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Insulated TKWide Bottles

From the backcountry to the boardroom, Klean Kanteen vacuum insulated TKWide bottles keep drinks steaming hot or icy cold.

Klean Kanteen

TKWide 355 ml Insulated Bottle

36,90 €

Klean Kanteen

TKWide 473 ml Insulated Bottle

39,90 €

Klean Kanteen

TKWide 592 ml Insulated Bottle

42,90 €

Klean Kanteen

TKWide 946 ml Insulated Bottle

49,90 €

Klean Kanteen

TKWide 1,9 L Insulated Bottle

74,90 €

Klean Kanteen

Loop Cap (TKWide)

12,90 €

Klean Kanteen

Café Cap (TKWide)

12,90 €

For Any Beverage

TKWide bottles are great for variety of beverages, including water, coffee, smoothies, kombucha - cold, hot or carbonated. Available in 355 / 473 / 592 / 946 ml and 1,9 L

Interchangeable TKWide Caps

Compatible TKWide Caps lets you easily transition from morning coffee to afternoon smoothies, water at the gym and everything in between.

TK Closure™ Internal Thread Design

The external thread system is replaced with a revolutionary TK Closure™ internal thread design for optimal thermal performance. Smooth, rounded lip for comfortable drinking and easy cleaning.