Zip Pouch Pro

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  • X-Pac® RX30 Cayenne Varastossa 10+ kpl
  • X-Pac® RX30 Ocean Blue × Ei varastossa
  • X-Pac® VX21 Black × Ei varastossa 15.06.2023
  • X-Pac® VX21 Slate Grey × Ei varastossa
  • X-Pac® VX25 Hot Orange × Ei varastossa 15.06.2023
  • X-Pac® VX42 Black × Ei varastossa
  • X-Pac® X42 Olive Green × Ei varastossa
  • X-Pac® X50 Black Varastossa 10+ kpl

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Zip Pouch Pro kantaa kortit, käteisen, työkalut ja muut pientarvikkeet kompaktissa ja taskuun sujahtavassa paketissa. Siinä on turvallinen tila usein käytetyille tavaroille ja lisätaskut kolikoille sekä muille pientarvikkeille. Ulkopuolella olevassa kolmessa taskussa voi pitää EDC-työkaluja kuten taskulamppua ja monitoimityökalua.

  • Kolme ulkoista taskua EDC-työkaluille
  • Säänkestävä materiaali ja vetoketju
  • YKK AquaGuard -vetoketju

Kaikki X-Pac -materiaalit ovat samantyyppisiä ja pienten tuotteiden kanssa käytännön erot ovat melko pieniä. Isompi denier-luku tarkoittaa paksumpaa kangasta, mikä tekee siitä vähemmän rypistyvän. X50 tuntuu hieman pehmeämmältä kuin VX21/42.

  • VX21: venymätön, kulutusta kestävä, kevyt 210 denier, vedenkestävä, ideaali yhdistelmä keveyttä ja kestävyyttä.
  • VX42: X4-laminaatti, 420 denier, vedenkestävä. kestää erinomaisesti kulutusta.
  • X50: 500 denier Cordura®, vedenkestävä, repeytymätön, kulutusta kestävä. 


  • Koko130 × 85 mm
  • MateriaaliRipstop nylon -sisävuoraus, X-Pac®
  • VetoketjuYKK® AquaGuard®
  • Mahtuu kortteja4-12
Zip Pouch Pro

Zip Pouch Pro


kautta 5
  • Sebastian
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Rzeszów, Puola
  • 31.05.2023

Quality is great, design - not so much
I bought this with intention on holding my EDC essentials. Looking at various photos I imagined, I'll be able to stuff my compact EDC items into this and still have something inside.
I was so disappointed when I found out how little space is inside the pouch. It becomes a real problem if I use any of the external pockets for my flashlight, multitool or even a pen. And I really have compact gear: SOG Powerpint, Rovyvon Aurora A3 and Lamy Pico pen. When all of those are stuffed into external pockets, I can't really put anything inside. I wanted to carry my compact Huawei AM61 earbuds, but no such luck.

It's a real shame, because quality of the pouch is top notch. I already use regular Alpaka Zip Pouch as a wallet and it's great. I wanted Pro version to complement the regular one, so I would have all my stuff in two pouches and It's really not possible. I guess it will sit in my closet until my regular zip pouch falls apart and then it will become my next wallet. Such a pity.

If only Alpaka gave the interior a little more depth, it would be fine. 5 milimeters would have been enough. Or maybe make external pockets with a little more room.

  • Łukasz
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Gorzów Wlkp., Puola
  • 03.05.2023

Fine pouch
Was expecting it to be a little bit roomier on the inside.
Besides that - great quality, ideal to keep those few edc items in one pouch

  • Edc Guy
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Rosheim, Ranska
  • 20.04.2023

Very cool
Toughs material, perfect size in général but also for the side pouches. It can andle a lot of different tools and fits perfetc in any pockets ! Would definetly recommend and probably buy again from Alpaka.

  • Alistair
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Sköndal, Ruotsi
  • 19.04.2023

Compact pack for daily essentials
Having acquired a second Code of Bell Annex Liner™ Sacoche to use for different tasks I needed a sturdy and compact pouch matching the aesthetics to carry the common daily essentials between the 2 bags. I already use the standard pouch for small photo accessories so knew that the Pro version with the external pockets would be perfect to slip in various small tools. It has entirely lived up to my expectations and the bright orange colour helps not to leave it on my desk by mistake.

Compact pack for daily essentials

  • DRoberts
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Herne Bay, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
  • 04.04.2023

Great quality and a good size
Great quality and a good size to be really useful.

  • Juri
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Lübbecke, Saksa
  • 16.03.2023

Great EDC pouch
Excellent quality how it should be. Perfect size for carrying into any pocket.

Outside pockets and additional the inside zip-pocket hold best slim items up to 10mm thickness/diameter, so you can get to the content within the pouch without removing items from the outside.

I am pleased with this pouch and it replaced my wallet for now but elastic outside pockets are desirable.

Thanks Mukama for the top service and lightning-fast delivery.

  • Felipe
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • München, Saksa
  • 08.03.2023

Nifty pouch
Nice small pouch that fits a lot more than you'd expect. Great quality and love the flashy color.

Nifty pouch

  • Olivier
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Paris, Ranska
  • 28.12.2022

just perfect
Build quality is exceptional. The size is perfect; the back pocket perfectly holds 2 Wingback pens - and is tight enough to prevent them from falling. The main pocket also holds a lot of card size items.
And thumbs up for Mukama service: perfect packaging, express shipping... Second to none!

just perfect

  • Kadek Hadi
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Vilnius, Liettua
  • 09.11.2022

If you cannot leave without your EDC items, this organizer is for you too keep them organized. Be aware that, there will be little space inside the pocket (very tight) if you use all the outside pockets for your EDC. Overall, it is great!

  • Jean Pierre cruz
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Blaye, Ranska
  • 18.10.2022

Plus un porte monnaie qu'une pochette edc
Je viens de recevoir ce petit porte monnaie.....
Il est trop petit pour un edc journalier.
La finition est très soignée le tissus de bonne qualité c'est un bel objet mais pas pour un edc. Sont fond devrait être plus large avec un système de soufflet par exemple.
Une fois qu'on place un petit briquet un mini câble usb et une clé il devient impossible d'utiliser les inserts extérieur pour y placer un petit canif ..... quelque cm de plus et ça aurai été le top ....dommage car le prix lui n'est pas petit du tout!

  • Rodri
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Madrid, Espanja
  • 12.10.2022

El producto, tras unas semanas de uso, parece de buena calidad por el precio.

  • P. Grünewald
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Sundern, Saksa
  • 28.09.2022

Fast Delivery, as always and the product is flawless!
The product is exactly what I wanted. The delivery is without any problems and fast!


  • Greg
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Paris, Ranska
  • 28.09.2022

Just the right size
You can’t put much inside but it’s just the right size to for everyday carry. It can fit any pocket (jeans, jacket) and I use it as a second zipped wallet.
It can also carry a decent selection of knife from what I’ve tested
Finish and materials are perfect

  • Martin Hamborg
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Randers NØ, Tanska
  • 23.08.2022

Great product
Great little pouch for keeping small essentials organised

  • Sotiris
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • 14.08.2022

This is more a review of the design than the pouch itself...
This is a very well made pouch...

Aesthetically pleasing in design and in colors (inside-out)...

You feel the care and love that people put in making it when you hold it in your hands and especially when you open the zippers...

Quality all the way...

My mother who used a sewing machine for years, took a look at it and she mentioned how well built/stitched this pouch is...

I honestly have not used it yet as an EveryDayCarry and hope that it will stand to the test of usefulness and especially to the test of time...


I do want to mention TWO things that I strongly believe since the first couple of times I tried to fit different stuff in it...


1) Some people do not like the way zippers are in these pouches, because they do not open all the way and that makes putting and getting out things from the pouch more difficult. That is true BUT HAVING THE ZIPPERS THEY WAY THEY ARE IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE FOR SOMETHING FROM INSIDE TO SLIP OUTSIDE AND LOSE IT WITH EASE. I cannot be sure but I don't believe that the designers did not have this in mind, but who knows...
Pesronally, I think the zippers are more than well as they are.

2) I cannot honestly see how can someone use the outside pockets with anything more than pretty slim stuff in them and be able to use with some ease the zipper pockets. Zipper pockets become pretty unusable, too tight, when you have a multitool on one pocket, a flashlight on another and lets say a pen on the third (3 outside pockets, basically one big pocket is divided by stitching to two smaller ones, check the photos/videos of the product). If you have in the zipper pockets anything more than paper, money, etc. you NEED to get out something from the outside pockets in order to be able to reach with your fingers inside the zipper pockets.
IF THEY COULD FIND A GOOD ELASTIC MATERIAL AND USE IT O-N-L-Y FOR THE OUTSIDE POCKETS (or wherever else they would see fit), THAT WOULD ALLOW (LOGICALLY) A FAR EASIER WAY TO REACH INSIDE THE ZIPPER POCKETS WHEN THE OUTSIDE POCKETS ARE FULL. Anyone who has this pouch can clearly understand what I mean, hopefully others too... N-E-G-A-T-I-V-E

In general, this is a very good pouch, their intentions, aspirations is there, but I DO BELIEVE THAT THE NEXT ONE WILL be MUCH CLOSER TO WHAT THEY TRIED TO SUCCEED WITH THIS ONE...


Since I have not used the pouch yet in my edc I cannot be definite in my reviewing on it.

Who knows, when I use it more I may find it great all the way...

(Alpaka) Their heart is in the right place with that pouch and the overall quality of this is really really good. For what I believe they intended they got pretty close... still I will give them 5 stars because this is a pretty cool, useful, well made pouch no matter how you see it!

Hope that this review is helpful to some...

Take care...

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