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Kaffa Roastery

Lempeä Voima Coffee

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When you purchase the VSSL Java Coffee Grinder, Kaffa Roastery coffee is on us! It will be added to the cart automatically free of charge. Offer is valid when we have these in stock.

Kaffa Roastery brings the best beans from around the world and does the roasting in our home city Helsinki. Finnish people are one of the most avid coffee drinkers in the world, Kaffa Roastery aims to help us to drink the best coffee in the world, too.

The "Lempeä voima" means "Gentle strength". A medium roast, velvety coffee with a hint of chocolate. Easy to drink black or with milk, a damn good taste.

  • 70% Kolumbia, San Lorenzo (arabica)
  • 30% Uganda, Rwenzori Natural (arabica)

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Lempeä Voima Coffee

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