Pocket Pro Titanium Pen

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Technische DatenProduct codes

  • Dimensionen105-118 mm, body diameter 9,7 mm, grip diameter 11,6 mm
  • MaterialGrade 5 Titan
  • Gewicht17 g
  • GarantieLebenslange Garantie
  • Ink refill (included)Schneider 0,4 mm Black
Pocket Pro Titanium Pen
Pocket Pro Titanium Pen
Pocket Pro Titanium Pen
Pocket Pro Titanium Pen

Pocket Pro Titanium Pen


von 5
  • C.S.
  • Verifizierter Kunde
  • Haundorf, Germany
  • 03.08.2023

Not perfect, but really, what is?
Bought this because it stresses me out having to look for new ballpoint pens (I have very specific needs with regards to the pen body and then I buy in bulk and, inevitably, once I'm through my stash the pen body/refill I'd been using has been discontinued or changed in a way I don't like). Now I only need to buy refills and that's it.
I'll never have to research for hours just to find out if the replacement refill I'd like to buy instead of the discontinued one will fit the pen I'd like to use or vice versa. I'll never again have to fiddle around with modifications just to get the new pen to be usable for me.
Just a light coat of sparkly nail polish to improve the grip section, a little bead instead of the heavy clip at the end and some days of finding the best writing position and that's it. That's my pen. No more stressing out.

  • Lars
  • Verifizierter Kunde
  • 03.04.2023

Fast shipping, great item!
Fast shipping, great item!!!

  • Josef e
  • Verifizierter Kunde
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 29.12.2021

Little disappointed
This is a 5 star’s pen good materials and weight and size, but the one big problem is the clip, it is loosening very fast and it’s not really secure in the pocket. So I can’t really give 5 stars or too recommended it, with that price tag there’s better pens.

MukamaResponse from Mukama:

Sorry for the troubles, our customer service will be in touch. Here is also the instruction video about tightening the clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtDGRYP92rM

  • Justin
  • Verifizierter Kunde
  • Darmstadt, Germany
  • 29.11.2021

Ti pocket pro stonewash
Received the pen quickly after ordering and im absolutly haooy with the pen.

Perfectly lightweight and good edc size.
The screwing mechanism for the refills is perfectly designed and a great idea.

Also had some contact with the shop and got quick and friendly answers. Great customer service :)

Ti pocket pro stonewash

  • AndrĂ©
  • Verifizierter Kunde
  • SĂŁo Domingos de Rana, Lisboa, Portugal
  • 31.05.2021

5 stars
The pen is just perfect and as described, superb quality and finish, and a great service from mukama.

  • -mieto-
  • Verifizierter Kunde
  • Vehkataipale, Finland - Suomi
  • 22.09.2023

EDC kynä
Juuri sopivan kokoinen EDC kÀyttöön.

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Pocket Pro Titanium Pen

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