Tritium Lanyard Hole Stopper for PM2/P3

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Flytanium teamed up with Glow Rhino to install tritium in a titanium lanyard stopper for PM2 and Para 3. The soft light of tritium always glows with no need for recharging or swapping batteries and makes locating your knife in tough conditions a breeze. Features two tritium vials, one in each side.

* Knife not included. Uses hardware from stock knife. Compatible with nested-liner models, not compatible with lightweight models.

About Tritium: Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that, when combined with phosphor, emits light. Tritium is a low energy beta emitter which means it is totally safe to handle as the particles are unable to penetrate skin. Over long periods of time, tritium will glow slightly less - half as bright every 12.32 years to be exact.

Tritium Lanyard Hole Stopper for PM2/P3

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