Hub Pouch

44,90 €


  • Ecopak™ EPLX600 Black Knight Varastossa 10+ kpl
  • X-Pac® RX30 Ocean Blue Varastossa 10+ kpl
  • X-Pac® VX21 Dark Green × Ei varastossa
  • X-Pac® VX21 Slate Grey Varastossa 4 kpl
  • X-Pac® VX25 Blaze Orange × Ei varastossa
  • X-Pac® VX42 Black × Ei varastossa
  • X-Pac® X42 Olive Green × Ei varastossa
  • X-Pac® X50 Black × Ei varastossa

60 päivän



Tämä kompakti säilytystasku on täydellinen pienelektroniikalle, työkaluille ja muille tarvikkeille mitä päivän seikkailuissa saatat tarvita. Sisäpuolen kuuteen taskuun mahtuu kaikki pienemmät tavarat ja ulkotaskuun sopii esim. SD-kortit, kolikot ja muut.

Kaikki X-Pac -materiaalit ovat samantyyppisiä ja pienten tuotteiden kanssa käytännön erot ovat melko pieniä. Isompi denier-luku tarkoittaa paksumpaa kangasta, mikä tekee siitä vähemmän rypistyvän. X50 tuntuu hieman pehmeämmältä kuin VX21/42.

  • VX21: venymätön, kulutusta kestävä, kevyt 210 denier, vedenkestävä, ideaali yhdistelmä keveyttä ja kestävyyttä.
  • VX42: X4-laminaatti, 420 denier, vedenkestävä. kestää erinomaisesti kulutusta.
  • X50: 500 denier Cordura®, vedenkestävä, repeytymätön, kulutusta kestävä. 
  • RX30: Raaka-aineena PET-pullot


  • Koko12 × 9 × 2,9 cm
  • MateriaaliX-Pac® or Ecopak™
  • VetoketjuYKK reverse coil
  • Paino60 g
  • Tilavuus0,3 L
Hub Pouch
Hub Pouch
Hub Pouch

Hub Pouch


kautta 5
  • Agus
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • 15.11.2023

A very good product
Everything ok. Good stuff and a very nice service from mukama.

  • Gaby R
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Barcelona , Espanja
  • 03.07.2023

I carry my daily cable essentials and even some small battery pack. Love the hot orange color, feels sturdy and premium.


  • Isidoros Kolotas
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Limassol, Kypros
  • 03.07.2023

Cool little pouch
Very handy part of my EDC

  • Wador
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Rosersberg, Ruotsi
  • 31.05.2023

Great pouch
Good quality and nice materials. I would have loved if it had the blood orange cloth inside.

The pouch is a bit too big for jeans pockets.

  • Serhat
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Frankfurt am Main, Saksa
  • 24.04.2023

Very nice…
Very good Pouch! Good internal organisation and quality

  • Todennettu asiakas
  • ESTEPONA, Espanja
  • 09.03.2023

X-Pac® X50 Black
Bolsa pequeña pero increible,cabe mas cosas de las que te imaginas, es fuerte y muy bonita.
El envio hasta España fue de una semana y el seguimiento fue perfecto, volvere a usar vuestros servicios. Muchas gracias.

X-Pac® X50 Black

  • Carlo
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Muscat, Oman
  • 27.02.2023

Hub Pouch The Only Pouch
Fantastic Organizer Pouch for us men who need the important things we hold dear with us every day (EDC). Suitable for hunting trips, casual wear, corporate and everyday life. I use it as a wallet which includes a pocket knife, flashlight, lip balm, etc.

Moved from a normal wallet to the Hub Pouch, and all I can say is it WORKS brilliantly. Great product, with tough materials. Go ahead treat yourself.

  • Igfsiam
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • CHIANG MAI, Thaimaa
  • 14.02.2023

Great quality, fast international shipping and excellent service. Thanks!

  • Olivier
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Paris, Ranska
  • 28.12.2022

Incredible. Even better than expected
The build quality is amazing. And the capacity... I did not imagine I could put so many items in such a small pouch. Even my calliper fits in!
Not to mention Mukama service level, which is second to none

Incredible. Even better than expected

  • Stanko Komarica
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Belgrade, Serbia
  • 15.12.2022

Alpaka Hub Pouch - Best EDC pouch choice ever, thnx to Mukama
Purchasing this pouch was my first order on the Mukama website. It is the most pleasant shopping experience when it comes to buying EDC gear online. Communication with Mukama went great and they responded to my inquiry shortly. Gear arrived super quickly, in two days.
If you are looking for a quality small minimalistic EDC pouch then this item is perfect. It is lightweight and easily stores all my items from multitools to cables. The feeling of holding the pouch in hand is quite satisfying and I catch myself opening and closing the pouch with no reason than just to have that satisfying feeling.
Definitely can recommend this item and Alpaka is becoming one of my favorite EDC brands.

  • Anne
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Bennebroek, Alankomaat
  • 24.11.2022

Looks great, usability bad
After much deliberation — because of the price — I finally bought this pouch which I had expected to be everything I wanted. I was underwhelmed to say the least. It looks and feels great and has an impressive build quality. The many loops and pockets are useful too, even if you only a couple it helps to have options.

The downsides:
- It is hardly flexible and smaller than it looks, which means you can fit in only the smallest amount of tools and items. Don’t expect to put things on top of each other unless they’re really slim;
- The side pocket is all but useless: only cards or super flat objects will go in, and getting them out is hard work. If the pouch is stocked with tools, it becomes almost unusable.
- The zipper didn’t go smoothly around the corners, which made it a drag to open. This was my biggest letdown, because I consider effortless access the most important in daily use.

I returned it after trying it out with a couple of set ups; I really tried to like it, but I didn’t. The pricing didn’t help, but even if it were similarly priced to other small pouches, I still would have returned it.

Looks great, usability bad

  • Martin Hamborg
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Randers NØ, Tanska
  • 29.08.2022

Excellent little pouch for tools and what not.

  • Julian
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Traunstein, Saksa
  • 26.08.2022

It’s unbelievable Good
I love this thing!
All my EDC stuff fits in, it’s very well made and shipping was 24H to Germany. I guess I need more of them haha

It’s unbelievable Good

  • Joebin
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Kristianstad, Ruotsi
  • 17.08.2022

pretty cool
it's small & great

  • Thomas
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Sundsvall , Ruotsi
  • 15.08.2022

Excellent Pouch
Just the right size with very good zippers and material

  • Astron
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Stavanger, Norja
  • 27.07.2022

Besr EDC pouch
Definitely stores your small edc items in a small pouch that can be attached to your bags or pockets itself. Water resistant and abrasive resistant. Sturdy!

  • Jean Philippe
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • La Bouilladisse, Ranska
  • 16.06.2022

Alpaka hub pouch
Perfect for my tool kit !

Alpaka hub pouch

  • Samuel
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Amsterdam, Alankomaat
  • 22.04.2022

An EDC Pouch that wasn't so hard to get.
I wanted to try EDC pouches and many of the popular ones are super-low-availability drops that are difficult to get. This is a quality pouch that was not nearly as difficult to purchase. Thanks mukama!

An EDC Pouch that wasn't so hard to get.

  • Luke
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Mielec, Puola
  • 15.04.2022

Lovely small pouch with big space inside
I was sold on this pouch day after premiere and preordered two immediately despite price. If You want to find a small X-Pac pouch in EU then You haven't got to much options.

Planned to use it as powerbank and usb cables pouch but after received change my plan because of space inside which I found to be much more than stock photos suggest.

I move almost everything from my Maxpedition Micro EDC Pouch and it fits without problems! (minus few items which are to long - pen, sharpie).

Overall it's great pouch with excellent quality. Only one drawback - the price :)

Lovely small pouch with big space inside

  • Linus
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Helsinki, Suomi
  • 22.12.2022

EDC kotelo
Hyvä kotelo EDC työkaluille ja härpäkkäille. Tavarat pysyvät yhdessä paikassa ja laukusta toiseen helppo siirtää.

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Hub Pouch

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