Zip Pouch

29,90 €


  • X-Pac® RX30 Cayenne Varastossa 10+ kpl
  • X-Pac® RX30 Ocean Blue Varastossa 9 kpl
  • X-Pac® VX21 Black Varastossa 10+ kpl
  • X-Pac® VX21 Coyote Brown Varastossa 3 kpl
  • X-Pac® VX21 Forest Green × Ei varastossa 15.06.2023
  • X-Pac® VX21 Slate Grey × Ei varastossa 15.06.2023
  • X-Pac® VX25 Hot Orange Varastossa 6 kpl
  • X-Pac® VX42 Black × Ei varastossa
  • X-Pac® X50 Black × Ei varastossa

60 päivän



Pitää pientarvikkeesi kompaktissa paketissa

Zip Pouch kantaa kortit, käteisen sekä muut tarvikkeet siistissä kompaktissa paketissa. Voit pitää sitä taskussa lompakkona ja organisointitaskuna, tai täytä tärkeillä pientarvikkeilla ja heitä laukkuun myöhempää käyttöä varten.

Päätaskussa on jakaja, jolla saa eroteltua tavarat toisistaan, esim kortit ja setelit. Vedenkestävät YKK AquaGuard -vetoketjut ja säänkestävät materiaalit pitävät tavarat kuivana ja RFID-blokkaus suojaa henkilökohtaisia tietoja.

  • Kompakti lompakko/organisointitasku
  • Säänkestävät materiaalit ja vetoketjut
  • Päätaskussa jakaja

Kaikki X-Pac -materiaalit ovat samantyyppisiä ja pienten tuotteiden kanssa käytännön erot ovat melko pieniä. Isompi denier-luku tarkoittaa paksumpaa kangasta, mikä tekee siitä vähemmän rypistyvän. X50 tuntuu hieman pehmeämmältä kuin VX21/42.

  • VX21: venymätön, kulutusta kestävä, kevyt 210 denier, vedenkestävä, ideaali yhdistelmä keveyttä ja kestävyyttä.
  • VX42: X4-laminaatti, 420 denier, vedenkestävä. kestää erinomaisesti kulutusta.
  • X50: 500 denier Cordura®, vedenkestävä, repeytymätön, kulutusta kestävä. 


  • Koko130 × 85 mm
  • MateriaaliX-Pac®, Ripstop nylon -sisävuoraus
  • VetoketjuYKK® AquaGuard®
  • Mahtuu kortteja4-12
  • LisäominaisuudetRFID-suojattu
Zip Pouch
Zip Pouch

Zip Pouch


kautta 5
  • Antti
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Iisalmi, Suomi
  • 29.05.2023

Nice little pouch wallet
I wanted to get a summer wallet with separate pocket for tick prongs, lighter and little SAK. I also dig the little divider inside the main pocket that divides my payment card from other nick nacks. I didn’t care for the rattling pulls so I replaced them with gutted cord.

Nice little pouch wallet

  • Aziz
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Oirsbeek, Alankomaat
  • 25.05.2023

For me personally it's prefect! Fits everything I need to carry like cards, some cash etc. so I am very happy with my purchase.

Quality is better than expected as well!

  • Nisar Rana
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • ,
  • 17.05.2023

Compact Wallet
Compact and nice little wallet. My swiss army cadet knife fits perfect in along with a few cards and keys. Enough space for EDC items. Love the color blue.

Compact Wallet

  • Nacor Teruel
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Paterna, Espanja
  • 15.05.2023

The item was perfect

  • Brad Goodman
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Yeovil, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
  • 01.05.2023

Zip pouch
Great little pouch .. if you know ALPAKA you know there quality .. received in England in about 10 days .. good packaging.. happy

  • José Silva
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • São Gonçalo - Amarante, Portugali
  • 17.04.2023

Loved the Zip Pouch
Good quality and with the dimensions that I need.
Exclusive product.
I recommend to purchase.

Loved the Zip Pouch

  • M
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Vienna, Itävalta
  • 28.03.2023

Nice but smaller then expected

  • Jean-marie Parlanti
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • 03.02.2023

Mini wallet
a little disappointed with this product that I bought before a trip using it as a mini wallet. if the size allows it, unfortunately the smaller opening zip did not allow me to enter my identity cards....
but not disappointed with the quality of the product

  • Vince
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Franconville, Ranska
  • 14.11.2022

Just perfect
Used while traveling, this pouch is high quality. Lot of space, great design and materials are top notch. Highly recommanded!

  • D P
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Amsterdam, Alankomaat
  • 07.11.2022

Alpaka pouches never disappoint me

  • Yannick
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Heiligenhafen, Saksa
  • 31.10.2022

just as exspected, very high quality

  • Martin
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Randers NØ, Tanska
  • 22.08.2022

Never knew i needed something like this before i got this. Makes it easy to carry my essentials together without a bulge or things lying loose in the pocket.

  • Jack
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Hilversum, Alankomaat
  • 18.08.2022

Nice and strong
This is de best wallet/zip pouch i ever saw.
Nice and strong!

  • Aleksei Strukov
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Berlin, Saksa
  • 11.08.2022

Good pouch, but overhyped
I bought this pouch as a wallet and it what it technically is. I handles coins, a few cards and cache - exactly what I needed.
I don`t think it can handle your multitool, or a flashlight unless its very slim.

Material is good, but zippers are kinda hard too open and doesn`t feel right. Also the loop is proprietary and unless you are using alpakas hub system it would not be easy to find something narrow and flat enough to fit in it.

Anyway, pouch does exactly what I needed and Im happy to use it.

  • Andre
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Potters Bar , Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
  • 10.08.2022

Zip Pouch
Best EDC holder!

  • Hanna
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Amsterdam, Alankomaat
  • 08.08.2022

Perfect minimalist card wallet!
So happy with everything about this zip pouch; compact size, light durable material, nice colour, RFID protection.

  • Pablo
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Madrid, Espanja
  • 23.06.2022

Perfect size for a daily micro EDC
I was looking for different pouches for a small EDC I could have on my pant pockets, and this is just perfect. Great build, zippers are amazing, materials look durable and has the perfect size for a small EDC with a mini multitool, flashlight, pen, notebook, utility blade, toothpick and pads and band-aids. Really happy with it!

Perfect size for a daily micro EDC

  • Laszlo189
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Vác, Unkari
  • 20.06.2022

Alpaka zip pouch
Great quality, pocket frendly size!

Alpaka zip pouch

  • Gordana
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Skärholmen, Ruotsi
  • 30.05.2022

Great for small things
Great pouch for small things, love the green colour.

  • David
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Hampton, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
  • 16.05.2022

Amazing little pouch
Really nicely made, fantastic build quality. I use mine as an EDC pouch for basic first aid/medicine supplies, perfect size for that and easily can be transferred from one bag to another.

Great service from Mukama as well.

Amazing little pouch

  • Andy M
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Dudley, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
  • 21.04.2022

Functional pouch
I personally prefer the alternative joey pouch. This is still a great pouch with a small external compartment in addition to the main compartment. Wish the zipper opened up the pouch a little more as find that a little restrictive but otherwise great pouch.

  • Carrier
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Yeonsu-gu, Etelä-Korea
  • 21.04.2022

Alpaka Zip
Excelent, inside and outside. Good space to put all your cards in. I think there is a newer version with smaller zip pulls. I think I would prefer without them...

  • Peter
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • 18.04.2022

Perfect as a pocket EDC
Use it every day

  • Henrik
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • 12.04.2022

Perfect wallet, fast delivery.

  • Andrei
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • 23.03.2022

great manufacturing quality, not sure about practicality
The quality of manufacturing is amazing. As for practicality, I still have it on my desk, not sure what to do with it. A Moleskine Volant will not fit. A Pioneer X fits well. So it's good for credit cards and some coins or a key.

  • ps
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Merzhausen, Saksa
  • 21.03.2022

Good quality and beautiful

  • Peter
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Knittelfeld, Itävalta
  • 13.03.2022

Awesome Pouch
The VX42 material feels very satisfying. The orange inner lining looks very nice. I'm currently using this pouch as my cbd-oil edc. Comes with the new shorter zipper pulls.

Awesome Pouch

  • Matt
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Täby, Ruotsi
  • 25.02.2022

Surprisingly roomy pouch
A pocket pouch that carries more than you might think and feels very sturdy. Delivered with a number of other items on time and in good condition as usual for Mukama.

Surprisingly roomy pouch

  • Simone
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • TREVIGLIO, Italia
  • 22.02.2022

Very edc pouch
Always with me.
A perfect small and awsome pouch.

Very edc pouch

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Zip Pouch

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