Lambda Top Solid Brass

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Ruby-tipped solid brass spin top

If you know Jason's work at Prometheus Lights, you know he doesn't mess around. The Lambda top is not intended to be a record breaker in spinning time necessarily, but rather an expression of balance between performance, physics and aesthetics. However, you won't easily find something in the same size/weight class that will outspin this top. See the 10 minute spin video below showcasing the incredible stability. When it reaches center point after 3 mins from the start, it looks like a still image rather than a video. Impressed? We certainly are!

Machined from solid brass

This Lambda spinning top is machined from a single piece of solid C360 brass. It is completed without removing it from the machine, which allows more accurate outcome and delivers more perfect spin. The spindle is drilled hollow in order to lower the center of gravity to the sweet spot for longer and more stable spin. It also lets you see throught the ruby in the contact point, which brings us to the next topic.

Instrument-ruby contact point

The secret ingredient beyond a solid design is the instrument-grade ruby sphere in the contact point. This type of synthetic ruby is used in things such as Rolex watches, super-precision measuring instruments, fiber optic transmission lines, and other really expensive stuff. The hardness is 9 on the Mohs scale - diamond is one of the few harder materials and scores a perfect 10.

Besides hardness, the Lambda's Grade 25 ruby is nearly a perfect sphere. More precisely, the amount of deviation from the perfect sphere is 25 millionths of an inch. So if you divide one inch into one million slices, the amount of error is less than 25 slices. Using the perfect sphere rather than conventional cone shape works better beause there's always a perfect point of contact with the surface, wasting less energy and spinning longer.

Keep in mind that broken contact points are not covered under warranty. Never drop the Lambda top onto a tile or granite surface or the contact point may shatter. This is not a toy, it is a precision instrument and must be treated as such. 

So how long will it spin?

Most people should hit 6 minutes without trying too hard. Put in a little practice, and 8 minutes can be reached. If you practice a lot, you'll start seeing spins over 10 minutes. You should use some kind of an concave dish as a surface, otherwise it will drift and eventually fall off the table.

Every Lambda comes in a snap-top box that serves as a storage container and a display stand.

Data sheetProduct codes

  • Size25 mm in diameter
  • MaterialC360 brass body, instrument ruby contact point
  • Weight34,5 g
  • Made inUnited States
Lambda Top Solid Brass

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