Citadel R2

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  • Storlek495 × 320 × 165 mm
  • Material800 Denier 3-Layer Microhex, Hypalon, 400 Denier silver coated lining
  • ZipperYKK® AquaGuard®
  • GarantiLivstidsgaranti
  • Volym25 L
  • Laptop slotUp to 15/16"
  • HardwareAnodized Aluminum
Citadel R2
Citadel R2
Citadel R2

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Black Ember Citadel R2 Collection

A series of minimalistic, utilitarian bags and accessories designed to haul and protect your gear.

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Citadel R2


av 5
  • xX-Xx
  • Verifierad kund
  • luzern, Switzerland
  • 09.04.2020

hard fit
All-around great, this would be a 5 star review if I wasn’t so nitpicky. The finish its top very good, the look is great and options are just enough for something minimal.
Now to the negatives. If you aren’t bothered abought small things don’t worry, get the back pack you won’t be let down. For those that are just as nitpicky as I am these are the problems in my opinion
- The strap agiustmentlinse wile tidy in their design make it incredibly hard to adjust the backpack
- The position of the backpack is very high which can be unconfutable since it puts the tipping point higher up and has the added effect that every movement of the back pack is so close to your back that the straying quickly adds up and causes pain in the shoulders.
- The outside pautch doesn’t have any straps to secure the objects in the pocket in and since the top is empty space any movement other than vertical carry will have your stuff fling all over the place.
- The internal compartment, see main backpack storage unit, sores the laptop sleeve. The sleeve is only padded towards the front not towards the back which is both a shame and od.
- In the end the biggest quote is the proportions of the back pack. It much higher than it is wide or thick. This doesn’t only give it an odd appearance it also has the added effect that if you pack the backpack to the brim any vertical movement will destabilize you somewhat. If one tenth of the top part of the back pack was to be redistributed on the rest of the backpack it would be perfect both in size and fit.
Overall very nice back pack but still has a lot to improve in looks and fit compared to mammut or other name brands.

  • Vilho
  • Verifierad kund
  • Tampere, Finland - Suomi
  • 30.12.2019

Fit an mobile office inside
This Black Ember product works brilliantly due to its rigid and weatherproof shell with numerous inside and a couple outside pockets. Despite of the rainy december weather of Southern Finland, I haven’t had water get inside my backbag.
I personally love the size, but couldn’t fit gym gear inside, for instance, and it’s alright. Because it the size, the backbag is not in my way, and it hugs my spine comfortably.
I would say this bag is only for work/school use, and excells in those categories perfectly. I can see myself using the R2 for many years, if not decades, therefore the cost is justifiable!
You can accessorize this backbag with pouches, which is a cool option, but I don’t see the need for that, as of yet.

  • MOGNIAT DUCLOS Jean-Pierre
  • Verifierad kund
  • Claix, France
  • 27.11.2019

My Citadel R2
My son has a Citadel, I was thinking of inside improvements because there was to many pockets and they were too small for me, it was not a bag for me ....
And Black Ember did it...
With the Citadel R2 I find the bag I was looking for.
It’s a sturdy bag, too sturdy sometimes but it is perfect when I ride my motorcycle, water resistant with a lot of room.
For hiking It’s also a good bag.
Now this bag is following me very often, it’s now my everyday backpack and I am very with it.
With Mukama I found a great service, I was happy to deal with them. They are always answering your questions at light speed.

Den här produkten har inga recensioner på finska än. Det finns dock på engelska.

  • Karol
  • Verifierad kund
  • Selent, Germany
  • 25.11.2019

Qualität beim Rucksack und schneller Versand bei Mukuma
Der Rucksack ist genau so, wie er im Internet und in den Videos zu sehen ist. Einfach hochwertig und sein Geld wert.

Der Versand von Mukuma war unglaublich schnell und ich würde auf jeden Fall wieder bestellen.

Den här produkten har även recensioner på engelska.

Den här produkten har inga recensioner på svenska än. Det finns dock på engelska.

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Citadel R2

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