M1 Maverick Spec-Ops Bifold Wallet

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Inspired by military and first responders, the M1 Maverick Bifold Spec-Ops edition is Dango’s all new utility vertical wallet that has a robust yet sleek design.

The M1 Spec-Ops combines CNC Machined 6061 aerospace aluminum with Dango's own water-resistant and resilient DTEX material. The surface of the M1 chassis is ceramic coated with Cerakote - a ceramic paint tough enough to withstand rough handling.

The wallet comes with its pairing high carbon, heat treated stainless steel MT04 Multi-Tool which has over 10 functions which are specifically designed to respond to emergency situations. The functions of the multi-tool include: a seat belt cutter, serrated/sharpened edges, chisel, 2 paracord tensioners, an O2 oxygen wrench, nail pryer, standard 1/4” inch hex wrench, and of course, a bottle opener. The MT04 Multi-Tool slides into the metal slot where the cards sit and is nested securely onto the safety locks on the frame.

In addition to the MT04, the wallet includes the high carbon, heat treated stainless steel MT01 Clasp, which is a miniature multi-tool that is used as the bifold enclosure and packs about 5 additional functions such as: a small chisel, an open hex wrench, another bottle opener, a flat and Phillips head screw driver.

  • Machined aluminum + DTEX bifold
  • Tough Cerakote coated frame
  • Comes with the MT04 and MT01 Multi-Tools

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Data sheetProduct codes

  • Size76 × 108 mm
  • MaterialStainless steel
  • Weight142 g
  • WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty
  • Card capacity16 (18 without multi-tool)
  • Additional featuresRFID-protected

M1 Maverick Spec-Ops Bifold Wallet


out of 5
in total
  • ODA 226
  • Verified customer
  • 07.03.2023

Exactly what I wanted for my EDC!

  • misile
  • Verified customer
  • Sümeg, Hungary
  • 31.10.2022

A versatile wallet
A wallet made of durable material that is easy to use. The interior wears easily, I think it still needs to be improved. Customer service is excellent!

  • Fischer
  • Verified customer
  • 17.02.2022

Great but expensive toy
The part has a great presentation and is also quite robust but for the price I would like something different. If it should have an RFID protection, it doesn't work - I would wish for it. The paint is nice and clean, but the part fell on the asphalt and the paint came off immediately. In the "cover" you have to live with the fact that the cards bend if there is more than just a five inside. All in all I have to say that the part is good but the price is too high. Finally, the biggest flaw is the metal of the tools is inferior and I mean it like I say it! If you enjoy pseudo EDC stuff and have the wherewithal, this thing is great!!! But if you want to open more than just a bottle of beer with the tool and otherwise don't sit in the office all day, I have to say optics thumbs up, use thumbs half down!

Tolles aber Teures Spielzeug
Das Teil hat eine Tolle Aufmachung, und ist auch ziemlich robust aber für den Preis wünsche ich mir doch etwas anderes .
Falls es einen RFID Schutz haben sollte funktioniert er nicht- würde ich mir wünschen.
Der Lack ist schön und sauber jedoch ist mir das Teil auf den Asphalt gefallen und der Lack direkt abgegangen.
Im "Deckel" muss man mit leben das die Karten sich verbiegen wenn im Innenbereich mal mehr als nur ein Fünfer steckt.
Alles in allen muss ich schon sagen das Teil ist gut aber der Preis überzogen .
Den zum Schluss der größte Mangel das Metall der Tools ist minderwertig und das meine ich so wie ich es sage!
Wer Spaß daran hat Pseudo EDC Zeug zu haben und das nötige Kleingeld hat für den ist das Ding super!!!
Aber wer mit dem Werkzeug mal mehr als nur ne Flasche Bier aufmachen will und ansonsten nicht den ganzen Tag im Büro sitzt muss ich sagen Optik Daumen hoch , Nutzen Daumenhalb runter!

  • Robert
  • Verified customer
  • Nieuwe wetering, Netherlands
  • 16.12.2021

Spec- Ops Wallet
The best!!!

  • Sebastian Dobrota
  • Verified customer
  • Oberursel, Germany
  • 28.06.2021

Great wallet

Geile Brieftasche

  • Rudy
  • Verified customer
  • Amersfoort, Netherlands
  • 25.01.2021

Solid wallet
Looks nice in my opinion. Very solid build. Getting cards out of the interior part can be a bit cumbersome. Removing the tool helps in that respect. Given my edc setup I don't need it anyway. Price as mentioned by others is a bit steep. Overall satisfied with the purchase.

  • JarmoN
  • Verified customer
  • Tampere, Finland
  • 30.03.2020

More than a wallet
I bought this product when the malfunction of my previous wallet became annoying enough. Compared to the previous one, this one is considerably bigger, although they are roughly similar in capacity. The size doesn't bother though, quite the opposite. You won't easily lose it or leave it somewhere unnoticed. The quality of the material and workmanship is impeccable.

Muutakin kuin lompakko
Ostin tämän tuotteen, kun edellisen lompakon vikaantuminen alkoi ärsyttämään tarpeeksi. Edelliseen verrattuna tämä on huomattavasti isompi, vaikka ovat kapasiteetiltaan suunnilleen samanlaiset. Koosta ei kuitenkaan ole haittaa, päinvastoin. Tätä et helposti kadota tai jätä huomaamattasi johonkin. Materiaalin ja valmistuksen laatu on moitteenta.

  • Boris
  • Verified customer
  • Zagreb, Croatia
  • 18.12.2019

Nice Wallet
High quality build, no question about it. It looks amazing too.
It could be very difficult to put more than 13-14 cards even without the tool. I would say 10 is max for optimum functionality.
With the tool inside it is one quite heavy wallet.
Not sure if it's worth the investment but I'm going to keep it anyway.

M1 Maverick Spec-Ops Bifold Wallet

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