified customer
  • Göteborg, Sweden
  • 27.05.2021

Max backpack.
This is a great product, all details are really good. Nothing to complain about what so ever, only the price but I guess you get what you pay for.

Max Backpack

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