Freerain22 Backpack

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  • Storlek50 × 27 × 18 cm (Packed 10 × 10 × 15 cm)
  • Material70D 70D Robic® nylon UHMWPE, 50D nylon mini ripstopRobic® nylon UHMWPE, 50D nylon mini ripstop
  • ZipperYKK® PU Coated Sealing
  • Vikt300 g
  • Volym22 L
Freerain22 Backpack
Freerain22 Backpack

Freerain22 Backpack

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  • Ritka, Czech Republic
  • 22.10.2021

Nice packable bag, with a little room for improvement
I really like having a packable bag that can handle all weather conditions and this doesn’t disappoint there. The construction feels solid and the materials are quality. I just wish they could use a little more comfortable feeling material in the straps. I’m confident they used what they did because it’s the best balance, but hopefully something a little nicer is developed for future versions. With this current material though, I do think they could have made the straps contour a bit. The way they are if I don’t have it cinched up tightly and a little weight in the bag the straps inch out off my shoulders, and I don’t have narrow shoulders.

A few wish list items for this would be:

- A small pocket towards the top of the quick stash exterior pocket (inside) to keep items spaced out a little, as it is everything you put in there just drops straight to the bottom.

- Make the trekking pole attachments easily removable. The way they are I had to cut off the top ones because they’re threaded through a couple of permanent loops in the bag and then tied with heat shrink over top. These could be redone, but the bottom BIG loops are stitched in and the only thing to do is let them flop or cut them off permanently losing the option to attach anything there. I think they could easily have had some low-profile loops sewn on the bag and given a couple of larger strap loops to be simply attached by looping through the low-profile ones. Think large O’s slid through the small points attached to the bag and then threaded back through the large O to create the large loops for the trekking poles. The low-profile loops could also be used with a couple more added on the opposite side of the bottom and double as points to strap things to the outside of the bag.

- The ability to stow within the exterior pocket as they did with the Freerain Hip Pack would be great. I know it would be a bit large, but I really would only want this to contain the straps so the long and rather flat item you’d end up with would still be better than the alternative. The mesh pouch isn’t something I like much at all.

I hope they take some of what they have here and make a weatherproof version of the On-Grid, as this would definitely be more suited to my use needs.

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Freerain22 Backpack

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