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Secrid Twinwallet Dutch Martin features full-grain leather developed exclusively for Secrid. It's finished with wax and oil, creating character and natural gloss.

The Twinwallet is the grand daddy of Secrid wallets. It's packed with two Cardprotectors inside to hold double the content. The whole wallet carries up to 16 cards, banknotes and receipts, but still remains compact in size.

The patented mechanism of the Cardprotectors inside provides a simple and fast access to your cards. Push the lever of the Cardprotector and the cards slide out smoothly, ready for immediate use. The strong case protects the cards against bending, breaking and unauthorised wireless scanning.

The leather billfold offers space for extra cards, banknotes and business cards. The stud closure snaps it shut and keeps everything in check. The cards inside Cardprotectors are accessible without opening the leather billfold.

Nearly 100 craftsmen are building the Secrid wallets with great precision in Holland. Each wallet comes with unique serial number as a proof of authenticity.

  • 2 Cardprotectors inside
  • Comfortable and fast card access
  • RFID-block secures your data
  • Made in Holland

Data sheetProduct codes

  • Size70 × 102 × 25 mm
  • MaterialHousing of Cardprotector: solid aluminium Wallet: European leather
  • Weight120 grams
  • Warranty2 years
  • BanknotesFit when folded
  • Coin pocketNo coin pocket
  • Card capacity12-16
  • Made inHolland
  • Additional featuresRFID-protected


Despite the compact size, Twinwallet holds a lot. It has two Cardprotectors integrated and the leather billfold offers additional space for cards and banknotes.

  1. Cardprotectors max. 8-12 cards (depending on the thickness/embossing of the cards)
  2. Banknotes, receipts, business cards
  3. Max. 3 cards
  4. Max. 3 cards

Protects Your Cards

Most cards nowadays contain a chip and antenna for wireless communication. These RFID / NFC cards are convenient but there is a risk involved - they can be read, activated and cloned from a metre away.

The Carprotector inside all Secrid wallets protects your cards from these kind of unwanted incidents. By revealing only a part of the cards, the signal is reduced but still sufficient for the use. Your cards will be protected not only when tucked away, but also when you use them.

RFID-protection of a Secrid Wallet

Secrid Twinwallet Dutch Martin

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Secrid Guide

Can't decide which Secrid product is the perfect choice for you? We created a little guide for you to help.

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All our Secrid wallets are authentic.

Inside each wallet is a unique serial code for registering the wallet for extended warranty and proof of authenticity.

Twinwallet Dutch Martin


out of 5
in total
  • Shawn Grixti
  • Verified customer
  • Rabat, Malta
  • 09.06.2020

Love it
Compact yet it holds alot. Good quality and craftsmanship.

  • j
  • Verified customer
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • 30.12.2019

Top quality style
The leather cover is of high quality and the finish is meticulous and precise. The mechanism of the case works convincingly, and it is surprisingly easy to carry a large number of cards and, if necessary, banknotes. Space-saver in every way.

huippulaadukasta tyyliä
Nahkapäällys on laadukas, viimeistely huolellista ja tarkkaa. Kotelon mekanismi toimii vakuuttavasti, ja mukaan mahtuu yllättävän vaivattomasti isokin määrä kortteja sekä tarvittaessa myös seteleitä. Tilaihme kaikinpuolin

  • Alon
  • Verified customer
  • 28.01.2019

Great service and fast shipping.
The Twinwallet is perfect, I transferred all my stuff from my old and big wallet to the twinwallet and it fits perfectly.
The leather is great the trigger card works well & it fits every pocket I put it in.
I have bought a red Twinwallet to my wife too and she enjoys using it.

Thank you very much

  • I. B. - Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Verified customer
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • 20.12.2018

Great product! Love the design, love the functionality, it has room for all my cards so far.
There is no pocket for keeping change ( I knew this, but it works for me because I don't carry change with me ).
Seems durable, very elegant, cool.. etc.

5 stars from me

  • Brad M.
  • Verified customer
  • Mililani, United States
  • 04.08.2018

I ordered this wallet a few weeks ago, and I mostly pleased with it. I'm quite picky about something that I carry on my body 18 hours a day and use quite frequently. I searched all over the world to find an appropriate replacement for my previous wallet. I love the credit card holder feature of this one. Its quite unique. No more bent, cracked and sweat-soaked cards and ID's that are difficult to remove. In one of the twin compartments I comfortably fit five credit cards with raised letters. In the other compartment, I snugly fit seven flat ID/membership cards. Although the scan-proof protection was not a priority for me, I am quite pleased to have it. More important tom me is the mechanics of the levers that extend the cards from the holders. Their action is smooth, and quite sturdy. This pleases me greatly. I'm a bit disappointed that the space outside of the twin holders is quite limited. f insert more than 5-6 bills of currency, the wallet does not close well, and it's difficult to engage the clasp. I understand that the design is suited for men who carry little cash, but I feel all us upon some occasion my find ourselves with a small wad of bills, and it would be nice if we could fit them in our existing wallet. Perhaps the fact that the wallet was also designed for Euros rather than U.S. currency contributes to this problem.
If I had one recommendation to the manufacturer, I would advise them to use a more modern device for wallet's closure. The metal snap seems ancient for an otherwise space-age wallet. How about flat magnets that allow a bit of "give" when the wallet is crammed with cash?

  • Tom
  • Verified customer
  • Carmel, United States
  • 23.04.2018

What a beauty! A compact credit card carrier. (I love that illiteration!). No more need to wrestle a card from the cracks of a sweaty raw-hide wallet that’s been stuck in my butt-pocket. With the simple press of a button: Voilá! All my card appear in military precision in eye view. Give the inventor a Nobel!!!

  • Popkorn
  • Verified customer
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • 09.04.2018

Fast Shipping!! and good service.

  • Verified customer
  • Burien, United States
  • 27.03.2018

Amazing and customizable wallet loved it

  • Caroline D'Alton-Galvin
  • Verified customer
  • Killorglin , Ireland
  • 04.01.2018

Bought this for my husband. He loves it. Bought several wallets previously, he always went back to his tatty old one. He is using his twinwallet full time. So pleased!

  • KPS
  • Verified customer
  • Jyväskylä, Finland
  • 13.04.2017

Works like a train toilet, so a very good and high quality purchase!

Toimii kuin junan vessa eli tosi hyvä ja laadukas ostos!

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Twinwallet Dutch Martin

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