Key Organiser Leather

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Elegantly store your keys into a silent stack

Orbitkey Key Organiser allows you to keep all your keys in one neat package, without the rattling sound of keys. The locking mechanism keeps the keys firmly in place, and you can fold out the right key effortlessly whenever necessary. Orbitkey also protects your other pocket belongings - such as mobile phone - from scratches. Comes with an extra loop for e.g. car keys. Made from full-grain cushioned cowhide leather. 

  • No more clutter
  • Pocket friendly, no key jingles
  • Place for car keys

Will my keys fit in? Most keys will fit without any issue, as long as the hole on your key is greater than 4 mm in diameter, it has a flat profile, and the length is shorter than 67 mm from the hole to the end of the key.

Data sheetProduct codes

  • Size85 × 19 mm
  • MaterialStainless steel, Full grain leather
  • Weight25 g
  • Warranty2 years
Key Organiser Leather
Key Organiser Leather
Key Organiser Leather

Part of the collection:

Orbitkey Key Organiser System

The Key Organiser lets you store your keys and accessories in a beautiful, silent and organised stack.

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Key Organiser Leather


out of 5
in total
  • Emrah
  • Verified customer
  • LANGNAU AM ALBIS, Switzerland
  • 01.05.2023

Good shopping experience and fast delivery
Good shopping experience and fast delivery. Would shop again from Mukama.

  • Nuno
  • Verified customer
  • Dafundo, Portugal
  • 10.01.2023

Light and practical
Very well built, with excellent finishes. Simple and practical. For anyone looking for a minimalist but still practical solution, I strongly advise!

Light and practical

  • Ismo R
  • Verified customer
  • Espoo, Finland
  • 30.12.2022

Erittäin laadukas avaimenperä / key organizer.
Orbitkey keyorganizer on erittäin laadukas, tyylikäs ja _toimiva_ tuote!

  • S. S. B
  • Verified customer
  • Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • 12.07.2022

I would buy it again and again
Best key organizer, delivery is very fast. I would buy it again and again from mukama. Thanks for the great customer experience!

  • David
  • Verified customer
  • Veldhoven, Netherlands
  • 06.07.2022

Look good
Nice quality material and construction.

  • Oscar
  • Verified customer
  • HELSINKI, Finland
  • 09.02.2022

Amazing purchase
Extremely nice attention to detail. Really useful and practical. I also got the Multitool v2 which matches nicely!

Amazing purchase

  • Johan
  • Verified customer
  • Montigny lès Metz, France
  • 18.01.2022

Best key organizer
It has a good look and organize your keys in your pocket

  • Katinka
  • Verified customer
  • Turku, Finland
  • 12.01.2022

The bar where the keys get attached is too short for Finnish keys, extra bits should be included in the original package. After installing the extra bits, it is again good and functional.

"Tappi" johon avaimet laitetaan on liian lyhyt suomalaisille avaimille, lisäpaloja voisi olla jo alkuperäisessä pakkauksessa. Lisäpalojen tilauksen jälkeen hyvä ja toimiva,

  • Moritz
  • Verified customer
  • Berlin, Germany
  • 10.01.2022

Great quality and very sleek footprint
I am super happy with this key organizer. Very clean and sleek design. The quality is great!

My keys are kinda bulky and don’t even have a centered hole but it still works decent enough to be happy with the product.

So I would suggest give it a try even you don’t have the perfect fitting keys.

Great quality and very sleek footprint

  • A
  • Verified customer
  • Toijala, Finland
  • 20.12.2021

The gift recipient liked very much

Lahjan saaja tykkäsi kovasti

  • A
  • Verified customer
  • 20.12.2021

Bought as a gift, the recipient liked a lot. Keys neatly in order

Ostin lahjaksi, tykkäsi paljon. Siististi avaimet järjestykseen

  • Petteri
  • Verified customer
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • 26.04.2021

No more jingle
With this, even the smallest bunch of keys will stay in place. It's convenient to keep your keys in your pocket, as they won't roll around or scratch anything else in your pocket. Even when you're on a ride, your keys won't rattle around in your pocket.

Not quite optimal for larger abloy keys, because they have big holes and the surface of the key is not flat, but at least with one larger key and two regular abloy keys it still works fine.

The product itself is very neat and of high quality.

Ei enää kilinää

Ei enää kilinää
Tämän avulla pienikin avainnippu pysyy hyvin tallessa. Avaimia on mukava säilyttää taskussa, kun eivät pyöri tai naarmuta muuta taskussa olevaa. Lenkilläkään ei avaimet kilise taskussa.

Ei aivan optimaalinen isommille abloy avaimille, koska niissä on suuret reiät, eikä avaimen pinta ole tasainen, mutta ainakin yhden isomman ja kahden tavallisen abloy avaimen kanssa vielä toimii ihan hyvin.

Tuote on itsessään erittäin siisti ja laadukas.

  • CT
  • Verified customer
  • Porto, Portugal
  • 20.12.2020

Best key organizer out there. No more scratching my smartphone screen or that annoying jingling sound.

  • Niko
  • Verified customer
  • Söderkulla, Finland
  • 07.07.2020

Good and handy product, a couple of moderately thick Abloy Sento keys fit in the space and have been in use for a couple of years. I will definitely not be switching back to key rings again.

Hyvä ja kätevä tuote, pari kohtalaisen paksua Abloy Sento avainta mahtui väliin ja ollut käytössä pari vuotta. En todellakaan tule vaihtamaan enää takaisin avainrenkaisiin

  • mickep
  • Verified customer
  • Oulainen, Finland
  • 30.12.2019

Incredibly handy and quality looking key ring! Now in its third week of use, and I wouldn't trade it for another one. I can highly recommend it to everyone!

Uskomattoman kätevä ja laadukkaan olonen avainlenkki! Nyt kolmatta viikkoa käytössä, enkä päivääkään vaihtais pois. Voin suositella vahvasti kaikille!

  • Jussi
  • Verified customer
  • Turku, Finland
  • 11.11.2019

Good gift idea
The recipient of the gift was delighted, a convenient and high quality looking solution.

Hyvä lahjaidea
Lahjan saaja ilahtui, kätevä ja laadukkaan tuntuinen ratkaisu.

  • Tinze
  • Verified customer
  • Kuopio, Finland
  • 14.08.2019

Barking at the price
I started to get annoyed when my husband's keys kept jingling and rattling. This was a great buy, now the keys are neatly packed!

Haukkuu hintansa
Alkoi ärsyttää kun miehen avaimet kilisi ja kolisi jatkuvasti. Tämä oli loistohankinta, nyt avaimet siististi nipussa!

  • Pol
  • Verified customer
  • 26.12.2018

Fits perfectly for seven keys. A little fiddling until everything fits. Finally tightened the screw properly, it clicks into place. It won't start that fast. Exactly what I've been searching for. For me better than keybar, because it is smaller, lighter and more elegant.

Passt perfekt für sieben Schlüssel. Etwas Gefummel bis alles passt. Hab die Schraube zum Schluss richtig festgezogen, sie rastet ein. Die geht so schnell nicht los. Genau das, was ich gesucht habe. Für mich besser als Keybar, da kleiner, leichter und eleganter.

  • Goldenboi
  • Verified customer
  • Siilinjärvi, Finland
  • 16.10.2018

Works very well and feels like quality! I have four keys included and all a little different model + multi tool. Definitely a good buy that keeps keys organized and feels more comfortable in your pocket. Plus it also looks great!

Toimii erittäin hyvin ja tuntuu laadukkaalta! Minulla mukana neljä avainta ja kaikki vähän eri mallia + multi tool. Ehdottomasti hyvä ostos, joka pitää avaimet järjestyksessä ja tuntuu mukavammalta taskussa. Lisäksi myös näyttää hyvältä!

  • Juho
  • Verified customer
  • Oulu, Finland
  • 08.05.2018

Does what it promises, very handy. However, there can be problems with keys of different shapes and sizes.

Tekee mitä lupaa, tosi kätevä. Useiden eri muotoisten ja kokoisten avainten kanssa voi tulla kuitenkin hankaluuksia.

  • Ian
  • Verified customer
  • 14.04.2018

What an absolute piece of crap! It fails in every aspect of being a key ring:
- Keys are so bunched up together that it's hard to access them quickly
- If you have a door that requires anything more than 360 degree turn of the key, the key ring obstructs you
- It's almost impossible to open the device once you have secured it closed
- If a key if any longer than a normal key, it won't fit on the device
- I had to rip mine apart as it got stuck, it is now in the trash, where it belongs

  • Jaakko
  • Verified customer
  • Oulu, Finland
  • 14.03.2018

Tidies up the bunch of keys into a neat package; works exactly as it should.
Picky for a security lock key, for example. That too got solved by not carrying it with me - haven't used it in five years.
At best with three keys, with less it's too loose.

Siistii avainnipun nätiksi paketiksi; toimii juuri niin kuin pitääkin.
Kranttu esimerkiksi turvalukon avaimelle. Sekin tosin ratkesi jättämällä pois mukanakuljetettavista - enpä ole käyttänyt viiteen vuoteen.
Parhaimmillaan kolmella avaimella, vähemmällä jää turhan löysäksi.

  • Heikki
  • Verified customer
  • Oulu, Finland
  • 08.01.2018

A really excellent product, I should have found something like this years ago! By chance I came across this while buying a wallet here. Fast delivery!

Kerrassaan erinomainen tuote, tämmöinen olisi pitänyt löytää jo vuosia sitten! Sattumalta bongasin tämän lompakkoa ostaessani täältä. Nopea toimitus!

  • Tyytyväinen avainlenkin omistaja
  • Verified customer
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • 26.12.2017

Really handy, lightweight key ring that keeps your keys in a bundle. My own five keys fit like a dream. I can only recommend this.

Todella kätevä, kevyt, avaimet nipussa pitävä avainlenkki. Omat viisi avainta sopii kuin nakuutettu. En voi muuta kuin suositella.

  • Claes
  • Verified customer
  • Laholm, Sweden
  • 13.11.2017

Works very well to get the keys under a leather strap, already had one and this was a gift.

Fungerar väldigt bra att få nycklarna samlade under ett läderband, har en sedan tidigare och denna är som en present.

Key Organiser Leather

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