Choosing the Wallet for Men

We gathered together few tips, which are useful to consider when you are choosing the wallet for men.



Leather wallet is usually a safe and sound choice for a man. And there is a reason for that - leather has long history and several excellent characteristics: leather is flexible and adjusts to a man, lasts long and age beautifully giving the wallet character as time goes by.

However, there are differences in leather quality and tanning process. We recommend full grain leather, which is made from top layer of the hide. It shows all the beautiful imperfections of the leather, it is breathable, strong, lasts long and only gets better when in use. Also consider the tanning process: vegetable tanning is a traditional and environmental friendly process, which gives the wallet a natural look. The process is long, however, and thus increases the price but we think it's well worth it. A decent man can appreciate a responsibly made product which lasts long period of use.

Other materials

There are other materials of course, which you should consider together with wallet requirements and purpose. A wallet made of metal or aluminium protects the contents effectively, and thus is ideal for situations where strong protection is essential. Usually a metal wallet is thin and designed especially for cards, while also leaving room for folded bills.


The average man keeps his wallet on the front pocket or jacket pocket - sometimes back pocket. It is therefore worthwhile to choose the slimmest and smallest wallet that still fills it purpose, making it comfortable to carry around without pocket bulk. This is especially important for guys who wear skinny jeans or slim fit jackets. You don't have to necessarily sacrifice the wallet features for the slimness.


The basic wallet features are card slots, bill section, ID card slot and coin pocket.

Card slots (importance 4/4)

When you think about how many card slots the guy needs, find out how many cards he carries in the wallet. When you have done that, think about how many cards he really needs to carry around and choose a wallet based on this number. He will come back to you and thank you for helping him to get rid of unnecessary stuff. Also, usually two cards fits in one card slot.

Bill section (importance 3/4)

Usually a wallet feature a full size bill section, or alternatively the bills can be folded into smaller, card size slot. The wallets without bill section are often slimmer due to missing extra slot - on the other hand, full size bill section is comfortable to use. If the man uses bills only every now and then, we recommend the wallet without bill section. However if you buy a wallet with bill section, make sure it is designed for your local currency.

Coin pocket (importance 2/4)

The same applies for coin pocket. Without it, the wallet keeps it slim profile and coins can be kept in a jar. If the man needs it nevertheless, take a look how the coin pocket is designed. It must be easy to access and possible zipper made by high standards.

ID card (importance 1/4)

Transparent ID card slot comes handy in certain situations, but these are rare for a grown up man. So think about is it really necessary - and if not, you have a lot more wallets to choose from.


The choice is also limited by the purpose of the wallet. Everyday wallet must fit in a pocket, while specially designed travel wallet with passport slot and pen is better on the road. If the guy likes outdoors, weather proof wallet is ideal.


It is not irrelevant how the wallet looks like - it will be used a lot in public places. The design should fit the man's job and personality. For instance, a businessman might like traditional but sleek and thin wallet that fits in a slim jacket pocket. Young man's wallet can show character and details within good taste.


We hope you'll end up choosing the perfect wallet for a man by these instructions. You can find our wallet selection here, and our customer service is happy to help with all your questions.