Link Stretch Lanyard

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  • Storlek45–63 cm
  • MaterialRostfritt stål, Nylon
  • Vikt51 g
  • GarantiTrayvax 65-year Heirloom Warranty
  • Tillverkad iUnited States
Link Stretch Lanyard
Link Stretch Lanyard
Link Stretch Lanyard

Link Stretch Lanyard


av 5
  • Dr Ghazwan Maki
  • Verifierad kund
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 13.12.2022

most useful lanyard
very well bulk and constructed. strudy material. most useful lanyard due to the length and flexibility, so you don't have to separate it from the belt holders, if you want to use your Trayvax contour wallet, keys, other EDC's.
all Trayvax products have to be tried as EDC, good prices, quality and number one service from Mukama.

  • Mikael
  • Verifierad kund
  • Helsingborg, Sweden
  • 18.04.2022

Great lanyard.
Good quality, less bulky than in pictures, perfect, fast delivery.

  • Matt
  • Verifierad kund
  • Rennes, France
  • 16.02.2021

Simple et efficace

  • Stefan
  • Verifierad kund
  • Matfors, Sweden
  • 10.11.2020

Great Lanyard!
Dont let the price of this lanyard scare you. If you like me value these following 3 things when buying products that seem overpriced at a first glance then you will be satisfied with your purchase.
1: Will the product be used often and make things easier for you.
(I use it everyday for my keychange with the carabiner hooked to my beltloop).
2: Is it a unique and innovative product that cant be found somewhere else.
(I have not been able to find something similar and the quick-link connector is superb).
3: Build quality of the product.
(I have only had it for a month but so far it seems really well made and have not failed me, time will tell).

I also have the shorter link lanyard in leather and think these 2 complete eachother for EDC.

  • Marko
  • Verifierad kund
  • Hämeenlinna, Finland - Suomi
  • 07.02.2022

Erittäin hyvä
Hyvän pituinen, ei vie tilaa taskussa eikä tarvitse irrottaa avaimia, koska venyy tarpeeksi.

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Link Stretch Lanyard

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