Transit Line Sling Pocket XL - Vyölaukku

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Carry Awards IX -ehdokas
Carry Awards IX -ehdokas
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Sling Pocket XL tarjoaa kaiken mitä alkuperäinen Sling Pocket sekä 30% lisää tilaa. Se on valmistettu samoista materiaaleista kuin Transit Line -sarjan muutkin tuotteet. Laukku pysyy mukanasi koko päivän ja voit itse pitää kädet vapaina.

Päätaskussa on riittävästi organisointitaskuja, joilla tavarat pysyvät järjestyksessä. Tasainen, fleecevuorattu etutasku sopii mainiosti aurinkolaseille tai puhelimelle. Takapaneelissa on vahvistettu rakenne ja tikattu kuviointi. Hihna on säädettävä ja helppokäyttöinen solki on alumiinia.

  • 30% lisää tilaa
  • Alumiinisolki


  • Koko16 × 30 × 10 cm
  • MateriaaliDyecoshell 840D Nylon x 660D Polypropylen, 300D x 150D Polyester -vuoraus
  • VetoketjuYKK Water-R
  • Paino0,29 kg
  • Tilavuus3 L
  • OsatAluminum
Transit Line Sling Pocket XL - Vyölaukku
Transit Line Sling Pocket XL - Vyölaukku
Transit Line Sling Pocket XL - Vyölaukku

Transit Line Sling Pocket XL - Vyölaukku


kautta 5
  • CC
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • 26.12.2022

Best sling ever!
Bought this sling after going through reviews. Have a lot of slings but this one stood out for its design and functionality. Good design and quality is definitely a plus!

Best sling ever!

  • Marian
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Espoo, Suomi
  • 05.09.2022

Great sling, one minus
This is a great sling. The only minus is the compartment dedicated for glasses, which is very difficult to access. The opening is very narrow and the zipper doesn't make it easier to put glasses in. I would not use it as intended without a cover for the glasses, I am actually using the one on top where I have a slim case from a known brand (RB) that stays in all the time and I just take the glasses out. It works out quite ok.
Otherwise, nothing to complain about the sling, built quality seems very good. I am not a big fan of the metal buckle, but I knew this before buying, so can't complain.

  • Ibarra Aragon
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Talisay City, Filippiinit
  • 20.04.2022

Very Handsome Sling Bag
I really love this bag. Looks very handsome and organized inside. The quality is also great. Access to your things when carrying the bag in your chest is very easy. The best sling bag I've own.

  • Nikos
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Athens, Kreikka
  • 11.03.2022

Nice design and practical
I like the design of it and the available space. Looks like being robust hope it will last.

  • Violet O
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malesia
  • 16.02.2022

Excellent product and services
After searching high and low for an EDC sling bag, I settled for the Heimplanet Transit Sling Pocket XL (shout out to Packhacker) but unfortunately it was not available in my country, Malaysia. I stumbled on Mukama and saw the review from another Malaysian buyer, who gave an excellent review on the delivery process (as this was my main concern; I have had item stuck at custom for nearly a year before being delivered to me).

So I decided to make the purchase. The product is well made as expected. Need some time to figure out how the sling adjustment works (pointed out in some review videos before)

The delivery took only two days from Estonia to Malaysia. I am extremely pleased and satisfied with the entire experience.

  • Johnny
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Split, Kroatia
  • 31.01.2022

Very good XL EDC sling
Excellent sling bag, if somewhat pricey. Well made, I love the feel of the materials and zippers. The organization is excellent, only knock is that the small middle pocket in the back is not deep enough to accommodate a normal-sized pen without it sticking out far enough to obstruct the zipper action of the zippered back pocket. It's roomy enough for everything you need, I still have some space left. If you carry more than just the essentials, get this XL, it's not too big and sits comfortably. The clasp is not magnetic, it's two pieces of aluminum coming together, and I've seen complaints that they rattle and make noise. This actually happens only when there's slack - when the bag is on your person they will be secured and noiseless. I honestly enjoy the sound when I take the bag off, but it's probably something others won't like, and worth mentioning. The last thing is the shiny, silvery logo on the front - too in-your-face. All in all, great bag for everyday carry, it fits a ton of stuff, is well made and looks great. We'll see how it holds up. Shipping from Finland took awhile, longer than I would've liked.

  • Alexandros
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Santorini, Kreikka
  • 15.06.2021

Πολύ ποιοτικό με όμορφο σχεδιασμό και το πιο σημαντικό καλη εφαρμογή όταν φοριέται χιαστί στον ώμο ! Αξίζει

  • J Sexton
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Mullingar, Irlanti
  • 22.04.2021

Very happy purchase
Debated long about this, is a bag too feminine for a guy? would it be used? what size to get? Mukama's site helped the comparison process by having similar products grouped together. Delighted with the purchase, plenty of capacity when needed, slims down when less full, big zipped main section with zip from either end works well and internal divisions for smaller items works very well. Can fit an ipad mini or 8 inch tablet when needed so versatile.

  • Samuel
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Amsterdam, Alankomaat
  • 10.03.2021

Good quality sling
The materials feel good and not cheap. The shades/glasses pocket in the front is handy. I heard some complaint about the metal buckle, but once I'm wearing it, the parts don't rub at all and I like that you can be confident that even if you put something weirdly heavy in the bag, the buckle won't come loose.

  • Boon
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Banting, Tšekki
  • 30.12.2020

This is awesome!
I was initially torn between this and the smaller version.
But I'm so happy that I pick this instead. Why?
You can get extra small front pocket for random stuffs like coins, receipt etc.
The roomy main compartment means you can fit more than you have but still reserve some space for rainy days.
What surprised is, it even fits a Tab S6.
Besides, it also stays flat when it's not packed up, which makes it very comfortable to carry whether on your back or your chest.

The buckle is a bit a annoyance here. I'd rather they use Fidlocks or ordinary plastic buckles as it tends to come off from time to time. Besides, it also makes some noise.

All in all, I LOVE this sling. This is probably an end game sling for me. Thanks Heimplanet.

Btw, the delivery service of Mukama is absolutely legendary. It took just 3 days (including weekends) to reach my hands in Malaysia from Europe.

  • Rafael
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • 14.09.2020

I initially was torn between this and its smaller sibling. I'm glad I chosen this one. It can comfortably hold all the necessities for quick outings: wallet, glasses/sun-glasses, mask, hand sanitiser, iPhone, AirPods, etc. It can fit even more if required. All of this while still being comfortable to carry and compact. If required it can stretch and expand to hold some more items (a Nintendo switch fits perfectly inside).
The build quality and the quality of materials is fantastic. The pockets and overall internal configuration offer good organisation versatility.
My only regret was to select the cheapest post option, which implied a month of wait and uncertainty, so pay a bit more in transport to have peace of mind. Mukama's customer service was fantastic and very friendly.
Highly recommended.

  • Chris
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • 26.08.2020

Excellent quality and functionality.

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Transit Line Sling Pocket XL - Vyölaukku

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