Citadel R2 Kit - Setti

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Citadel R2 Kit -setti sisältää seuraavat tuotteet:

  • Citadel R2 (sekä kaikki siihen sisältyvät tarvikkeet)
  • Short Compression Straps 2-Pack - Jet Black -hihnat. Jos haluat oranssit hihnat, ilmoita se tilauksen kommenttikentässä.
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  • Tilavuus25 L
  • Kannettavan paikkaMax 15/16"
Citadel R2 Kit - Setti

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Black Ember Citadel R2 -sarja

Sarja minimalistisia, utilitaarisia laukkuja ja tarvikkeita, jotka on suunniteltu tärkeiden tarvikkeidesi kantoon ja suojaamiseen.

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Citadel R2 Kit - Setti


kautta 5
  • Xav
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • 05.11.2023

Outdoor or city waterproof bag
I use this bag every day on business trips and when traveling. It's sturdy and waterproof for biking activities, as long as you keep the zippers on the side.

  • GW Mensink
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Epe, Alankomaat
  • 06.04.2023

Great allround bag, would recommend
Let’s start off with the important bit: I really like this bag. I have two minor notes at the end but if you’re okay with that I can definitely recommend this bag to you.

I have been using this bag for a while now and I really appreciate the craftsmanship. I primarily use it for work but I’ve also used on a short trip and it was able to carry everything I needed and more. I’ve been using an XD Design Bobby Hero Regular bag before the Citadel but I needed more room for all the stuff I’m carrying for work, which the Citadel definitely has. The bag feels like it is made to last forever. The materials feel strong and the zippers are amazing. The handles are strong and pleasant to use and now that I have a handle on the side of the bag I realized I am actually using it quite a lot.

There are a few things to keep in mind though. Due to the strength of the materials there is not a lot of flexibility. This means that if you fully load your bag some parts of the bag are harder to access (front pocket for example). The other thing to keep in mind is that the zippers have a tiny gap between them that might let water through if the zippers are at the top. You can easily ‘fix’ this by moving the zippers to the side. Just something to keep in mind.

  • Rob
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Oranjewoud, Alankomaat
  • 29.11.2022

We would order again
Minimalist well organised sturdy rain proof back pack

  • Charles
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Woking, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
  • 25.11.2022

Overall poor bag
Very poorly designed bag.

  • Thijs
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Arnhem , Alankomaat
  • 16.11.2022

Great functionality, easy to get familiar with
Starting with a new bag for me means a making a lot of adaptations to my behaviour. Things get a new place, new pockets, new zippers. Must say that moving into this bag was no different although everyting has its logical place and space. I immediately removed the compression flap which is to me a useless filler.

I'm a bit disappointed with the load it can take, hence 4 stars. In absolute numbers it's as big as my previous (Pinq Ponq) but because of its stiffer materials it doesn't expand beyond its 'empty' dimensions. I often find myself having to carry bags of crisps or bread outside of the bag because it doesn't allow for any expansion.

Great functionality, easy to get familiar with

  • Christos
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • PAGKRATI, Kreikka
  • 05.09.2022

The best backpack I have ever used for commuting.
It's pretty sturdy and water resistant if you get the zippers all the way to the bottom.
It gives me the feeling it will not suit for a 3 day trip but haven't tried it yet for one.
First product I buy from Black Ember but surely not the last!


  • Dick Jansen
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Eindhoven, Alankomaat
  • 17.08.2022

Worth every penny
I was super excited to finally get this backpack and it has not let me down one bit. It looks the part and everything feels of the highest quality. Extremely thoughtful design and a banger execution.

Not readily available in Europe but Mukama is one of the few shops that had it in stock. Ordered and shipped the same day, arrived the next in the Netherlands. Very reassuring since it's an expensive bag and Mukama seems on their game when it comes to service.

Nothing but compliments!

Worth every penny

  • big man
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • 02.02.2022

don't buy from this site bye from black ember
don't buy from this site bye from black ember ._.

  • Marvin
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Bochum, Saksa
  • 23.08.2021

Best Backpack
The Citadel R2 is the best Backpack I have ever owned. It is sleek in design, versatile and has more than enough pockets to pack all your EDC. It also has a smart divider to pack down bulky stuff like clothes to get it out the way. The 360 degree zipper allows for easy access, even if the backpack is full.
Only downside is that if you try to fit too much inside the backpack you might have a really hard time closing it.

  • George
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Norwich, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
  • 29.07.2020

Out of this world!!!
5 stars

Tällä tuotteella ei ole vielä arvosteluja suomeksi. Mutta, muutama löytyy englanniksi.

  • Johan
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Verl, Saksa
  • 24.05.2021

Sehr guter, wirklich Hochqualitativer Rucksack
Gefällt mir sehr gut. Nichts zu bemängeln. Für perfekt für den Weg zu Arbeit und zurück. Leider noch nicht für Reisen nutzen können aber ich bin überzeugt er performed dabei genauso gut.

Sehr guter, wirklich Hochqualitativer Rucksack

  • Andreas
  • Todennettu asiakas
  • Utzenaich, Itävalta
  • 29.12.2020

Super Optik und Verarbeitung. Hab ich mir so vorgestellt.
Das Laptop Fach ist stark gepolstert. Leider nicht entnehmbar, so verbraucht es Platz auch wenn man es nicht benötigt.
Freu mich riesig drauf ihn täglich zu benutzen.

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Citadel R2 Kit - Setti

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