Accessory Bag - Påse

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  • Black
  • Black / Black
  • Black / Grape
  • Botanic Green / Black
  • Clay
  • Coral / Peppercorn
  • Dark Denim / Burgundy
  • Desert Palm / Pond Blue
  • Forest / Khaki
  • Khaki / Forest
  • Mineral / Blue
  • Navy
  • Olive
  • Pond Blue / Sage
  • Pond Blue / Zinfandel
  • Sea Pine
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Vi bär alla små saker med oss, eller hur? USB-kablar, laddare, pennor, anteckningsböcker, nycklar och ofta hamnar alla längst ned i väskan. Men Topo Accessory Bag är lösningen på problemet. Den är tillverkad av slitstark 1000D Cordura och har YKK-dragkedjor med öglor för enkel åtkomst.

Micro är perfekt för minneskort, hörlurar eller bankkort och kontanter, medan small har plats för de viktigaste tillbehören när du är på språng. Medium är lämplig för kablar, laddare och liknande. Det är dina saker så du kan organisera dem hur du vill:)

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DatabladProduct codes

  • StorlekMicro: 12 × 9 cm, Small: 22 × 14 cm, Medium: 24 × 19 cm
  • Material1000D nylon, 210D nylon pack cloth liner
  • ZipperYKK-dragkedja
  • GarantiLivstidsgaranti
Accessory Bag - Påse
Accessory Bag - Påse
Accessory Bag - Påse

Accessory Bag - Påse


av 5
  • David
  • Verifierad kund
  • Vratimov, Czech Republic
  • 04.04.2024

Great little bag. Really good quality.

  • Sanel
  • Verifierad kund
  • Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 26.03.2024

Excellent choice of bag for carrying all kinds of gear.Quality and price meet

  • Marty McFly
  • Verifierad kund
  • LORIENT, France
  • 26.12.2023

Perfect accessories to sort my stuff
Nicely crafted, sturdy materials, and colors allowing to differentiate which is which easily. The Medium size is actually on the bigger side for my use (tech pouch), and only the Small size fits into my Evergoods Mountain Hip Pack sling.

Perfect if you’re into minimalist solutions, rather that dedicated tech pouches (which allow more management, but are generally bigger and heavier)

  • John
  • Verifierad kund
  • Swieqi, Malta
  • 25.12.2023

Fantastic quality product delivered by an amazing company. Rapidly dispatched, so that it arrived in no time at all. Extremely pleased!

  • Happy Customer
  • Verifierad kund
  • Portlaoise, Ireland
  • 01.11.2023

Accessories Bag Medium
Hi, very happy with my purchase of this item,a great overall accessories Bag, as items of different sizes can be accommodated to store and carry, also happy with service and delivery from Mukama.
Thank You.

  • Happy Customer
  • Verifierad kund
  • Portlaoise, Ireland
  • 01.11.2023

Accessories Bag Small
Hi, another good purchase and its size, carries small equipment with ease, and you can add a carabiner to the little lug to hang it up adds to it, delighted with excellent service and delivery from Mukama.

  • Happy Customer
  • Verifierad kund
  • Portlaoise, Ireland
  • 01.11.2023

Topo Design Accessories Bag
Hi, excellent choice of bag for carrying all kinds of gear etc and the colour helps when placed in travel bag, and as always excellent service and delivery from Mukama.

  • Laurence
  • Verifierad kund
  • 26.09.2023

Beautifully made bags
Really pleased with my Topo bags, well made and beautifully finished.

  • Kpmac
  • Verifierad kund
  • Sligo, Ireland
  • 07.08.2023

Beautiful, tough robust little bags
Use them for my van cutlery that moves from van to boat. For my bike packing gear. Helps me organise stuff on the go. Even use it for my computer cables and stuff when commuting to work. Super handy

  • Nikola Danailov
  • Verifierad kund
  • Berlin, Germany
  • 31.07.2023

Great quality and everything I wanted
The micro and the small accessory bags are perfect acquisitions for my EDC. The micro is the perfect little pouch to store everything from my headphones to actual money and cards. The small bag is perfect for carrying my charger and battery. The bags are very versatile and you can fit so many things in them. I probably need another micro though, very addictive!

Great quality and everything I wanted

  • Baris
  • Verifierad kund
  • 29.07.2023

most useful pouches
I really love the design of these pouches. they are very well thought, and I love how they use the materials, and bring them together. it's a must-have pouch.

  • Conor
  • Verifierad kund
  • Nicosia, Strovolos, Cyprus
  • 18.07.2023

Great Accessory Bags!
Topo Designs Accessory Bags are perfect! The 3-pack should cover all your needs!

Great Accessory Bags!

  • Mathilde
  • Verifierad kund
  • Saint-Etienne, France
  • 11.07.2023

Très satisfaite
Ils sont encore plus jolis et qualitatifs en vrai. La doublure jaune est une très bonne surprise. Les finitions sont belles et le design vraiment pratique.

  • KP
  • Verifierad kund
  • Sligo, Ireland
  • 06.07.2023

Best little bag
Use it for all my bike bits

  • Andrija
  • Verifierad kund
  • Zug, Switzerland
  • 21.06.2023

Perfect for my needs
Love it, I can finally organize my daily pocket essentials

  • Bert
  • Verifierad kund
  • ,
  • 15.06.2023

Great product, fast delivery and high quality, good strong zippers.

  • Chris
  • Verifierad kund
  • Ammanford, United Kingdom
  • 09.06.2023

Micro pouch
Excellent product perfect for edc and tec.

  • Jan
  • Verifierad kund
  • Haverfordwest, United Kingdom
  • 02.05.2023

A bit of hassle but worth it
I ordered straight from the company. I was warned it would take up to 2 weeks to be delivered and I was fine with that. I tracked my package progress it was fine until it reached England. The progress from then on was very slow. After about a week of no progress I got in touch with Mukama and they were very good after a couple of emails back and forth the matter was resolved. I received my Accessory Bag and love it

  • Serhat
  • Verifierad kund
  • Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • 24.04.2023

Great Pouch
I am very happy with this pouch!

  • Claudia
  • Verifierad kund
  • Fernitz-Mellach , Austria
  • 15.03.2023

Luv it!
Great colour, size and material. Need one in size small , too :)

Luv it!

  • ian dick
  • Verifierad kund
  • Glenrothes Fife, United Kingdom
  • 16.02.2023

topo pouch small
oh wow this is the best ecd pouch ever it hold
so much items my god the quality is fantastic it fits my flash light olight i3t and others along with victorian ox penknife also pen small note pad write in the rain and a good few other items ive got a lot packet into this amazing pouch best buy ever i have two of these bad boys great material

  • Stormosphere
  • Verifierad kund
  • haren, Netherlands
  • 23.01.2023

Great bag
Excellent pick from Mukama. Very small but still very usable. just like intended.

  • Max
  • Verifierad kund
  • Wien, Austria
  • 26.12.2022

The perfect pouches
Sturdy and reliable. Great colors

  • Baris Sehri
  • Verifierad kund
  • 22.12.2022

a true classic
I have many of these, but you can never have enough topo designs accessory bags! I already need more in different colours.

  • sd
  • Verifierad kund
  • saint paul, Reunion Island
  • 17.11.2022

very nice bag, seem to be good quality and durable

  • D P
  • Verifierad kund
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 07.11.2022

Simple and durable
Just a nice and light design, that does the job.

  • Michael
  • Verifierad kund
  • Neustift, Austria
  • 26.09.2022

Love it!
Perfect to organise smaller items. I use the medium as a techbag for all my chargers (nomad pod pro, phone, watch, other usb devices) for travel and the small pouch is with me everyday. I contains everything from a small gerber multitool, tiki nightcore flashlight, Joby Phonestand, Airtag, Gum and other "daily" essentials :)

Love it!

  • Thomas
  • Verifierad kund
  • Sundsvall , Sweden
  • 18.07.2022

Topo pouch
Great EDC pouch and fast service.
Highly rekommended.

  • Rekku
  • Verifierad kund
  • Turku, Finland - Suomi
  • 16.06.2022

Topo Micro musta
Näppärän kokoinen EDC-sälälle. Laadukasta materiaalia ja helppo käyttää. Sisäpuoli neonvihreä, jolloin helpompi hahmottaa pienet tavarat pussissa.

  • Manuel
  • Verifierad kund
  • Palencia, Spain
  • 15.06.2022

muy practico
El pouch, en su version micro, demuestra una gran utilidad como medio seguro para llevar pequeños objetos practicos

muy practico

  • Stavros
  • Verifierad kund
  • Värnamo, Sweden
  • 17.03.2022

Topo design Accessory bag
Allways good quality from topo

  • William
  • Verifierad kund
  • Winchester, United Kingdom
  • 08.12.2021

Great Pocket Size
THis fits every well into a pocket - even when full. The coloured tag on the left, tab on the right and zipper pull all combine to make this an extremely functional piece of kit.

  • Tomas
  • Verifierad kund
  • Brno, Czech Republic
  • 22.11.2021

Excellent travel accessory
Love this. Works great, looks great, never fails.

  • Stavros
  • Verifierad kund
  • Värnamo, Sweden
  • 22.10.2021

Topo design Accessory bag
Can't stop getting this micro bagsn, habe 3 now 2 smal and 1 meduim. Just have fall in love with them...
And big respect to mukama for allwayz Shipp fast and a fantastic support if need to ask somthing...

Topo design Accessory bag

  • MMM
  • Verifierad kund
  • Wien, Austria
  • 20.10.2021

Best Accessory Bags out there
I have about 10 of those little pouches in different sizes.

You can’t go wrong with them.
Sturdy , colorful and good looking.

  • STEF
  • Verifierad kund
  • Enna, Italy
  • 13.10.2021

So sweet
Love it!

  • Akshay Kumar
  • Verifierad kund
  • Vilniys , Lithuania
  • 20.09.2021

Worth the money
Small, compact and useful little pouch

  • Ben
  • Verifierad kund
  • Wellington, United Kingdom
  • 26.08.2021

Nice little bag
Really well made with some nice designs.

  • Mr Rizo
  • Verifierad kund
  • Värnamo, Sweden
  • 17.08.2021

Topo design Accessory bag
Relly good quality.

  • Xavier Prat
  • Verifierad kund
  • Martorell, Spain
  • 22.03.2021

Topo design accessory bag Medium
Fantásticos para organizar la maleta cuando viajas. Buenos materiales, muy resistentes, bien construídos y disponibles un muchos colores. El tamaño medium es perfecto para organizar todos los accesorios de mi ordenador portátil cuando viajo (cargador, ratón, lector de tarjetas, disco duro externo), ya que al no ser un macbook, los cables son más pesados y ocupan un poco más de espacio.

  • Xavier Prat
  • Verifierad kund
  • Martorell, Spain
  • 22.03.2021

Topo design accessory bag Small
Fantásticos para organizar la maleta cuando viajas. Buenos materiales, muy resistentes, bien construídos y disponibles un muchos colores. El tamaño small es pefecto para organizar cables y cargadores del teléfono, del ipad, de la cámara, etc. En ocasiones también lo uso como neceser.

  • Xavier Prat
  • Verifierad kund
  • Martorell, Spain
  • 22.03.2021

Topo designs Accessory Bag mini
Fantásticos para organizar la maleta cuando viajas. Buenos materiales, muy resistentes, bien construídos y disponibles un muchos colores. En mi caso he comprado en distintos colores para diferenciar qué organizo en cada uno de ellos.

  • Xavier Prat
  • Verifierad kund
  • Martorell, Spain
  • 22.03.2021

Topo designs accessory bag
Fantásticos para organizar la maleta cuando viajas. Buenos materiales, muy resistentes, bien construídos y disponibles un muchos colores.

  • Vincent
  • Verifierad kund
  • 20.02.2021

Superbe trousse
J’ai acheté le modèle medium en rouge/ripstop. La taille est correcte. La finition est très bonne, on sent que c’est solide. Je l’utilise en rando pour ranger mes clés, mes papiers et mes sous. Je pense commander les autres tailles.

  • Alessandro
  • Verifierad kund
  • Venice, Italy
  • 17.02.2021

Very satisfied.
I bought a micro sized bag for smaller tech accessories and I like it very much! It provides a small amount of protection also since it is a little stiff.

  • Łukasz
  • Verifierad kund
  • Mielec, Poland
  • 28.12.2020

Great little pouch
There’s a reason why those pouches arę so popular. I got micro pouch and I love it. Yes it simple and yes it’s overpriced for what it is but everytime I use this pouch it puts smile on my face.

I’m using it for powerbank, cables and adapters in my Edc bag.

  • Daniel Holm
  • Verifierad kund
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • 10.08.2020

Simply perfect
Great quality and absolutely no fancy features. It's a simple pouch and it's great.

I use the micro pouch for a small memo pad, a space pen and a Leatherman Juice S2 multi tool. This makes a super convenient kit that is easy to drop into any bag.

  • Sem Koot
  • Verifierad kund
  • Eemnes, Netherlands
  • 13.07.2020

Great overbuilt Pouch!
Build quality is great, no doubt this will last for years. Perfect for those cables, adapters, SD cards and other little odds and ends you don't want roaming around at the bottom of your bag

  • Verifierad kund
  • Cascais, Portugal
  • 07.07.2020

Top BAGS !!
Just bought 3 bags for me and my family and it ideal and quality that last a life time !!!

  • DK
  • Verifierad kund
  • Köln, Germany
  • 17.05.2020

Great colors and well made
I ordered the small version from Mukama. It took around 1 1/2 weeks to arrive in Germany.
I'm very satisfied with the quality of this small bag and I really dig the colors of these bags.
highly recommendably and mukama as a site and vendor also great, thanks!

  • Antti L
  • Verifierad kund
  • Iisalmi, Finland - Suomi
  • 04.05.2020

Excellent little accessory bag!
I bought the micro bag as super slim accessory pouch to carry my tick tweesers and other grooming and care utilities for my dog (and me). It carries well in my jacket pockets or back pocket of my jeans. Excellent in quality and looks really nice!

  • Olga
  • Verifierad kund
  • Lugo, Italy
  • 06.02.2020

Micro adventure bag
I've bought the micro for storing a little things that i use every day. Great quality and i love the colors (olive) combination. For me is a five stars.

  • David Roberto Handal Ponce
  • Verifierad kund
  • A Coruña, Spain
  • 27.12.2019

Just what I was looking for
The bag it's spacius and the materials are great just what I wanted

  • Miguel Ángel
  • Verifierad kund
  • Baeza, Spain
  • 02.12.2019

Just perfect
In my opinion, the best way to carry small things into bags or suitcase. The quality of the fabric and the zipper is worth the money you pay for it.

  • Martijn
  • Verifierad kund
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 11.11.2019

Very good
Good quality product. 3 usefull sizes.

  • Marten
  • Verifierad kund
  • Solna, Sweden
  • 09.09.2019

Topo Designs
Perfect for my keychain!

  • Damian Rimmer
  • Verifierad kund
  • POTTERS BAR, United Kingdom
  • 19.08.2019

Topo small accessory bag
Very nice bag, good service. Very happy

  • Zdenek
  • Verifierad kund
  • Düsseldorf, Germany
  • 10.07.2019

Nice Accessory bag
Nice Accessory bag

  • Benyamin
  • Verifierad kund
  • NANCY, France
  • 12.06.2019

Excellent produit
Je recommande très vivement ce site pour les consommateurs français, expédition soignée et rapide.
Le produit est lui de très haute qualité,

  • Luke McConkey
  • Verifierad kund
  • Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • 27.05.2019

Amazing Quality
I was so happy to receive my Topo Designs accessory bag. The delivery arrived in no time thanks to Mukama and the quality of the product is amazing, no detail is missed. I know it's going to last me a long time.

  • Mike Cook
  • Verifierad kund
  • Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • 08.10.2018

I saw this on the website, did some research and knew this would be the ideal everyday carry for me. My ipad and camera fit in no problem. The bag is very well made and very strong. I am 100% satisfied with the bag.

  • Massimo
  • Verifierad kund
  • Milano, Italy
  • 05.12.2017

Great product, the three sizes are useful for me. I bought the black version, perfect with my black commuter briefcase. Super fast shipping

  • Rutger Berden
  • Verifierad kund
  • Hasselt, Belgium
  • 28.10.2017

The quality of these bags is amazing. They make organizing small stuff for a trip easy.

  • Johnny
  • Verifierad kund
  • Lewes, United Kingdom
  • 29.05.2017

Perfect 3 piece set in blue, great Topo quality as usual and superb service from this shop... would buy again and highly recommend
Wonderful experience..many thanks Johnny

  • Marc
  • Verifierad kund
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • 01.05.2017

The 3 bags are great. Topo quality it's outstanding. I went for the Navy ones because I think they are the most beautiful.

  • LP
  • Verifierad kund
  • Tuusula, Finland - Suomi
  • 21.11.2023

Hyvä yleispussukka/-tasku
Käytössä on nyt yksi medium ja kaksi microa.
Medium toimii hyvin esimerkiksi kokoontaittuvien kuulokkeiden kanssa (ATH-M50xBT2 sopii kuin mittatilauksena). Micro sopii vaikka tuossa käytössä isomman sisään pitäen kuulokkeiden johdot ojennuksessa ja löydettävissä.
Materiaali tuntuu kestävältä ja näyttää siistiltä, kunhan löytää itselleen sopivan väriyhdistelmän. Ripustuslenkki, vetoketju vetimineen ja vetoketjun toisessa päässä oleva lipare varmistavat hyvän käyttökokemuksen.

  • Matkailija
  • Verifierad kund
  • JOENSUU, Finland - Suomi
  • 02.09.2023

Black Accessory Bag
Loistava säilytystasku pienille tarvikkeille. Pienen koonsa vuoksi mahtuu esim. vyölaukkuun.

  • Matkailija
  • Verifierad kund
  • JOENSUU, Finland - Suomi
  • 02.09.2023

Olive Accessory Bag
Auttaa organisoimaan tarvikkeita matkaillessa. Laatu ja hinta kohtaavat.

  • Miguel
  • Verifierad kund
  • VANTAA, Finland - Suomi
  • 18.08.2022

Toimii täydellisesti.
Topon laatu on aina hyvää, joten niin tässäkin pussukassa..

  • Mikko
  • Verifierad kund
  • Helsinki, Finland - Suomi
  • 29.10.2020

Toimiva ja hyvin viimeistelty tasku
Pienimpään malliin menee kätevästi nippu liikuntapaikkojen avainkortteja ja rannekkeita yms. Isoimmassa taskussa pidän kulkukorttia, laturia, ulkoista tallennusmediaa, hiirtä ja muuta työhön liittyvää. Laatua!

  • Mika
  • Verifierad kund
  • helsinki, Finland - Suomi
  • 12.09.2020

Hyvät pussukat
Ostin kokeeksi yhden joka kokoa. Iso ja keskikoko ovat hyviä, isossa kulkee esim. kokoontaittumaton kuuloke+mikrofoniyhdistelmä ja keskikokoisessa tietokoneen laturi.
Micro-pussi on todella pieni, kannattaa ennen tilausta mittailla tekeekö sillä mitään.
Kaikki pussit olivat vahvaa kangasta ja vetoketjut tukevia.

  • Miina
  • Verifierad kund
  • Bromma, Sweden
  • 18.09.2019

Simppeli, näppärä pussukka
Hyvin simppelit mutta yksinkertaisuudessaan erittäin toimivat pussukat. Pitää aina mukana kulkevan pikkusälän hyvin järjestyksessä arjessa ja reissussa. Helpottaa elämää, jos käytössä on useita laukkuja ja reppuja, kun pienen sälän sijaan laukusta toiseen täytyy siirtää vain pari pussukkaa. Lisää huomattavasti käyttömukavuutta laukuissa, joissa ei ole hirveästi sisäänrakennettua organisointia.

Materiaalit ja työn jälki vaikuttaa laadukkaalta, joten kestänee käytössä pitkään.

  • Petteri
  • Verifierad kund
  • Helsinki, Finland - Suomi
  • 17.09.2019

Tukeva ja laadukas varustetasku
Sopii kokonsa puolesta mainiosti mm. passien, lippujen sekä muiden matkustusasiakirjojen säilytykseen.

  • Petteri
  • Verifierad kund
  • Helsinki, Finland - Suomi
  • 05.09.2019

Jämäkkä ja laadukas organisointitasku
Melko kallisarvoinen mutta toisaalta saletisti pitkäikäinen organisointitasku. Tasku on valmistettu tukevasta materiaalista, joten se pysyy käytössä ryhdikkäänä.

  • Eero
  • Verifierad kund
  • Espoo, Finland - Suomi
  • 17.01.2019

Ostin keskimmäisen bagin. Se piti näppärästi erilaiset johdot, adapterit ja laturit yhdessä helposti hallittavassa paikassa. Osoittautui hyödylliseksi pitkällä lentomatkalla.

Den här produkten har även recensioner på engelska.

  • R
  • Verifierad kund
  • Münster , Germany
  • 20.02.2023

Schneller Versand, wie immer ist alles perfekt gelaufen! Vielen Dank!

  • Pete
  • Verifierad kund
  • Bramsche, Germany
  • 27.11.2022

Gute Tasche
Gute kleine Tasche, passt in die Hosentasche, robust und unempfindlich

  • Sebastian K.
  • Verifierad kund
  • 13.06.2019

Klein, aber fein
Super zur Organisation von Kleinteilen, die bei mir vorher lose im Rucksack herumgefahren sind. Ich persönlich nutze täglich einen Micro für meine Kopfhörer und einen Small für Kabel und USB-Sticks.
Zusätzlich nutze ich zwei Medium, sowie einen weiteren Micro und Small zur Organisation in meinen Travel Bag 40L, wenn ich auf Reisen bin.

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Accessory Bag - Påse

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