Secrid - Safe and Accessible Card Wallets

Secrid wallet provides a simple and fast access to your cards while keeping them safe and RFID-protected inside the Cardprotector. Each wallet is made in Holland from quality materials.

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Miniwallet Original

59,90 €


Miniwallet Vintage

59,90 €


Miniwallet Matte

59,90 €


Miniwallet Indigo

74,90 €


Premium Miniwallet Dusk

99,90 €


Slimwallet Original

59,90 €


Slimwallet Vintage

59,90 €


Slimwallet Matte

59,90 €


Slimwallet Indigo

52,43 € - 74,90 €


Premium Slimwallet Dusk

99,90 €


Twinwallet Original

89,90 €


Twinwallet Vintage

89,90 €


Twinwallet Matte

89,90 €


Twinwallet Indigo

99,90 €


Premium Twinwallet Dusk

139,00 €



74,90 €



29,90 €


Cardslide Wallet

49,90 €


Cardprotector Slide

14,90 €



9,90 €

What sets the Secrid wallets apart?

Quick Access

The patented mechanism of Secrid wallets provides a simple and fast access to your cards. Pull the lever, and all cards slide out smoothly.

RFID Blocking Secrid Wallets

Protect your cards

The aluminium Cardprotector protects your cards against breaking and unwanted RFID/NFC scanning. When you want to scan a card, simply slide one out.

Secrid wallets, mad in Holland

Authentic Secrid wallets from Holland

Secrid wallets are made in Holland with great precision from quality materials. Each Secrid wallet have unique serial number, which you can register online and get a third year of guarantee plus a certificate of authenticity.

Compact Secrid Wallet

Capacity in compact form

Despite the small size, Secrid wallet can hold a lot. Each wallet includes the Cardprotector, and additional card and bill slots are available, depending on your choice of wallet model.

Several leather options

The leather used in Secrid wallets is made from European cowhides with a full-grain and aniline dyed basis, which can be worked for a diversity of unique looks and feels.

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Secrid Guide

Can't decide which Secrid wallet is the perfect choice for you? We created a little guide to help you out.

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Secrid Wallet Manual

Fill the Cardprotector with up to 6 cards

For quick access, place your most often used card at the front or back of the Cardprotector.

Carry the Secrid wallet in your front pocket

Secrid wallet is compact enough to fit in your front pocket. Back pocket storage can lead to incorrect seating position and back pains.

Pull the lever to slide the cards out

The Cardprotector is the heart of each Secrid wallet. Pull the lever and all your cards inside slide out smoothly.

Place the contactless card at the back

This way you can pay or check in even faster and more securely without taking the card out of the walllet. The signal is strong enough to work, and weak enough to prevent unauthorized scan.

Secrid FAQ

How many cards fit into a Secrid wallet?

The Cardprotector holds 4-6 cards depending on how many cards have embossed lettering. If your cards have embossing, it holds 4 cards – if none of your cards have embossing, it holds 6 cards.

Each Secrid leather wallet - Miniwallet, Slimwallet and Twinwallet - has the Cardprotector integrated (Twinwallet has two Cardprotecors). In addition, the leather exterior of these wallets allows extra space for cards, cash and receipts. Miniwallet and Twinwallet provide space for at least 4 extra cards. Slimwallet has a wider cut and provides space for at least 6 cards.

Max card capacity summary:

  • Cardprotector: 4-6
  • Miniwallet: 8-10
  • Slimwallet: 10-12
  • Twinwallet: 12-16
What's the best way to add banknotes into the Secrid wallet?

The Moneyflap inside each Secrid leather wallet is meant for storing banknotes. Every Secrid wallet becomes personal and there are various ways to use it, but here are two methods that we recommend:

The first is to slide notes down horizontally, so there is no need to fold the banknotes. When the wallet is closed, the banknotes wrap inside the wallet.

Secrid Moneyflap

Another way is to open out the Moneyflap and place the notes vertically. By folding back the Moneyflap, the cash is held securely in the wallet and takes up very little space.

Secrid Moneyflap
How do I know that a Secrid wallet is authentic?

Each authentic Secrid wallet has the unique serial code on the inner edge of the aluminum case. This code can be used to register the product for a 3rd year of warranty and the certificate of authenticity. You can register your Secrid wallet at

All the products that we sell are authentic, including all Secrid wallets. We are also an authorized Secrid reseller.

Many people search Secrid products by separate names such as Card protector, Card slide, Mini wallet, Slim wallet and Twin wallet. We use the official, one-word names Cardprotector, Cardslide, Miniwallet, Slimwallet and Twinwallet.

How does the Cardprotector protect my cards?

The aluminum Cardprotector protects your cards against bending, breaking and unauthorized wireless RFID / NFC communication.

Most cards nowadays contain a chip and antenna for wireless communication. These RFID / NFC cards are convenient but there is a risk involved - they can be read, activated and cloned from a metre away.

The Carprotector inside each Secrid wallet protects your cards from these kind of unwanted incidents. By revealing only a part of the cards, the signal is reduced but still sufficient for the use. Your cards will be protected not only when put away, but also when you use them.

How do I clean my Secrid wallet?

The Cardprotector is made of anodised aluminium, plastic and stainless steel and water won't go trough them. For cleaning it, you can use a soft cloth and soap and rinse it with warm water. Use fresh water only, make sure the mechanism is dry before using the wallet again.

Leather wallets need very little maintenance, if at all. Conventional leather care is sufficient whenever you need to clean or maintain the leather part.

My Secrid wallet is not working properly. What to do?

The lever is not working

If the lever gets stuck, try changing the order of your cards and straightening bent cards. You can also remove any dirt by shaking, blowing or rinsing the Cardprotector with warm water.

If the lever feels unusually loose, you may have triggered the protective mechanism. In this case, gently push the lever back to its neutral position until you hear a click.

My cards fall out of the Cardprotector

The Cardrotector is compatible with plastic, standard creditcard sized cards. If your cards are smaller or bigger than this, it might cause issues.

If the cards fall out with standard sized cards, the red felt material in the inside might have become flat. Usually this happens when there has been too many cards inside the Cardprotector. You can try the following: take a key or something similar and pull/scratch the felt hair upwards.

These didn't work or I have another problem

Please contact our customer service at and explain your problem - we'll work it out. Please include your order reference in the same email as well.

How long is the Secrid wallet warranty period?

Each Secrid wallet comes with a standard two-year warranty. If you register your product at, you'll get third year of warranty.