Dango A10 Series

The Dango A-Series is a modular wallet system, where A10 Adapt wallet works as a basis. It's compatible with all Adapters, which are available separately or as pre-configured sets.

A10 Adapt Wallet and Pre-Configured Sets

Dango Products

A10 Adapt Wallet

89,90 €

Dango Products

A10 Adapt Single Pocket Wallet

109,00 €

Dango Products

A10 Adapt Bifold Wallet

119,00 €

Dango Products

A10 Adapt Bifold Pen Wallet

159,00 €

Adapters & Accessories

Dango Products

A10 Chassis Clip

16,90 €

Dango Products

A10 Single Pocket Adapter

29,90 €

Dango Products

A10 Bifold Pocket Adapter

39,90 €

No Tools Required

Installing/removing adapter requires no tools. The adapters all share an innovative quick release sliding back-plate that swiftly glides along the A10’s rail system.

The Aluminum Base

The Dango A10 Adapt Wallet can also be used by itself as a great slim all aluminum RFID blocking wallet or transform into a high capacity bifold wallet with its full range of pocket adapters.