Mechanical Pen

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DatabladProduct codes

  • Storlek∅10 mm, 117,5 mm
  • MaterialRostfritt stål
  • Vikt50 g
  • Garanti30 years
  • Tillverkad iUnited Kingdom
  • Ink refill (included)Fisher Black Medium (PR4)
Mechanical Pen
Mechanical Pen
Mechanical Pen

Mechanical Pen

  • Reece
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  • 27.12.2020

Beautifully designed and machined to perfection.
The tolerances this pen has been made to have created a quality product that is a joy to write with. The build quality means zero tip wiggle, offering an amazing nib to page experience when writing. The twist mechanism is smooth, satisfying to deploy and can be used one handed. I find the twist mechanism to be addicting, and to those like myself who like to fidget this is a bonus! The knurling provides great grip and confidence when writing. Despite the pen being a compact size, it does sit well in the hand and the size increases the portability.

The pen is constructed of stainless steel throughout so carries some weight, but this adds to the overall quality feel of the product and aids when writing. Finally, the Fisher refill used is a very reliable writer which has been tried and tested for years now and readily available.

Overall this pen is everything it promises to be. I have confidence from the construction quality and my love for this design that it will remain a regular in my pockets for years to come.

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Mechanical Pen

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