Fountain EDC Copper - Reservoarpenna

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DatabladProduct codes

  • Storlek109 mm closed, 148 mm posted, body diameter 11,6 mm
  • MaterialCopper
  • Vikt65 g
  • GarantiLivstidsgaranti
  • KonvertteriKaweco Mini Converter
  • KärkiBock 180 Stainless Steel Extra Fine

Fountain EDC Copper - Reservoarpenna

  • Martin
  • Verifierad kund
  • Johanneshov, Sweden
  • 12.11.2022

A really well made pen – except for the nib unit
The pen itself is just wonderful. It's hefty despite its diminutive size, weighting in at a whopping 20 g more than the similarly sized Kaweco Brass Sport. The tolerances are really tight – there is zero play in the cap, both when it's on an when it's posted, and the clip has just the right amount of springiness to it. The cap sits on there rather tight, which is preferable for a pen that is meant to go in a pocket. And while being weighty, it also feels pretty well balanced. All in all, this thing feels really well made.

My one gripe is that the nib unit doesn't match the quality of the rest of the pen. This is about the driest nib I have ever encountered, and I'm so far not able to fix the issue using the usual tweaks (flushing the nib unit with cleaning fluid, disassembling it and cleaning it, aligning the feed properly using a loupe, etc.). In all likelihood this is just me getting a dud, and I would probably have gotten a replacement had I asked for one. However, there was an easier solution in my particular case: I had a few Kaweco nib units lying around, and those fit perfectly this the pen. Seeing as I already had the part, it's really not that big a deal.

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Fountain EDC Copper - Reservoarpenna

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