Spyderco Standard Wire Clip Replacement

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Titanium upgrade to a wire clip

This clip is designed specifically for Spyderco (and other) models that use their wire clip. 

Whether or not the clip will work with a specific model depends on where the clip screw is in relation to the ‘channel tines’ (where the clip is held in the scales). If the screw is high in relation to those channels, there isn’t room to get a wrench on to tighten the clip down. If the screw is in the middle or lower area, the clip will work. Please see the list of compatible models. If your model isn’t listed, please shoot an email and we’ll take a look at your model and get back to you.

Spyderco compatibility:

  • Autonomy 1
  • Caly 3
  • Caly 3.5
  • Chicago
  • Dragonfly 2
  • Foundry
  • Lil Native Compression Lock (will not fit Lockback version)
  • Manix 2 Lightweight
  • MicroJimbo
  • Para 3 Lightweight
  • Poliwog
  • Sage 2
  • Sage 5 CF
  • Sage 5 Lightweight
  • Sage 5 Maxamet
  • Siren
  • Slysz Bowie (newer versions - will not fit the Gen 1 version)
  • Slysz Bowie (KnifeJoy Exclusive)
  • SpydieChef (newest ‘black screw’ version - will not fit older ‘silver screw’ models)
  • Squeak
  • Techno 1
  • Techno 2 (fits with some effort)
  • UKPK
  • Urban
  • Urban Lightweight

Will fit the following models that use a connected screw/barrel setup to hold the clip on the knife. On these models, if the screw and barrel both have drives, you need only to loosen the screw, then tighten it down from the opposite side once the clip is installed. If the screw has a drive, but the barrel side is plain (no drive), the screw and barrel need to be removed (before installation of the new clip), then re-installed with the screw head on the opposite side of the knife. The design of these knives puts the screw too high in relation to the ‘tine channels’ to get a driver through the access hole on the clip and onto the screw when the clip is place. But by flipping the barrel/screw around, it works well, as the clip can be tightened from the opposite side.

  • Chaparral CF
  • Chaparral FRN
  • Ikuchi
  • Kapara

Fox Knives

  • Black Bird
  • Core
  • Baby Core
  • Italico
  • MKM
  • Pelican Liner Lock

Giant Mouse Knives

  • Ace Riv Titanium
  • Ace Riv Brass
  • Ace Riv Micarta
  • Ace Clyde Brass
  • Ave Clyde Micarta
  • Ace Sonoma Micarta

Renegade Provisions Co.

  • Gungnir (Wire Clip Model)


  • Dozier

Luft Concepts

  • AVNT
  • Micro Burst


  • Vox Dapper

Quiet Carry

  • Drift G10

Divo Knives

  • Stout


  • Thunderbird

Data sheetProduct codes

  • Size5,1 cm
  • Material6Al4V Titanium
  • WarrantyLifetime warranty
  • Made inUnited States
Spyderco Standard Wire Clip Replacement
Spyderco Standard Wire Clip Replacement
Spyderco Standard Wire Clip Replacement
Spyderco Standard Wire Clip Replacement

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