Miniwallet Matte - Plånbok

59,90 €


  • Black I lager 1 st
  • Black & Red I lager 6 st
  • Green / Black I lager 1 st
  • Night Blue I lager 4 st

60 dagars


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Miniwallet är verkligen en plånbok i miniatyr som passar perfekt i både jeansfickan och handväskan. Utöver de 4-6 korten i Cardprotectorn ger ger insidan av läderfodralet utrymme för några extra kort, sedlar och visitkort. Plånboken har tryckknappsstängning.

Den innovativa Cardprotectorn skyddar dina viktiga kort effektivt. Det massiva aluminiumfodralet är robust och skyddar korten både från att brytas och mot obehörig avläsning av RFID-/NFC-korten. Med en enda rörelse glider korten ut i överlappande sekvens vilket gör det lätt att plocka upp rätt kort. Cardprotector har utrymme för 4-6 st kort beroende på kortens tjocklek men passar lika bra för bara ett kort också.

  • Högkvalitativt läder och aluminium
  • Korten glider ut lätt
  • Gott om utrymme
  • Tryckknappstängning
  • Skyddar från obehörig avläsning av RFID/NFC-kort

DatabladProduct codes

  • Storlek65 × 102 × 21 mm
  • MaterialAluminum, Europeiska läder
  • Vikt72 g
  • Garanti2 år
  • SedlarPassar vikta sedlar
  • MyntfackIngen myntficka
  • Kortfack8-10
  • Tillverkad iHolland
  • Ytterligare egenskapRFID-skydd

Gott om utrymme

Trots sitt lilla format rymmer Mini Wallet massor av saker. Korten glider ut i en överlappande sekvens med en enda rörelse utan att du behöver öppna hela plånboken.

  1. Plats för maximalt 4-6 kort
    • Antal kort som får plats i Cardprotector beror på typ av kort. Kort med präglade bokstäver är tjockare medan vanliga kort är smalare. Se tabellen nedan:

      Präglat + vanligt = totalt
      4 + 0 = 4
      1 + 5 = 6
      3 + 2 = 5

  2. Sedlar, kvitton och visitkort
  3. Max. 2 kort
  4. Max. 2 kort

Skyddar dina kort

Cardprotector skyddar kort som använder RFID/NFC-teknik mot obehörig scanning. Kort som busskort, passerkort och betalkort har på senare tid försetts med datorchip och inbyggda antenner för trådlös kommunikation.Det ökar användarvänligheten men det innebär också risker. Med SECRID Cardprotector behöver du inte oroa dig för det.

Korten glider ut i en överlappande sekvens med en enda rörelse. För att använda RFID- och NFC-kort på ett säkert sätt, skjut ut korten 3 cm från Cardprotector. Radiosignalen minskar då väsentligt men är tillräckligt stark för kontakt över korta avstånd.

Miniwallet Matte - Plånbok
Miniwallet Matte - Plånbok
Miniwallet Matte - Plånbok

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Miniwallet Matte - Plånbok


av 5
  • Nemgnon
  • Verifierad kund
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • 04.02.2022

I bought it for my boyfriend and he’s really love it. It’s easy to use.

  • Verifierad kund
  • Mona Vale, Australia
  • 10.05.2021

Great price and fantastic service
Competitive price and fast efficient service and delivery.

Great price and fantastic service

  • Mark
  • Verifierad kund
  • Jackson Heights, United States
  • 22.04.2021

Great Compact Wallet, Even Better Customer Service
Love this little wallet, it is my second Secrid wallet and I upgraded to the model with the little snap and I love the extra security. I had issues with the wallet flapping open on me in the past, but still loved it. Now with the snap it’s even better. The customer service was top notch. I had an issue with my order and it was resolved swiftly and conveniently. Will be coming back to Mukama in the future.

Great Compact Wallet, Even Better Customer Service

  • Eri Ro
  • Verifierad kund
  • Fontana, United States
  • 25.03.2021

Coolest and most efficient & innovative wallet ever
I'm so pleased with my purchase of the Miniwallet Matte wallet (I got the blue one, Iove it!). It is the most innovative and efficient wallet I've ever owned. I love the credit card pop out feature and the RFID protection the credit card holder provides. The snap feature, which keeps the wallet from opening up, is an excellent feature as well. It holds all my cards and billfolds comfortably and is never bulky and cumbersome like my old wallets. Also, customer service was excellent! I initially ordered the wrong wallet by mistake and as soon as I emailed customer service I had a response and correction to my order way faster than I expected, considering I'm in California and the wallet manufacturers are in Europe. I'm so impressed and pleased with my wallet and shopping experience for sure. Thank you, Makuma!

  • Fahed Sleiman
  • Verifierad kund
  • Tripoli, Lebanon
  • 22.01.2020

Best product and better customer service
Great quality leather wallet fits 10 bills and 10 cards easily. The matte finish is very stylish. I am very satisfied with how the customer service handled a problem i was facing. I highly recommend this product and highly recommend Mukama.

  • Iren Martinovic
  • Verifierad kund
  • Vienna, Austria
  • 07.01.2020

Secrid Miniwallet
Great minimalist wallet, good quality

  • Yaron Bialik
  • Verifierad kund
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 18.11.2019

Amazing wallet
Smooth to touch,
Great feel, can hold at least 7-8 cards without a problem.
The only problem is that it is so fun to pull the credit cards out that I want to buy more stuff!!

  • Megan
  • Verifierad kund
  • Naples, United States
  • 28.10.2019

I love this more than I can say!
This is one of those rare purchases that has made me irrationally happy every time I go to pay for something. First, it's just so darn fun to use. Second, it's compact enough to keep me from getting disorganized, but it still retains its functionality. Third, the color is perfect. It isn't a true dark teal like I thought it might be from the picture. But it is gorgeous nonetheless. I really couldn't be happier with this little wallet.

  • Martin
  • Verifierad kund
  • San Diego, United States
  • 17.10.2019

The noteless wallet
This wallet is compact, sleek, stylish, and can fit in any pocket. My one complaint is it does not hold a lot of room for anything other than cards. I can hold a max of 8 notes before it is too big to close. So if you are used to not carrying around paper money this wallet is perfect.

  • Kfir Battat
  • Verifierad kund
  • 08.10.2019


  • Manuel
  • Verifierad kund
  • Morelia, Mexico
  • 02.10.2019

Excellent wallet
An incredible and very minimalist wallet, with high quality materials

  • Lydia
  • Verifierad kund
  • Hong Kong, HongKong
  • 19.09.2019

Very good wallet
I got the chark matte one. Very compact and trendy. Love it!

  • Verifierad kund
  • Bronx, United States
  • 02.09.2019

Mini Walter
I truly loooove this wallet, such a elegant and great high quality leather if had known I would have buy long time ago. Thank you

  • Anthony
  • Verifierad kund
  • Barnegat, United States
  • 16.07.2019

Love it so much
This wallet is awesome. All I need. Very nice looking. Love the credit hard holder function. Thank you =)

  • Moises
  • Verifierad kund
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 15.07.2019

Great wallet
A great wallet. Reduced my wallet or half the size and the color is even nicer in person

  • Korina
  • Verifierad kund
  • Media, United States
  • 01.04.2019

Great product!
My husband loves his Miniwallet. It is a high quality product and looks beautiful.

  • Damjan Mladenovic
  • Verifierad kund
  • Kranj, Slovenia
  • 18.03.2019

Everything perfect!
Absolutely impressed with the product!
I recommend to everyone who wants a real well organized wallet.

  • Amir
  • Verifierad kund
  • Jerusalem, Israel
  • 11.02.2019

Great quality and looking, all my friends want to get one also now.
Very well packaged. And also amazing costumer service !

  • Julia
  • Verifierad kund
  • Menlo Park, United States
  • 17.12.2018

Great experience from start to finish: website order and delivery. Great product design and quality: accommodates everything I need in a compact, secure mini wallet with easy access.

  • Annabelle
  • Verifierad kund
  • Siggiewi, Malta
  • 17.12.2018

I am very satisfied with the item very well crafted and of good quality. I am sure it will make a great Christmas gift next week!

  • Patrícia Frias
  • Verifierad kund
  • Wörgl, Austria
  • 20.11.2018

The wallet is perfect, I have it for some time now and it remains impeccable, even thow I bought it in light blue. It's very practical and elegant too. I'm fully satisfied.

  • Gio
  • Verifierad kund
  • Tradate, Italy
  • 06.11.2018

Great wallet, expecially the black matte version

  • Petra Črne
  • Verifierad kund
  • Zagreb, Croatia
  • 24.10.2018


  • Joanne
  • Verifierad kund
  • Seremban, Malaysia
  • 28.07.2018

This is a really good product! I own one and bought 3 more from Mukama as gifts. Delivery from Mukama was fast (DHL express shipping option). Am really happy with their service!!

  • Yomira
  • Verifierad kund
  • Rock Hill, United States
  • 16.02.2018

I recommend this wallet for those looking for a way to get rid of carrying around a huge wallet. I received my new Mini-wallet within 3-4 business days. I finally got to use it today after I moved over from my old wallet. Honestly, I first looked at the Mini-wallet not feeling convinced that all my important cards would fit but the Mini-wallet won. I was able to fit all 7 important cards I had. I put 5 in the card ro-rector (box thing) and 2 other cards in the other separate pockets. The only thing is that I cannot fit too many bills. I currently have 8 bills folded in the wallet and it seems to be its max. Which I personally do not mind, I usually do not carry cash. I feels like buying another similar wallet but these prices are not friendly to college students' budget. Overall, I give it a 5 star.

  • Terry
  • Verifierad kund
  • Kowloon, HongKong
  • 30.01.2018

Nice product, my wife love it!

  • Aaron
  • Verifierad kund
  • Powder Springs, United States
  • 02.10.2017

Really a fan so far. Saw them online and glad a went with the mini wallet.

  • Jill
  • Verifierad kund
  • Burlington, United States
  • 14.06.2017

I was helping move my sister in law when I discovered your wallet. She had gotten one on a trip abroad. I instantly fell in love with the design of this wallet and had to have one, especially as someone who does not carry a purse around all the time. I searched and scoured the internet until I found Mukama's site and I bought a secrid Mini wallet in matte purple. I couldn't be more happy with it. It is perfect for my day to day life, easy to tuck in my work bag or my pocket, not to mention the unique design! I only wish that I had discovered it earlier! Thanks for such a great wallet! It's perfect!

  • Hamad
  • Verifierad kund
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 08.05.2017

Perfect wallets

  • Juhana
  • Verifierad kund
  • Helsinki, Finland - Suomi
  • 10.01.2018

Kuukauden ollut käytössä ja hyväksi todettu. Laadukkaat materiaalit, sekä juuri sopivan kokoinen. Matte green väri oli makuun sopivin väri. Suosittelen!

  • Tertsa
  • Verifierad kund
  • Tampere, Finland - Suomi
  • 30.04.2017

Nopea toimitus...tuote vastasi kuvausta....Nykyaikana tarpeellinen kapistus !!!

  • mie
  • Verifierad kund
  • Helsinki, Finland - Suomi
  • 14.04.2017

Nätti, pieni ja toimiva.

  • Kirsi
  • Verifierad kund
  • Helsinki, Finland - Suomi
  • 14.09.2016

Todella hyvä ja kätevä lompakko. Olen oikein tyytyväinen ostoon. Lähetys tuli muutamassa päivässä kotiin. Luotettava yritys ja nopea toimitus.

  • anselmi
  • Verifierad kund
  • viitasaari, Finland - Suomi
  • 05.09.2016

Oikein näppärä pikku lompsa!

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Miniwallet Matte - Plånbok

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