What Makes High Quality Leather?

What makes high quality leather?

Did you know that bags, wallets and other leather accessories that look almost the same at first and have the same “Genuine Leather” tag on them, can have very different qualities? Below we - together with Ideal & Co - show you how the choices made in the 4 critical steps of the leather manufacturing can contribute to a huge disparity in quality and price.

Ideal & Co

The facts and figures in this article are provided by great folks at Ideal & Co, true professionals of environmentally sustainable leather processing.


Leather hide areas

Tanning process

Leather dyeing process

Cowhide layers

The result of quality materials and craftmanship is an eco-friendly product with a natural leather look, soft touch and that may last a lifetime displaying a beautiful storytelling patina.


Ideal & Co

Special thanks to Ideal & Co for providing the facts and figures.

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