Pineapple Mini Titanium Flashlight

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The Pineapple Mini is a flashlight that has gotten a lot of things right for EDC use. Compact size together with a proper deep carry pocket clip makes it effortless to carry around. Click switch with a simple UI makes it easy to use in different situations. Quality build and good materials ensure longevity, and all this without breaking the bank.

The light source is a Nichia 519A 4000K LED. The light ships with a rechargeable, flat top, unprotected 10440 Li-ion battery that produces max 500 lumens. This is also the recommended battery for the light, but it also works with AAA battery that produces max 90 lumens.

Reverse click switch: Full click to turn on or off, half click (tap) to cycle between modes. 

The driver has battery reverse protection, high-temperature protection, and low voltage protection.

  • Compact EDC torch
  • Deep carry pocket clip
  • Click switch
  • Simple UI
  • Washer included (except Black Oil) for clipless carry
  • Comes with the new tailcap installed

Data sheetProduct codes

  • Size15 × 89 mm
  • MaterialTitanium
  • Weight32 g
  • OutputMax 500 lumens
  • BatteryRechargeable 10440 Li-ion, flat top, unprotected (included)
  • Light sourceNichia 519A 4000K LED

Programming guide

To enter configuration mode: From ON, half-click/tap the tail switch 8+ times until it starts to flash. The number of blinks indicates the configuration option number to be changed. Half-click/tap the tail switch during any quick flashes following the blinks to select the configuration option (1-5).

1. Mode group selection

After entering this menu, you can see it blink 4 times. The number of blinks indicates the number of mode groups.

  • The 1st blink - Group1: Moonlight-2%-20%-100%
  • The 2nd blink - Group2: Moonlight-10%-40%-100%
  • The 3rd blink - Group3: Moonlight-2%-10%-50%
  • The 4th blink - Group4: Moonlight-50%-100%-strobe-SOS

Half-click/tap the tail switch during any blinks to select the mode group. After selecting the mode group, you can half-click/tap to select the brightness mode.

2. Memory mode on-off toggle (default off)

To turn memory mode on, half-click/tap the tail switch during the quick flash after the second blink.

To turn off the memory mode, reenter the configuration mode and repeat the instruction above.

3. Moonlight mode off-on toggle (default on)

To turn the moonlight off, half-click/tap the tail switch during the quick flash after the third blink.

Repeat to turn the moonlight on.

4. Mode order toggle (default LMH)

To change the mode order from Low Medium High to High Medium Low, half-click/tap the tail switch during the quick flash after the fourth blink.

Repeat to reverse the order.

For example, the default mode order of group 1 is (Moonlight)-2%-20%-100%, if you change the mode group to HML, the mode ORDER of group 1 will be (Moonlight)-100%-20%-2%

5. Factory reset

Half-click/tap the tail switch during the quick flash after the fifth blink to reset all options to their original states.

Pineapple Mini Titanium Flashlight
Pineapple Mini Titanium Flashlight
Pineapple Mini Titanium Flashlight

Pineapple Mini Titanium Flashlight


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  • Lu
  • Verified customer
  • Berlin, Germany
  • 27.02.2024

EDC Addition
Nice and usefull EDC addition!

  • Riso
  • Verified customer
  • Považská Bystrica 1, Slovakia
  • 24.02.2024

Light and handy
Compact and easy to carry source of light for EDC carry kit also suitable for emergency or medical kit. Great materials and craftmanship.

  • Steffen Due Fisker
  • Verified customer
  • Fjerritslev, Denmark
  • 20.02.2024

Amazing flashlight
This is now my third pineapple, and still not my last. Got my eyes on the brass version too! Such a good looking light, comes with all the right finishes to match your gear!

  • Philipp
  • Verified customer
  • Dättlikon, Switzerland
  • 17.01.2024

fantastic edc flashlight
In my Opinion the best edc flashlight you can find. Love it! Fast as heck shipping from mukama.

  • Lars
  • Verified customer
  • Hessisch Oldendorf, Germany
  • 15.01.2024

Just awesome
Just awesome

Einfach Genial

  • Ian dick
  • Verified customer
  • Glenrothes Fife, United Kingdom
  • 09.01.2024

Pineapple mini titanium
Fantastic piece for edc can not go wrong lovely flashlight with good solid build good warm light colour makes colours pop buetiful great job and to think i was sitting on the fence for ages but i now have one and with new tail stand cap its good light love it for my daily needs huge thanks for great work

Pineapple mini titanium

  • Robert
  • Verified customer
  • Bucharest, Romania
  • 04.01.2024

Add this to my carry
Sleek and slim design, nice clicky tailcap, fragged pattern, titanium construction, warm beamshots... What more can you ask for in this pricerange? Opted for the stonewash one, as I believe the raw machined scratches easely.

  • John Doe
  • Verified customer
  • MORENS FR, Switzerland
  • 05.12.2023

Qualité de fabrication exceptionnelle. Plusieurs modes de fonctionnement et programmation possible. Livré avec une batterie rechargeable.

  • Vincent
  • Verified customer
  • 's-Gravenhage, Netherlands
  • 21.11.2023

Great little flashlight
Amazing stonewashed finish, great function!

  • Jonathan Xuereb
  • Verified customer
  • Zabbar, Malta
  • 01.11.2023

Awesome flashlight
Really happy with this light - looks great, built like a tank, very intuitive controls and a very reasonable price.

Awesome flashlight

  • Paulus
  • Verified customer
  • Hillegom, Netherlands
  • 19.10.2023

Excellent little flashlight
I am very happy with this beautiful little light. I use it more than my other lights.
The only thing missing is a possibilty to recharge the battery.

  • Marek
  • Verified customer
  • Fjellhamar, Norway
  • 18.10.2023

Great flashlight
Great little flashlight for everyday use. I have several different flashlights but this becomes number one. I recommend the flashlight and the store. These were my first purchases but not the last.

Great flashlight

  • Ryosiam
  • Verified customer
  • CHIANG MAI, Thailand
  • 18.09.2023

Excellent product. Fast international shipping. Thanks!

  • Lazar
  • Verified customer
  • ,
  • 18.09.2023

Flashlight Pineapple
Jako prakticna baterija izradjena od titanijuma,predivan dizajn,kompaktna za svakodnevnu upetrebu,sve pohvale.

Flashlight Pineapple

  • Dittany
  • Verified customer
  • WOKING, United Kingdom
  • 13.09.2023

My new fidget toy. I have a number of fidget gadgets, mostly titanium (God's metal) but since getting this I can't stop rolling it around my fingers. It just feels right. And of course the bonus is, it's also a flashlight. Well primarily a flashlight I suppose, but it's just so nice to handle.

  • Fux
  • Verified customer
  • St.Niklaus, Switzerland
  • 21.08.2023

Reylight Pineapple mini Titan
Exactly what I wanted. I am completely satisfied with this flashlight. Great workmanship and very nice to look at

Reylight Pineapple mini Titan
Genau was ich gesucht habe. Bin voll zufrieden mit dieser Taschenlampe. Grossartige Verarbeitung und optisch sehr schön

  • Chris Marcojos
  • Verified customer
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 07.08.2023

You should get one!
Awesome little edc light. Perfectly made, beautiful and rugged at the same time. The tint is also perfect.
Delivery was fast and efficient.
Thank you Mukama

You should get one!

  • Noah
  • Verified customer
  • Krefeld, Germany
  • 27.07.2023

EDC Classic.
Absolutely classic for every titan EDC.
Great stonewashed finish!

  • Michael
  • Verified customer
  • Lüneburg, Germany
  • 18.07.2023

Small but sturdy
Small, perfectly crafted stone washed flashlight made of metal with battery. Perfect for EDC. For my taste, it could shine a tad brighter, but it's enough. To charge, remove the battery and charge it with the cable.

Small but sturdy
Kleine, perfekt verarbeitete stone washed Taschenlampe aus Metall mit Akku. Perfekt für EDC. Für meinen Geschmack könnte sie noch einen Tick heller leuchten, aber es reicht. Zum Aufladen den Akku entnehmen und per Kabel laden.

  • Krzysztof
  • Verified customer
  • Jedburgh, United Kingdom
  • 03.07.2023

Mini PineappleTi Stonewash

The Mini Pineapple is a amazing beautiful LED lamp. Small but very sturdy and nice light colour.
Thanks for the quick delivery.

Mini PineappleTi  Stonewash

  • Paul
  • Verified customer
  • Douai, France
  • 29.06.2023

Great EDC!
Love this light. Small, tough, bright and great looking. Perfect size to carry with a SAK.
And finally an AAA light with an inset button which prevents switching on the light accidentally during pocket carry. I'm missing a lanyard attachement, but I was able to find a solution.

Great EDC!

  • Corbon
  • Verified customer
  • Berlin, Germany
  • 27.06.2023

Everything was fine, delivered quickly and chic little EDC Titanium Flashlight.

  • Tom De Buyzer
  • Verified customer
  • Leuven, Belgium
  • 26.06.2023

Mighty small and mighty handy
Bought this specifically for its moonlight function. Works really well, but even when you need more output, you’d be able to. Very nice flashlight in a great form factor.

  • Martin
  • Verified customer
  • Bremen, Germany
  • 26.06.2023

Again any time

  • Steven
  • Verified customer
  • Voormezele, Belgium
  • 26.06.2023

Nice little flashlight
Verry good little flashlight for every day carry. Lightweigth en easy to acces in the pocket. Nice finish on the titanium.

Nice little flashlight

  • Pascal Manders
  • Verified customer
  • Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • 26.06.2023

Little powerhouse
Beautiful little powerhouse of a flashlight, very sturdy and pleasant light colour.

  • Floh W.
  • Verified customer
  • München, Germany
  • 09.01.2023

Nice Little Light
A very nice Little lamp with good Color and it feels very sturdy.

Would buy it again and again!

  • Horst Menten
  • Verified customer
  • Hinte, Germany
  • 02.01.2023

Pineapple Mini Titan Stonewash
The Pineapple Mini is a beautiful LED lamp. Thank you very much for the quick delivery!

  • Michael
  • Verified customer
  • Hafenlohr , Germany
  • 02.01.2023

Pineapple Mini Titanium Raw
Eine sehr schön und gut verarbeitete EDC Taschenlampe mit einem 10440 Akku denn man auch gegen eine AAA Batterie tauschen kann, natürlich muss man dann Anstriche bei den Lumen hinnehmen. Als EDC Lampe durch ihre Baugröße perfekt geeignet passt in die kleine Jeanshosentasche genauso gut wie in ein EDC Organizer. Am Anfang muss man sich erst an die ein bisschen ungenauen Druckpunkte der Modes heran tasten, nach kurzer Zeit hat man sich aber darauf eingestellt.

Für den Preis,Verarbeitung und verwendetes Material kaum zuschlagen.

Eine klare Empfehlung für jeden der EDC Zeug mitnimmt und benutzt.

Pineapple Mini Titanium Raw

  • OP
  • Verified customer
  • Düsseldorf, Germany
  • 26.12.2022

Nice little edc flashlight
Well made pocket friendly light. The finish (RAW) is just beautiful.

  • Holger Weiss
  • Verified customer
  • ,
  • 12.12.2022

…nearly perfect !
Super lamp, only the button is a bit stiff (but that will certainly work out).

…fast perfekt !
Super Lampe, lediglich der Taster ist etwas schwergängig (das wird sich aber sicher einspielen).

  • Denis
  • Verified customer
  • Vung Tau, Vietnam
  • 10.12.2022

I would add a lanyard hole as well.

  • Ben
  • Verified customer
  • Gustavsberg, Sweden
  • 08.12.2022

Lovely little flashlight
Super compact and nice to carry and packs a punch for its size. I’m very impressed!

  • Lucas
  • Verified customer
  • Nouzonville , France
  • 22.11.2022

Pineapple mini ti flashlight
Amazing little flashlight, works great

  • Dieter
  • Verified customer
  • Sachsenheim, Germany
  • 07.11.2022

Reylight is great quality
This Flashlight is powerfull and yet small.
Reylight are always perfekt quality. Excellent product.

  • David
  • Verified customer
  • Alnö, Sweden
  • 31.10.2022

Pineapple Mini
Perfect pocket friendly flashlight. Great quality and lovely machining. Would like to get my hands on the new tail cap to minimize the risk of accidentally turning it on in my pocket, has happened a few times.

Pineapple Mini

Pineapple Mini Titanium Flashlight

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