Orbiter™ Original

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  • Storlek25,4 × 14,3 mm (ball 15,9 mm)
  • MaterialTi6Al4V / Grade 5 titan
  • Vikt47 g
  • Tillverkad iUnited States
Orbiter™ Original
Orbiter™ Original

Orbiter™ Original


av 5
  • Verifierad kund
  • Maastricht, Netherlands
  • 21.02.2023

way better than expected!
I had a couple knockoffs from for a while and thought those were great so why spend so much more? But after seing how much fun i had with those and since i didn't lose them i thought why not! And man this one is way better. Way smoother. Made of titanium instead of some brass that is chromed.

way better than expected!

  • Verifierad kund
  • 24.10.2022


  • bubblerobot
  • Verifierad kund
  • Zürich, Switzerland
  • 24.01.2022

nice feel
well crafted, very good quality.

the fidget is magnetic and has detachable metallic balls. both the fact that the ball (or balls) can drop is a bit annoying and the magnetic part as well since its fairly strong and sticks to every thing on your desk that is metallic :-) but playing with it is fun and has the effect a fidget should have

  • Matthew Inglis
  • Verifierad kund
  • Täby, Sweden
  • 18.01.2022

Wouldn’t recommend it
The video made it seem as though it would be coming with a little black bag to hold it in which didn’t happen and as it’s so slick it feels liable to fall out of your pocket and separate without some kind of bag.

As well as the high possibility of lose the spinner makes quite a bit of noise that I wasn’t expecting making me unwilling to use it fully among others. Feels like you could get a cheaper fidget spinner which is more user friendly.

It does look good and came on time as part of a larger order so happy with Mukama not sure about this item.

Wouldn’t recommend it

MukamaResponse from Mukama:

Thank you for the feedback and apologies for the misleading detail in the video. The storage pouch is indeed no longer included with the item, but it comes with two balls instead of just one. We've now added this information on the product page as well. Our customer service will reach out to you.

  • Philip
  • Verifierad kund
  • 30.12.2021

Top toy with top service
Ultimate fidget toy
Original and authentic
Superior quality
Top customer service
and fast delivery
Recommender to everyone

  • Andrey
  • Verifierad kund
  • Helsinki, Finland - Suomi
  • 18.10.2021

It looks strange but amazing
Very useful gadget

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Orbiter™ Original

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