Classic 532 ml Drinking Bottle

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Whether you are going our for a short hike or just to work, 532 ml Classic drinking bottle holds enough to keep you hydrated. It fits easily into your bag, briefcase or cup holder.

The bottle is made from 18/8, food-grade stainless steel; totally free of BPA and other toxins. Because stainless steel itself is safe, there is no need to coat the inside of the bottle with a plastic or epoxy lining, one of the main differences from aluminum bottles. It keeps the liquid fresh and flavours won't stick. Like all Klean Kanteen bottles, Classic has easy-to-clean round corners. Sustainably produced, comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Slim design fits in most cup holders and bags
  • 100% stainless interior keeping the liquid fresh
  • Fits large ice cubes
  • Sustainably produced, lifetime companion

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Let's do some good: We'll donate 1€ from every ordered bottle to, helping to provide one person access to safe water for one year.

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Data sheetProduct codes

  • Size70 × 178 mm
  • Material18/8 food-grade stainless steel, BPA-free polypropylene cap, 100% stainless interior
  • Weight145 g
  • WarrantyLifetime warranty
  • Volume532 ml
  • InsulatedNo
  • Cap includedSport Cap
  • Mouth opening44 mm
  • WashingDishwasher safe

Why Kanteen?

Toxin-free materials

You never have to worry about the materials in a Klean Kanteen, they have done their homework: 18/8, food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free polypropylene #5 (for caps). Quality stainless steel doesn't need a liner like aluminum bottles, so it doesn't retain flavors or make drinks taste funky.

Curvy corners and rounded threads

It's easy to clean Klean Kanteens because they were intentionally designed with radius corners and there are no hard angles where dirt or bacteria can hide. Kanteen also uses large, radius threads that are easy to clean so dirt, bacteria and germs don't have a place to accumulate or hide.

Functional large-mouth openings

The large openings of bottles and other products accommodate big ice cubes and also make for easy cleaning. You can handwash all Kanteens and many of them are diswasher safe.

Flavor free

The food-grade stainless steel doesn't need to be lined with plastic or baked-on epoxy like aluminum bottles, so you'll never have to check to make sure the inside of your Klean Kanteen is still safe and intact. Because the steel solutions don't have liners, they don't retain flavors or make drinks taste funky either.

Handcrafted quality

Every Klean Kanteen is made from pieces of stainless steel welded together by hand then electropolished for a smooth, shiny interior.

Made to last a lifetime

The walls of Kanteen bottles are noticeably thicker than most copycat brands. It's a well-researched balance between weight and durability, so they don't dent easily. If you take care of your Kanteen, it can last a lifetime.

Not just a feel good choice.

Kanteen products are progressive, functional designs that perform a task much better than the paper, plastic and aluminum options. Not all alternatives to single-use are created equal — it is paramount to the Klean Kanteen mission to offer only responsible solutions that are designed with health, safety and sustainability front of mind.


Classic 532 ml Drinking Bottle


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  • Martti V
  • Verified customer
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • 25.06.2021

Excellent product
The last bottle I'll buy. It's sturdy but thin enough that it isn't too heavy. After the first rinses there's been no smells or tastes. I use mine with a steel cap.

  • Janoinen
  • Verified customer
  • Vaasa, Finland
  • 16.12.2019

Excellent drinking bottle
Beautiful, durable and ecological water bottle. Good buy!

Mahtava juomapullo
Kaunis, kestävä ja ekologinen juomapullo. Hyvä ostos!

  • nono
  • Verified customer
  • Kotka, Finland
  • 11.04.2018

Plastic leaves one step at a time. This was a good step forward for me as well. High quality, "odourless", leakproof, I am positively surprised. thanks +:)

muovi jää askel kerrallaan. Tämä oli sen suhteen myös itselleni hyvä etenemä. Laadukas, "tuoksuton", tiivis, olen positiivisesti yllättynyt. kiitos +:)

  • Jussi
  • Verified customer
  • Hyvinkää, Finland
  • 28.12.2017

I ordered it for my wife for christmas. She has been very pleased.

Tilasin vaimolle joululahjaksi. On ollut tyytyväinen.

  • Emil
  • Verified customer
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • 24.07.2017

Previous metal colored bottle disappeared, so I had to get a new one. This one is always with me. Quality is very good, the size is good. I use it with sport cap 3.0. Good flow, no leakage. Matte black paint, after a month of use I can't say yet how well it will hold up to wear and tear, it is stylish though. Big mouth makes it easy to wash, no plastic film on the inside like some competing aluminum versions. A strong recommendation!

Edellinen metallin värinen pullo hävisi, joten oli pakko hankkia uusi. Tämä on aina mukana. Laatu on erittäin hyvää, koko hyvä. Käytän sport cap 3.0 kanssa. Hyvä flow, ei vuoda. Mattamustasta maalista en vielä kk käytön perusteella osaa sanoa, miten hyvin kestää kulutusta, tyylikäs on kyllä. Iso suuaukko helpottaa pesemistä, eikä sisällä muovikalvoa sisäpuolella, niinkuin jotkin kilpailevat alumiiniversiot. Vahva suositus!

  • Tom
  • Verified customer
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • 05.09.2016

Bottle is high quality, lightweight and the right size. Rubber cap tastes a little bitter, but hopefully this will fade with time.

Pullo on laadukas, kevyt ja sopivan kokoinen. Kumikorkki maistuu vähän kitkerältä, mutta ajan kanssa se toivottavasti hälvenee.

  • Ari
  • Verified customer
  • Heinola, Finland
  • 13.08.2016

Good and durable water bottle, just the right size to take on a run. Steel bottle keeps the drink cool and fresh without any side tastes. When new, the straw on the cap leaves a plastic taste when drinking water, but it's just a nuisance if you have to drink while cycling and can't open the cap all the way. Convenient size and solid bottle, I can recommend it to others.

Hyvä ja kestävä juomapullo, juuri passelin kokoinen lenkille mukaan. Teräspullo pitää juoman viileänä ja raikkaana ilman mitään sivumakuja. Korkin pillistä irtoaa uutena muovin makua veteen juodessa, mutta se kiusaa vaan jos joutuu juomaan pyöräillessä eikä pysty avaamaan korkkia kokonaan. Kätevän kokoinen ja vankka pullo, voin suositella muillekin.

  • JJ
  • Verified customer
  • Lohja, Finland
  • 10.12.2015

Stylish and high quality product. Sport Cap brings some plastic taste while drinking.

Tyylikäs ja laadukas tuote. Sport Cap tuo jonkun verran muovin makua juodessa.

  • PR
  • Verified customer
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • 02.10.2015

I've only had the new steel bottle for a few days, but so far I'm really happy with it! I searched for a long time for a suitable durable water bottle (I also considered this one for a long time, as I'm not easily committed to anything for the rest of my life), and this one finally seems to have all the features I was hoping for!

Vasta muutaman päivän on ollut uusi teräksinen juomapullo käytössä, mutta toistaiseksi ainakin olen todella tyytyväinen tähän! Etsin pitkään sopivaa kestojuomapulloa (harkitsin tätäkin kauan, koska en kevyin perustein sitoudu mihinkään loppuiäkseni), ja tässä vihdoin kaikki toivomani ominaisuudet vaikuttaisivat kohdanneen!

  • MK
  • Verified customer
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • 20.08.2015

I was really surprised by the odourlessness of the bottle. I had previously used plastic sports bottles. They started to smell very quickly. This bottle has worked well so far, and no odours have stuck. Keeps the drink cool for a long time.

Yllätyin todellakin juomapullon hajuttomuudesta. Aikaisemmin ollut käytössä muovisia urheilupulloja. Ne rupesivat haisemaan hyvin nopeasti. Tämä juomapullo toiminut toistaiseksi hyvin, eikä ole hajut tarttunut. Pitää juoman viileänä pitkään.

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Classic 532 ml Drinking Bottle

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