Heroclip® Mini

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  • Storlek46 × 57-108 mm
  • MaterialSolid aircraft grade machine-cut aluminum with anodized finish, composite, steel
  • Vikt20 g

Heroclip® Mini


av 5
  • Denis
  • Verifierad kund
  • Vung Tau, Vietnam
  • 06.09.2023

Miniature of mughty thing
Awating for Mikro version!

  • Fredrik
  • Verifierad kund
  • Malmö, Sweden
  • 24.04.2023

Wrong brand clip
They sent gearaid branded clip instead of heroclip. Feels a bit unhonest to do that.

MukamaResponse from Mukama:

Apologies for displaying outdated images. Heroclip has been acquired by Gear Aid, and the branding has been changed accordingly. The images are now updated, thanks for the feedback! Our customer service will be in touch.

  • Martin
  • Verifierad kund
  • Randers NØ, Denmark
  • 22.08.2022

Great little Thing. Has so many uses.

  • Toni
  • Verifierad kund
  • Skogstorp, Sweden
  • 30.03.2022

Super useful
I use it to hang my Bellroy Venture sling bag.
Will be ordering more at a later point.

  • Csaba
  • Verifierad kund
  • Hajdúböszörmény, Hungary
  • 22.03.2022

Perfect quality product!!!
I can only recommend a special and heavy-duty carabiner!
Mukam is a professional fast team with fast delivery!

Perfect quality product!!!

  • Chris Marcojos
  • Verifierad kund
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 22.07.2021

Stop thinking, buy it!
This product should be a no brainer for everyone.
Does what it says it does and more.
Thank you Mukama! ❤️

Stop thinking, buy it!

  • Sevastianos
  • Verifierad kund
  • Syros, Greece
  • 03.05.2021

Very versatile
Nicely built , I leave it on my small backpacks handle and when I don't want to leave it on a dirty floor I can hang it from almost everything around

  • Juan
  • Verifierad kund
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • 05.01.2021

Could grip better!
Honestly, for something so small, it's really bulky! I'm impressed how it can hold my heavy backpack! The quality is really good except... For the grip. They should improve this because when I try to hold something, it doesn't grip very well on regular tables. And with a few pushes your heroclip will lose his balance and will turn around and fall because of the weight of what it's holding.
If you don't mind this, this product is really good.

  • Chris M.
  • Verifierad kund
  • Zaventem, Belgium
  • 02.09.2020

Very practical and sturdy
I immediately ordered 2 of these as I knew for sure that my best friend would also enjoy this little gadget, and we love it. Really practical to hang your bag on your desk for instance, this way it doesn’t collect any of the dirt that might be on the ground and it’s at a more comfortable height to pick up anything that is inside it as well.

Can be used to hang your coat if you ever lack any regular place to leave it. All in all very practical and well made! Might as well get myself a bigger size for travel later on.

  • Sem Koot
  • Verifierad kund
  • Eemnes, Netherlands
  • 13.07.2020

Great slingbag/travel companion
It's simple but very useful. Great for slingbags but also for hanging up other things like shopping bags, clothing and a toiletry bag. It might struggle with thicker tables and the rubber tab isn't as grippy as I expected but it still works very well for it's size

  • Alexander Kristensen
  • Verifierad kund
  • København K, Denmark
  • 29.06.2020

Great item, great service
I ordered this and a bag. It arrived a week earlier than the last expected date, so even though I was located in Denmark it did not turn out to be a problem. No damage on arrival, would buy again!
Also, the heroclip speaks for itself. I have it in medium, and now also in mini.

  • SI
  • Verifierad kund
  • Järvenpää, Finland - Suomi
  • 09.09.2023

Nerokas pieni haka
Laadukas karabiinihaka jonka lisäkoukun avulla ripustaa vaikka repun kätevästi joko metsässä puun oksaan tai kaupunkiympäristössä esim. yleisessä vessassa välttäen kosketuksen märkään maahan tai lattiaan. 18 kilogramman painoluokituksen luulisi riittävän helposti päivärepuille.

Nerokas pieni haka

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Heroclip® Mini

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Say "Hello" to your new hands-free helper. Heroclip is a special hooked carabiner that allows you to gather, fasten and hang your stuff where you need it.

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