Bolt Action Titanium Pen

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Precision machined bolt action pen made from titanium

The unique bolt action mechanism sets this pen apart from the rest. One fluid motion advances and retracts the refill. Both the interior part and the inside surface have been carefully machined to be extra smooth, so the action feels amazingly satisfying.


Titanium is one of the most popular materials in Tactile Turn pens. It's not quite as light weight as aluminum, but much lighter than stainless steel, brass, and copper. Titanium is tough, lightweight, and extremely corrosion resistant. All parts of these pens are made from titanium except the clip which is stainless steel.

Three sizes available

You can choose from 3 different lengths – Standard, Short and Mini. If you wear big gloves, Standard 142 mm model might feel more comfortable. The Short 130 mm model tends to fit better in shirt pockets without sticking out. The Mini 112 mm is perfect for those who like to do more and carry less.

Quality you can feel

Tactile Turn pens are known for their CNC precision machined texture - it's where the name comes from. The sutble grooves create tactile feeling which allows you to control the pen exactly the way you want. It won’t bite into your skin but provides just the right amount of grip. The textured surface also disguises and protects the pens from light scratches much better than a smooth surface.


Different sizes come with different refills included, please see the details in the specs list below. For the complete refill compatibility, see here.

Data sheetProduct codes

  • SizeMini 112 mm - Short 130 mm - Standard 142 mm, Ø 11 mm
  • MaterialTitanium
  • WeightMini 28 g - Short 34 g - Standard 37 g
  • Made inUnited States
  • Ink refill (included)Mini: Pilot G2 Mini 0,7 mm Black, Short: Schmidt easyFLOW 9000, Standard: Pilot G2 0,7 mm
Bolt Action Titanium Pen
Bolt Action Titanium Pen
Bolt Action Titanium Pen

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Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pens

The smooth bolt action mechanism sets these pens apart from the rest. One fluid motion advances and retracts the refill.

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Bolt Action Titanium Pen


out of 5
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  • Slobodan
  • Verified customer
  • Göteborg, Sweden
  • 15.05.2023

simply true perfection
What can I say, excellent workmanship. It doesn't have a sixth star, but I would give it.Perfection and quality of every detail. You can't buy better than this pen. The delivery was fast. Thank you Mukama for having something like this in your offers, and five stars for you.I will certainly buy from you in the future, bravo MUKAMA.

simply true perfection

  • Calu
  • Verified customer
  • Manstad, Norway
  • 17.04.2023

Best EDC pen
I have carried this for several years - no other EDC pen can compare in my opinion. The thickness of it makes it super ergonomic, and the clip is very robust. The texture gives you a nice grip, while also securing it in the pocket without ripping. Absolutely excellent.

  • Vesa Valkama
  • Verified customer
  • 20.06.2022

Excellent pen
Quality of wormanship in this pen is amazing. If you appreciate presicion and style, this is pen for you.

  • margus
  • Verified customer
  • 16.05.2022

Nice little pen with a big disadvantage
This pen is very good, but you cant find refills anymore, unless you dont 3D print adapter for D1 refills. So if you dont mind spending money for this little pen, then its fine, but otherwise you are just buying expensive pencil which you are going to throw away when its empty.

  • Artur
  • Verified customer
  • 19.04.2022

Great pen!
Very good quality, fits well in the hand.

  • Ben
  • Verified customer
  • targon, France
  • 23.12.2021

Excellent ballpoint
Excellent stylo bille finition iMpeccable (usinage et stries)comme toujours chez tactical turn

  • Emil
  • Verified customer
  • Reutte, Austria
  • 10.11.2021

Beautifully designed and finished
I got this pen as a gift to my brother after he mentioned how much he liked mine. Definitely the right choice.
The length on the normal size is great and the finishing on it is as great as you expect. Shipping was fast and perfect as expected.

Picture shows size difference between my Short Bolt Action (blue bolt) and the “standard” size.

Beautifully designed and finished

  • Markus
  • Verified customer
  • Vienna, Austria
  • 03.08.2021

Great pen, a bit tail-heavy
The pen has a nice feel and heft. The thickness is just about right. I would have preferred the tip to be heavier than the tail though. Also, the clip is a bit too tight for me. Other than that a great piece of craftsmanship. Would buy again.

  • Donal
  • Verified customer
  • Cork, Ireland
  • 10.05.2021

Worth it!
I am a big fan of Pilot G2 pen ink and how it flows. However, I never liked the plastic body and when I discovered that TT pens allowed different types of refills including Pilot G2 refills, I decided to take a closer look.

The craftsmanship is really excellent and there is attention to detail. The tiny grooves abound the pen give it a nice tactile feel.

I was concerned about the weight at 37g and it is heavier than what I am used to but in hand it is nicely balanced. The thickness is ok for me too even though it is thicker than a Pilot G2 body. I would have liked to have handled the slim version to compare.

I prefer the clip on the standard pen to the slim version.

The bolt action itself is really slick. When the refill is retracted it is done so quickly it sounds like the pen sucks in a bit of air at the tip. This is really cool and something I really enjoy in this pen.

I think this pen will last forever and I think it is worth the hefty price tag.

  • Richard
  • Verified customer
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • 19.04.2021

A layman's impressions
Before I give my impression on this pen I should note that this is my very first pen of such caliber. I can't compare it to other pens in this category so take what I have to say as a layman's initial impressions.

In short, this pen feels amazing!

I am glad I went with the titanium instead of the other options, it's just the right weight for me. It has way more heft than regular plastic pens but it's not cumbersome in any way and feels comfortable to carry (the copper and bronze variants are almost twice as heavy).

The bolt action is smooth and strong, very fidgety but definitely not something you want to do during a meeting: due to the strength of the spring the click is very audible.

I read some reviews that praise the precision work that went into the construction of this pen and let me tell you, it's all true. Every part of this pen was machined with care for the smallest details. There are no sharp edges anywhere, the bottom part is so flush with the body of the pen you can't even see where the two parts meet. The clip is extremely robust, I would even call it an overkill.

I was worried the pen would feel slippery due to its all-metal body but the texture is just right so it doesn't slip even if you have sweaty hands like mine.

Now there is ONE negative I have found with this pen and it has to do with the ink refills. First of, keep in mind that if you don't like gel and rollerball refills, this pen might not work for you.

This pen comes with a Pilot G2 and I don't care how popular this cartridge is, I don't like it. It leaves spots, the flow feels uneven.

Luckily, TactileTurn provides an extensive list of compatible ink refills on their website. I have tried a few alternatives before I found the one that really felt the best for me.

My advice to anyone who buys this pen is to take a look at this list and try some of the refills to find whichever provides the best writing experience for you.

So overall, the pen itself is a well deserved 5/5 (I can't stress enough how good this pen feels) but the ink refill (and the alternatives) might not be to everyone's taste.

MukamaResponse from Mukama:

Thanks for the review! For those who need it, here is the link to the compatible refill list: It's now added to the product description as well.

  • Dino
  • Verified customer
  • Zagreb, Croatia
  • 07.04.2021

Pricey but awesome and unique
Who would give so much money for a pen? That was my thought initially. I was thinking for months is it justified, while looking all the pictures on this site and all others including EDC content. Finally, I gave in and got it. And believe me, I don't regret a cent. It's beautiful, elegant, has the weight and the mechanical action - stunning. I suppose the Slim version is a more elegant though, but I'll have to proceed purchasing it to make sure. All in all, If you're weighing to buy it or not - do it and you'll enjoy it - if not, you'll have an awesome present for someone.

  • Ong
  • Verified customer
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 25.01.2021

It's a pretty pricey pen so I had to do a lot of reading up on this pen before I finally pulled the trigger. No regrets. It is an exquisite piece of writing instrument. Really love how the head and body form a seamless whole and the tactile feel is really something! Looks great in pictures, feels awesome in hand. The 'downside' if one could even call it that is its industrial looking clip which kinda seems a bit off on such an otherwise elegant looking pen. And yes, the fact that it accommodates many refills of choice is certainly a plus. Kudos to the team at Tactile Turn for turning a good product (the Slider and Glider) into an excellent one. The Bolt Action on this is absolutely spot on!

  • Mar
  • Verified customer
  • Poznan, Poland
  • 26.12.2020

Simply awesome
This is by far the best pen out there.

  • Karsten
  • Verified customer
  • Tune, Denmark
  • 30.06.2020

Will last you a lifetime - and then some.
Got this for my birthday. The pen is so well constructed that it almost beggars belief. The body is a bit thicker than most other pens. Only when I tried it, did I realize that I've always needed a thicker pen to avoid my fingers cramping up after writing for just a short while. This felt so much more natural in my hand. The nice texture and it being perfectly weighted also adds to the overall experience.

  • Lyn Clements
  • Verified customer
  • Portland, United Kingdom
  • 18.05.2020

A joy to use
Yes it’s a comfortable pen to write with but also a superbly constructed touch toy to get you through video meetings and phone conversations with your manager. I like everything about it design, ergonomics and performance. Recommended

  • Sem Koot
  • Verified customer
  • Eemnes, Netherlands
  • 11.03.2020

Beautiful pen
If feels sturdy, the weight is nice, the bolt action is really satisfying and quite addictive to use and the texture of the pen makes it really pleasant to hold in your hand and write with.
It's well worth the premium price

  • David
  • Verified customer
  • Getafe, Spain
  • 30.01.2020

Very good and sturdy pen
Very pleased with the feel and weight of the pen, the titanium color is amazing.

The action bolt is really good for fidgeting and easy to use one handed.

The only downside it's the price, but knowing how the are made and the materials being used it makes sense.

I have a jotter that I'd used to EDC, but once it fell to the ground and the point bent making impossible to take the tip out to write. Not anymore with a titanium pen.

  • Richard
  • Verified customer
  • Brighton, United Kingdom
  • 05.12.2019

Best Ballpoint I’ve Ever Owned
Weighted perfectly. The bolt-action click is amazingly satisfying. Subtle knurling provides great texture and grip. Came with a Schmidt Easyflow 9000 refill which is a joy to write with. A fine instrument.

Bolt Action Titanium Pen

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