Say "Hello" to your new hands-free helper. Heroclip is a special hooked carabiner that allows you to gather, fasten and hang your stuff where you need it.

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Heroclip® Mini

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Heroclip® Small

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Heroclip® Medium

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Heroclip® Large

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Heroclip FAQ

What is Heroclip exactly?
Heroclip is a tool that can hold whatever you want wherever you want it. Backpacks from tree branches, gear from fences and trees, travel bags from doors and so on. The 360 degree hook and carabiner the Heroclip structure is extremely versatile.
How is Heroclip different from other carabiners?
Unlike other fasteners that only function in one way, Heroclip enables users to both hook and clip stuff. The patented 360-degree swivel and two-jointed folding hook system make hanging effortless, allowing items to hang straight from even the most awkward spots and providing convenient access to whatever is being stored. The extra-large gate on the carabiner makes it easier to insert items than other clips.
What is the Heroclip warranty?
Heroclip products are built to last and they come with Limited Lifetime Warranty. If there is a manufacturing defect, it will be replaced.